Help Me Justify Recent MMF7 purchase

So, I just bought a Music Hall MMF7 from the classifieds a few days ago after reading lots of glowing reviews online. Spoke with the owner of the store I bought from and a guy a Needledoctor and both said it was damn hard to beat. Eventually I want to run this table through a McIntosh 6300, and I havent decided on the speakers yet. So, I feel like I know where Im going with this purchase, but I'm just swaying a bit, because I havent personally gotten a chance to listen to it and be blow away.

I've been playing a Technics SL1900 through a Marantz 2215 to Infinity RS 5 floor speakers for the past 5yrs, some might laugh at such components, but I'm only 25 so my purchases have been more on the economical side, but my vinyl collection is outstanding. side note: the Marantz has probably been the most satisfying purchase I've made so far, it was perfect for my college apt and now my first place.

I started reading a lot thread posts the past week about other TT's specifically mod'ed SL1200's that beat the MMF7's and similarly priced platforms. So here I am, great deal on an MMF7, but did I really get the best I could?

Please take it easy on the young guy making his first big purchase and having a bit of post-purchase-dissonance. Just maybe looking for some insight from current/previous owners or people just know more than I.

(a little plug for the guys at questaudio in PA, they are great fellas)

Your buddy from KY, Jay
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I had a MMF-7 it's a fine table and when placed on a proper base such as a wall mounted platform this table will sing well. Just be careful with motor placement and keep it centered. And as far as other tables in it's price range beating it. You will hear this even with ultra high end gear. That there is something waiting in the wing's to dethrone that mega buck turntable, so take what they say with a grain of salt. You made a good buy, so enjoy it without all the confusion about did I get the best.
Right on.

Your posts in other threads are actually why I posted this.

Thanks for the heads up. I'm open to any opinion, I'm obviously going to give the MMF7 its fair chance, but I'll certainly consider the SL1200 with some KAB mods if the mmf7 doesnt live up. Thanks for the response.
hey man, set it up right, but don't be too anal, feed it some good tunes, and enjoy it. "Did I get the best I could have?" is a terrible question with which to start out a relationship with a turntable, or anything else, for that matter. And don't have unrealistic expectations. You'll hear ticks and pops. And some records are better than others. And you'll need to reconfirm set up once in a while. But there's lots of pleasure to be had in your new rekkid player. Don't spoil it with pointless worry.!
The MMF-7 is a high value plug and play table. It's a good start for those entering or returning to vinyl.

That being said, few people keep them for an extended period.

The next move is upgrade or back to digital as their only source.

You will lose little money, however, as the resale value is quite high.
The stock 1200 IMO is a hard table to beat for up to $1500. I have not heard the KAB version so cannotcomment on them. What I would do is to get the 1200 and play with it for a good while. KAB upgrades can be done anytime down the road.

Can't say much about the MMF7 but it did eat a friend's P3 for lunch and he was shocked.
I'll back up what Rnm4 has to say. Your question is only good for one thing - Continual dissatisfaction with your system. Be excited that you bought a new toy and you got a (presumably) good deal on a quality, good condition component. Spend time learning about cartridge setup, as this is what really makes the difference.

Also, don't be so quick to ditch the Marantz for something else. You may want to consider having it rebuilt. Give Tom Williams a call at Vintage Electronics Restoration Services ( and chat with him about your receiver and your goals. If you're looking for "bang for the buck" this is something to consider.
Ya' know what ?.....JUST RELAX ! In this wonderful hobby of ours, there is ALWAYS "something better." No matter what you'll buy, you'll forever wonder if you made the "right" purchase. So....Congrats on your new turntable ! Enjoy it, and appreciate how wonderful vinyl LP's sound. Put your mind at ease, close your eyes, and start diggin' the fantastic music that your new TT will deliver to your ears and soul.
Happy Holidays, and Happy Listening !!
I have to agree with TVAD. I had a MMF-7.1 and couldn't get rid of it fast enough....

Once again, you asked...
I have to chime in again and say that I am sure that their are people here on the Gon who would tell all owners of a
Technics SL1200 MK II that it "SUCKS" and that their replacement table beats the crap out of it. That's not the issue at all and in a side by side comparison there are things that both tables do well and many that they do not and figuring out which one you can live with is your determination. Please enjoy it and like I said place it on a proper base either wall mounted or another sturdy structure and you have a nice rig.
Listen to Adam 18. At 25 you have a long long time to upgrade after at the very least enjoying what gear you have now for a while. We all had to start somewhere and there is always something better and more expensive and alot of gear that is just more expensive. By the way my first was a Marantz 2226B that I gave to my daughter and everytime I go over to her place she laughs because the first thing I do is turn it on think of all the good use it got and how it still sounds great. Relax and have a merry vynil Xmas. Cheers
Yeah, I need to chime in once more also. I'm not saying the MMF-7 is a bad table, it just didn't work for me.

As others have said, relax, enjoy it.

And welcome to the crazy world of analog playback......

I have to say that I do not own a 1200. I never liked it until I heard it side by side vs a Rega P3 with the exact cartridge all setup by me. So I guess there is no bias here.....
there will always be something better, than what we currently have. I say just enjoy the music, take care of family first & upgrade without going into debt.

Keep Christmas in prospective and have a great new year!
I agree with much that has been said the MMF-7 is a fine unit give it awhile and if you still feel something is missing look at a cartridge upgrade.
I'm an MMF-7 owner and think it does a fine job.
Can you please specify if you have the Pro-Ject carbon fiber arm?
Also, have you set-up using something like the Feickert protractor?
I have buddies who own both MMF-7 and Tech-12s. They both sounds pretty good. Get a decent cartridge. You'll be happy either way.
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You really need to have it set up properly before you can make any judgements. I wouldn't knock the mmf. It's a great unit and with the proper cartridge can keep up with the best. Do you have a scale and geo disc or protractor?

I spent many years with the 2215B and it's a great unit for the money. Older receivers have decent phono stages. However, unless you upgrade the receiver (even to a bigger Marantz 2286 or so) you will never hear the full capabilities of the mmf or 1200. You simply don't have enough power at 15 watts for the infinitys. Also, a better receiver of that era will have a better phono stage.
Jay, I'm going to chime in with the other folks who have suggested that you sit back, listen and if you enjoy the music that's all that matters. Everyone, myself included, has opinions on equipment, but come the end of the day what you hear is what matters.

I just got back into analogue this past week - picked up a Clearaudio Emotion along with their Smartphono - sounds great to me, so I'm happy. Give your MMF7 a whirl and see how it makes you feel.
I've been running a mmf-7 turntable for over three years and still enjoy listening to vinyl just about every night I can. As I've upgraded components (phono preamp, cartridge, speakers) the mmf-7 has allowed the music to sound better and better with each change.

The Goldring Eroica H (if you bought the combo package) isn't a bad cartridge either. As I mentioned, the mmf-7 will sound even better when the time comes and you decide to upgrade the cartridge.

Also consider upgrading the platter mat. I found that a good mat (I recommend the Herbie's mat) further reduced surface noise and made for a nice quiet background. Bass response improved as well.

I will likely upgrade turntables eventually but I'm in no hurry. The mmf-7 is still workin' just fine. So give yours a chance before running after the next pretty platter.

>>12-24-08: Elevick
I wouldn't knock the mmf. It's a great unit and with the proper cartridge can keep up with the best<<

No, it cannot keep up with the best.

That is wishful thinking.
Thanks for all the responses. I'm very happy with it so far. The paired Goldring cartridge was pre mounted so I would like to think it was set up properly. The music is what I'm in it for, but I really wanted a table to enhance the experience so to speak.

I'm sure over time I'll upgrade componentry and cartridges. I'm very happy with the decision. I was with in my budget, and I'm please with the performance so I cant be upset.

Merry Christmas.
Audiofeil, ok maybe I exaggerated a little. I'll take my Sota over the mmf any day. However, with proper set-up and a nice cartridge it should impress many a listener. I was trying to stress that it is a good table and deserves a fair chance. It is not the weak link in this system?
Elevick, yes I know you were exaggerating; it was obvious. You are correct in saying it is the weak link as well.

I've had a couple MMF-7 in on trade and they are really nice for the money. No fiddling, no tweaking, and no hassles-just plug and play. The resale price is great to boot.

Dollar for dollar I feel they are much better values than the VPI Scout (which I've had here as well).

Lest the VPI army amass their troops at my border, remember I said value.

No financial interest in either product mentioned.
To those who suggested the cartridge upgrade--this is probably the area that I know the least about. The cartridge supplied by MH is a Goldring, and it seems like a significant upgrade for me already--compared to the $40 Audio Technica I was dragging on the Technics TT.

What would be a good cartridge for this arm/table combination to consider for the future? What are the disadvantages of this current cartridge, it sounds great to me?
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I wouldn't change out the Eroica H just yet. It's not a bad cartridge and is easy to maintain. (It isn't too fussy about alignment and you can easily see the stylus for cleaning and for experimenting with cartridge alignment.) Tvad mentions he found the Eroica to be etched and tizzy. It mellows with hours played (around 40-60). I found the Eroica improved a bit by running it at 1000 Ohms loading instead of 47,000 Ohms. Seemed to dampen the brightness. Also, a Herbie's Way Excellent mat helps to quiet the surface noise and shift the tonal balance (slightly) towards the mids and bass. It's subtle, but noticeable.

Don't make too many changes too quickly. It'll just confuse things. Get to know the sound of the Eroica H. See if you notice any tweaks or adjustments you try. Learn what you like or dislike about it's presentation. Then you'll have a better idea of what you want to change when that time comes.

For reference, I've been running an Audio-Technica AT33PTG and a Dynavector DV-20XL and they both sound darn good with the mmf-7.

First this posted subject and then the heady SL-1200 vs. all TT's of the world on another thread. After seeing both I couldn't resist submitting my comments. I currently own an MMF-7 with stock cartridge (150 hours of listening) and now a brand new SL1210 M5G, which I bought two weeks ago. Unfortunately the MMF-7, and all of my related gear, is stored away due to the fact that I live in a rental house now and do not have a listening room with a "sweet spot". That being said, I still needed to get my vinyl fix each night so I set up my trusty old Thorens TD-165 (Grado Gold Cart) thinking that it would survive the current location with kids tracking through all the time. WRONG! The suspension set-up of that rig is too lively and it quickly went back in the box. So I pulled out the JVC QL-A220 Direct Drive TT (M97xE) for stability sake but felt big withdrawals from the sound quality that the MMF-7 was capable of generating. My "temporary" amp is an old Sony STR-GX6ES II with a built in phono pre-amp so I thought maybe this would be the problem. Not wanting to pull out my MMF-7 along with my Eastern Electric M520 tube amp with all NOS upgraded tubes, Cardas power cable, etc., Graham Slee Silver Edition phone pre-amp, Anniversary Ring-Mat, and large, efficient Klipsch Forte II speakers, I decided to pursue a relatively affordable but very stable TT that would handle the "all in one" music and TV room situation while improving the listening experience. I consulted with some audiophiles in the PAAG group in Philadelphia and learned of Kevin at KABUSA and the legendary SL-1200 TT's. After doing some extensive research and then talking to Kevin, I decided to take the plunge. Although I only have a couple of hours of listening logged, I am very impressed with the Technics running through my old Sony ES amp. I originally purchased the Shure M97xE to improve my JVC's performance but notice that this cartridge coupled with the SL1210 is a vast sonic improvement, as well it should be as I set out to accomplish this.

I thoroughly enjoy reading these forums as I already have cartridge upgrade plans for both the SL1210 and the MMF-7. Thanks to all for that. I look forward to the day that I am able to have my full set-up again and then I can A/B the two TT"s side by side and comment on sonics, imaging, tracking, etc. In the meantime, this set-up will have to do. Regarding justifying your purchase Jay, I agree with others out there: just relax, put some tunes on and enjoy the music. Pursue meaningful tweaks but not too many costly ones because some of the best can be homemade.

Lastly, does anyone know what an old JVC QL-A220 Direct Drive TT is worth? Condition is 7/10. Thanks.
I agree with Tketcham! You really have to let it break-in, and then judge. That was the advice given to me when I had issues with this TT. It was good advice.
Don't make too many changes too soon.