Happy Holidays to ALL

I know that I have been MIA for a while, but the world is changing and I am trying to keep up.. PANT.... PANT.... PANT......

When I logged back onto this site, I felt -home- straight away.

Yeah, there is a ton of great information and ideas being shared here and lots of good stuff to buy and sell; but to me, that's not the REAL VALUE of AudioGon - It's the fellowship, the friendships, the commarade that is found here and outside (because of friendships established here).

I wanted to send out a shout to all my friends here and wish you all the VERY BEST. You mean a lot to me and this year, more than ever, I feel a need to make sure that people know that.

I propose to launch this thread - where we just get to "talk" about how the friendships and learnings made here and just feel good about that.

Angela aka AJ
Hi AJ, and thanks; I too have made many Audiogon friends in the last couple of years or so, and I certainly count you among them. Cheers and Happy Holidays to All. Craig
Welcome back! I have seen a few posts-from you- and it is weird here, however long you are gone, you are always welcomed back with open arms and it is as though you have never left. I think us audiophiles are the next step in human evolution, we are so kind to each other(my experiences at least), always willing to help each other and always looking for the best! Hope things have slowed down a little in your life, things happen(as they did to me towards the begining of August-read: car accident)but the crowd is always here to let you know what they think-even if you don't want to hear it!
angela, my dear friend, how right you are. in so many ways. the world is changing, for many of us very personally. my bride lost her mom this past june after a lengthy and painful battle with cancer. we sure do miss her. all of us who are so very proud to be counted among the inhabitants of the usa lost a part of ourselves on 09/11/01. some, of course, lost much more than others. tho it may sound trite, or even contrived, this is the truth: i've found comfort on this site nearly every day. i've been privileged to have gained so many "audiogon friends" over these past couple of years. we are a diverse, highly opinionated, outspoken segment of society who can identify one another, even if the rest of the world can't and likely don't care to. thank you all for contributing your questions, your answers, your wisdom and your humor to these discussion threads.

may you share a happy holiday with those you love. and may 2002 be for all of us a better year than the last, filled with prosperity, understanding and, above all, peace. -kelly
Hi Angela! I was wondering where you've been.
Lots of "old regulars" MIA as well.
Happy Holidays to you Angela and everyone else here at AudiogoN.
Unfortunately, (as we all know but forget) you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Make an effort to appreciate your loved ones, friends and all that’s happening in your life. It was only a few months ago the unthinkable happened (9/11) and none of us should need a reminder like that again in order to grab all the great gusto we each have in our lives and in this great country we live in. Sorry for rambling on…
Happy Holidays to all! (I love this site)!
Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year Angela. That goes out to you and everyone that is part of the agon family. Let us bring in the New Year with a positive out look and of course some great sounding music:~)

Take care
Nice to see you back in the forums!

Hey, thanks, everyone! I am SOOO HAPPY to *see* so many familiar faces! Anyone snowed in, yet? Even out here in California, the weather has been wild! I swear I saw snowflakes this morning and I live on the coast! Good day for a fire and some hot cider. I am DONE shopping so I am not out in that crowd this year. First time ever, I usually see the same people out there every year, I was about to start sending them cards this year...
Only new audio purchases were a new rack for the HT (Bello)and a Lovan Sovereign for the Classe CA300 and it looks stunning, I tell ya...
May the world be safe, our loved ones stay healthy, and may we all have more time to spend with our friends and family, wherever they may be. God bless ya'all and have a wonderful holiday.
Hey girl (just listened to Michelle Shocked "Anchorage" for the first time in a while)- good to hear from you and other MIAs (Dekay, Tireguy, etc) and others who've been here all along (Kelly, Craig, etc) Happy Holidays to all.
Yes, we're reminded daily of how precious our time together is. To paraphrase Covey (or whomever he quoted) People that matter most must not be at the mercy of things which matter least. Happy holidays, and peace to you in the new year(s) ahead.
Welcome back, Angela. My best wishes to all for a merry holiday season and a healthy and safe new year!
The very best wishes for a warm and safe Christmas and a awesome new year to everyone here, and friends, relatives and family....Since 9/11 that family has had no borders....Yes, we have snow here, but rain for xmas...oh well, last year we were up to our gills in snow....bingle jells, bluenose..I'll toast you all with a Jost wine...
Welcome back, Angela! Although I haven't had direct contact with you, I do remember your name as familiar in the threads. A nice gesture, and please accept the same in return. And the same to our fellow Audiogoners who add something to my life, and keep me in touch with so much of our hobby. Happy holidays to all! (Hello, Craig!)