has lead shot surpassed cold

Frank Zappa,s Nanook the eskimo, had lead filled snow shoes. Looks like i,ll end up with lead filled speakers. has any one puchased lead shot lately. The local gun shop wants $625 for 50 kilos. That really is incredable
Are you talking about Speakers or Speaker Stands? If you have to have lead, McMaster-Carr has it for $528.00 for 50 Kilos plus shipping.

Might I suggest that you use sand to fill your stands, and Blu-Tak your speakers to the stands. I sincerely doubt that you will notice any audible differences but you will markedly decrease your potential for environmental toxicity.
Last time I purchased lead for my speaker was in 2005 and I paid $20. for 25 lbs. It is difficult to believe that the cost has gone up so much.
Please do a search in the Audiogon archives regarding lead shot before proceeding with such a plan. Please!
I used 'plummet' (for shotguns) to fill my Usher BE-20. About 40 Euro for 25 kgr. But the amount needed was unbelievable.They become 'real estate'.
I think if you use sand, it must playground sand that will not corrode your metal stands.
Sand and litter!

Yes, if you want sand buy playground sand by the bag from your local home improvement store. Beach sand may contain salt (ocean) to corrode and other live or dead organisms (yes, it may smell funny).

Another recommended option is kitty-litter. I've not used it but can say it is dense and heavy
since lead is competing for the top spot as a presious metal. Why not just buy Gold. At least when you ever sell the speakers you can put in your ad that they the speakers are the Gold standard.
You only live life once right???

Go ahead and buy a truck load of lead and use it every where you can. And when you are through using it for your speaker throw some on the floor around you speakers ( better soundstage) and sit back and have a pack of fags and enjoy the tunes.
The designer/physicist P.Lurne (Goldmund,Audiomeca) used
much lead in his TT;for the platters,motors,tonearms, tonarm-base.etc. If I understand the reasons well primary as absorber and mass.I am not 100% sure but I think that
he stated :'there is no better stuff for the purpose'.
Nandric...Depleted Uranium is better. It is used wherever a lot of weight is needed in a small space...example: balance weights of aircraft control surfaces. It was also used to damp shimmy in the DC9 landing gear. Lead weights would have been too big to allow wheel retraction.
I second Mcfarland's suggestion. I did change stands from Target to Atacama which have the ability to add more sand. Good move for my Triangle Stellas.
I,ll buy that Schipo. Glory,what can one reply to that. Maybe Zappa finished what he came to do i.e compose and play monster amounts of incredable music for lots of mere mortals like me.