Help Classe CA300 flashing Green Light

Ok, I am no techie and on my own since my husband is traveling this week.
so tonight, I poured a glass of wine, made a fire, turned on the HT, put in a movie and.....
my Classe CA300 goes from blinking red to blinking green and never works.
It was working fine just the other day - no changes to setup.
The manual is worthless.....
any ideas?
Thanks in advance,
ok, more data
If I play a DVD, the Classe driving the front speakers doesn't work, but the multi channel amp driving the center and surrounds does.
If I turn off the DVD player and set preamp to radio, the amp and speakers work.
What does this say? I think it says
the digital cable between the DVD and preamp is ok, or the multi channel amp wouldn't work.
that's as far as my patience would allow me to go.
Angela, did you try checking the "basics" i.e. make sure that all of the interconnect cables are tightly connected, speaker cables are all snug with nothing loose or shorted out, etc ???

Since i'm not familiar with the different "flashing colors" that Classe' uses, i'm guessing that the unit is either trying to tell you that it isn't getting any input signal or that the protection circuit has somehow been engaged. Sean
Angela, I own a Classe as well, and this has happened to me on rare ocassions. What I did is turn it off, wait a few minutes, and turn it back on. It will cycle through (red light blinking) and then you should hear a "click" and everything should be OK. I agree with you--the manual is pretty worthless. Hope this helps, Jeff

You might want to check and see if any of the speaker wires are shorted. This will cause the amp to go into protection mode.
Good luck.
Angela, i've had a ca200 for about 5 years and mine used to do that often and then mysterioulsy hasn't for years. that is the protection circuit kicking on, i'm no techie either but the bias on those amps is very high which can cause it to clip or overload with no signal so i'm told blah blah blah. However, it always reset itself if you follow instructions above and power down and then cut back on - it always worked for me.
thanks for the tips so far. When I get home from work today, I'll go through so more troubleshooting. I was just sick and tired last night and ran out of patience. I just wanted to "relax" and escape with a movie....
one more piece of data-
when I turn it all on without actually playing anything through the speakers yet, the Classe cycles - blinking red then stops at a solid red (how it is supposed to work).
If I change the preamp from the digital input to the radio, the Classe is fine and the front speakers work.
If I change the input to digital and try to play a CD or DVD, then there is a "pop" and the amp blinks green and is not working.
that's telling me that the speaker cables from the amp to the speakers are ok, right?
Isn't is also telling me that the digital input is ok, since the other amp and speakers play.
Are we down to the IC's between the preamp and amp or the physical connections on the preamp or amp?
off to take a shower and get in the rat race....
thanks to all
Where is your amp located (rack, wall unit, floor)? I used to own a CA-100 and have experienced this problem. The amp was kept on the floor. After some investigating, I determined that when someone walked on the carpeted floor, enough static electricity was produced to engage the protection circuitry. I then placed the amp on a dedicated amp stand, and the problem disappeared. Perhaps something similar is happening. Try contacting Classe. They are usually very helpful. Good luck.
Hi Angela: I just sold my Classe 301 for the very same reason. It's definately the protection circutry kicking in, but if it will not go away, you've (A) either blown a fuse (easy to see when you take the cover off and easy to replace), or (B) fried a circut in the output stage, which is what happend to me. I will say that Classe fixed my amp and sent it back to me in 5 days at no charge under warranty, even though I was not the original order. Call Classe, they give excellent customer service.

The 300 is a high current amp with a monsterous power supply, as you know by the weight. For that reason, if you so much as short it out just once it can fry the output stage. That said, I think the Classe is a touch too sensitive and needs better protection circuts to keep idiots like me from doing silly things to an otherwise great amp. Above all, make sure your speaker cables are tigthened down securely! Mine shorted after the Rel sub cable came loose. --Lorne
Hifir - it's on the bottom shelf of the rack 3 inches from the carpeted floor.

Lorne, it will work with the radio, so doesn't that say that the fuse and output stage and speaker cables are ok?

I sent an email to Classe this morning. Let's see what they come back with.

I hope that the amp is ok, I really love the sound and it is driving a pair of Innersound ISIS wonderfully.

All thoughts are much much appreciated! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Queen Overvolt -
I think you may have a DC component coming out of the digital (a new fault in the player). Thet's why you hear the pop when you switch to it; the Classe is DC coupled so it sees that DC & protects itself. The other equipment is not DC coupled so it doesn't have a problem with that.
Hi Angela ... don't be afraid to phone the service dept at Classe -- they are quite good. Remember, Monday is Holidya in Canada, so you probably won't get a reply till Tuesday.
thanks, Bob and Lorne. We had just replaced our DVD a few months ago because the digital out took a dive - replaced with a newer version. Both Toshiba - this one is a SD6200.

I have taken the Classe out of the loop, but I think that I will put it back and see if it works ok with the VCR. I forgot to try that.

I'll try to give them a call Monday, if not in, I'll try again on Tuesday. It sounds like we are getting closer and it is beginning to sound like the Classe is behaving as it is designed - to protect the circuitry.

I'll be back - work - work- work... sheeeshhh.... :~}
(I really do appreciate all the help)
Might be a good time to substitute another DVD player. Sounds like all your fuses are still in tact or you would not be able to reset to a constant red light. I have owned a lot of Classe stuff and currently run a 301 in the bedroom. I just picked up a CAV150 brought it home hooked it up and two channels were fried, won't be seeing that piece again for about 5 weeks. Luckily the original owner was a nice guy and said he would pick up the repair cost. Congratulations on that insane auction at e-bay Lorne I watched it till the end
If I bypass the Classe and route everything through the Adcom - except that I had to swap out the Innersound ribbon center channel(I'm beta testing) for my old one - it works fine. The ADCOM couldn't handle the load with the Innersound in the chain (I also Innersound ISIS on the front) - kept overheating and I had to turn the volume down so low that why watch the movie -
I need to dig up the volt meter around here to check Bob's suggestion.
From what I understand, I would pull the digital cable out from the preamp and see if there is ANY DC coming out of the DVD player. Bob says none should be. Could that be tripping the Classe? How come it never did until now? It has been in the chain for 6 months or so.
Sorry to be such a pain, but I am trying.....
Hi Glen: ya that was insane. I use to write ads for a living, and as such, have found those skills come in handy when selling stuff on eBay that I bought on Audiogon. All in all, I made $300 on the pre and $650 on the amp. Never intended to try and make money, just wanted to break even -- but I'm not complaining. Liked the Classe, but didn't love it enough. Not in the same league as my Aranovs, except for better bass. And the pre wasn't even close to the Placette I now use.

A Theta Dreadnaught is what I really need, not being able to afford 5 Halcro monoblocks.

Angela, you are in the same boat I was, trying to use the big Classe in a complex HT /audiophile 2 channel cross? Mine didn't like the constantly changing of interconnects, switching between balanced and unbalanced, etc. Classe's tech also told me that their amps don't like some tube preamps (that's a BIG problem). All's I can say, is check out the Theta Dreadnaught, sonically as good as the Classe and not nearly as finicky. --Lorne
I know what you mean; it seems like it was just the other day that I was bidding against you on that amp.

I should have copied your add in case I ever want to sell my 301 very impressive.

For the time being I'm going to try and run a Classe CAV150 (That is a six-channel amp) Bridged for three into my fronts and center. That will give me 600x3 into my 4ohm 90db eff. Thiel speakers.

I will use my Old Faithful Adcom amp to run the rears for now. All my gear is Theta in the H/T and this is a stepping stone towards the Holy Grail (a.k.a. Dreadnaught) that will one-day power my H/T system.

Anyway before I get to far off topic, how is it going Angela, any luck yet? Hope you haven't pulled all your hair out trying to watch that movie. Speaking of which I just saw *THE MUMMY RETURNS* great action movie for surround sound. Thumbs up for all the pro H/T people at agon headed to the video store.
I think that I am just about done until my hubbie gets back.
I will try to measure the output from the DVD so that I can report in, but I have it functional-and I am getting beyond my confidence area now.
Thanks to all who have so graciously helped! I will post when we find out what the issue is and what Classe has to say.
ok, reporting in.
If I set the multimeter to measure for DC and I pull the digital cable out of the preamp (it is now coming out of the DVD player), have everything on and press play on the DVD so the bits are coming out the cable, and place both leads on the RCA plug of the digital cable- the reading is 0.00
what does that mean?
Means that my theory is apparently incorrect regarding DC coming out of that player. However it still sounds like the Classe is seeing DC on an input - that pop noise & triggering of the protection circuit is telling you something. I am still trying to figure out the whole picture though (?what is connected to what & exactly what this whole system looks like?) so at this point in the troubleshooting sequence a phone call would be the best bet regarding efficient usage of time.
But over the weekend I thought of another thing to try. Reinstall the Classe & put everything back the way that it was originally, except don't plug the DVD player interconnect into the (??Adcom pre/proc is it??) digital input? Make sure the that tuner input still plays. Now switch to the DVD input. Do you still get that pop & triggering of the Classe into protect mode? If so, then apparently something in the pre/proc's digital input section has failed. Could also try this test with a shorting plug inserted into digital input (or a cable with its' tip & ring clip-leaded into a short circuit).
Thanks so much, Bob - I have sent you a detailed email. I am learning a lot on this exercise I must say! Cheers, QOv