Happy New Year Everyone

At least we can all go to bed tonight knowing that 2023 will be better than 2022.

I know it's a low bar, but what the heck.

Party on dudes.


Now, now Tony, let's not tempt fate!

I thought the same this time last year and look what happened.

Oh well, at least we're still all here, and as ever, we can take whatever we get with the very best of hope and intention.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Ain't that the truth.

I just try and stay optimistic that at some point there will be just a tiny bit of good news.

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Happy New Year! Since I got covid 2 days before NYE and ruined all my plans hoping 2023 is much better!

Happy New Year, to all

@jond you missed NYE, i missed Xmas for same reason, one out of two is not perfect but still. Next year lets hope its 100% hit.

Cheers @petg60 lets hope its 100% for sure! Hopefully I can recreate my floor seats for Phish at MSG again next year! 😭


I just try and stay optimistic that at some point there will be just a tiny bit of good news.


I don’t think there’s any point in relying upon the dehumanising mainstream media merchants of doom for any good news.


However, as long as there’s plenty of good music to be enoyed and new music to be discovered, there will always be plenty to smile about.

As far as the equipment goes, if there’s one word to describe things today, it’s convenience.

Only yesterday I was thinking of those days before I even had a system, just a radio cassette unit.

Back then I had to ask friends or relations to copy onto tape the odd LP I was able to afford. I doubt whether they’d understand the gratitude I still feel towards them today.

Such a trivial thing to them, but it was the world to me.

From carefully saving up for vinyl LPs to casually streaming via a smartphone has been one amazing journey.