How can technics justify $4000 for a new SL-1200 turntable?

When people compare the new to the vintage you know the vintage will win because there is an agenda to make new versions of vintage gear with hidden ways to emit frequencies or othere ways to subiminally effect us in a negative way. just like when i said they were putting lithium in the drinking water and people said i was crazy and then they had to admit that they were indeed doing it claimed it was to keep people from commiting suicide because of the covid plandimic which is why i only drink shungite's all tied in together and music is one of there favorite targets friends.
Sam, thanks for another clueless post.

You haven't heard it so how can you possibly have an opinion on how it sounds.
Ever heard about Coreless DD motor? This is why it’s more expensive than any previous models in SL1200 series. But the table is completely redesigned (inside) and tonearm is also not the same. The whole Matsushita production line is new. From the old model there is only dust cover!

However, many different vintage DD turntables are cheaper than brand new Technics, and still available, those who prefer vintage (like myself) can buy vintage DDs.

I think SL1200 GAE or GR (for half price) is for those people who don’t want to mess around with tonearms, plinth, drives... installation, adjustments etc. For those people I don’t know better DD alternative that can compete with "made in Japan" quality is the legendary Technics SL1200 series of the brand new models like $4k G, $1700 GR, or even mk7 which is only $900 !
Because they think people like Chakster will pay that much for it.

So they are wrong, because this is my turntable and I paid less for it.

I bought my first Technics is 1995 and this is not my type of design today even if internally it’s completely new turntable, I have no interest in G, GAE, GR or MK7, because I have superior turntables with much better tonearms and they are all vintage top models (not from Technics), all are Direct Drive.  

I can accept as a gift SP10R.

Some audiophile discovered Technics only a few years ago because of the reviews from Mr. Fremer and related reviewers. There are so many people in this hobby brainwashed by superiority of belt drive turntables for decades, they have no clue what is a proper Direct Drive and what is Technics, except for the information that some models adopted by deejays since the early 80’s, those people have no idea why there is a pitch control on High-End turntables, they think picth is for DJing only, but it’s not true.

Don't forget that the dealer profit on that $4K Technics TT is 30% - or $1200! One hand washes the other! 
Sam, Get some help if you really believe all that you say you believe. Or if you’re just having fun, no one else is amused.
@roberjeman I bet it's not 30% profit... probably 30% margin, which is  BIG difference... actually profit is probably less than 10%. Overhead isn't cheap...
I am so stoned on the water the Tecnics sounds fantastic with no cartridge 
I have a Technics SL1200G and it is much better than my previous VPI Prime for the same price.  If you don’t like fiddling with the turntable, the Technics could be for you.  A vintage Technics1200  will not come close to the new model regarding build and sound quality. 
I bought the SL1200G and fiddled with it quite a bit to add a 12" Triplanar arm on it.  I have never heard such pure and unwavering tone in organ notes, piano, bells, etc., from a turntable.  This coreless DD motor is doing something very, very well at $4k.  (Now, I have not experienced the orgasmic glories of the very high buck tables that Mikey extols, so who knows - - maybe they would be even better.)  I did buy mine new for 20% off, and I'm happy with the purchase.  Just my experience, FWIW.
We're well beyond the aluminum hat stage.  As per @lewm either stop trolling or get some help.
Think it's too late for that.
This troll has broken out from under his bridge and is now free to roam the corridors of Audiogon at leisure.
Why don't you build one and then you can sell for whatever price you decide.
The motor that drives a DD turntable must be manufactured with close tolerances so as to not vibrate and/or add outside noise to the function of the unit. The good ones are expensive to make or purchase. The manufacturer doesn't have to "justify" the price. Whether this particular table is worth the asking price is totally up to the consumer, no one is forcing anyone to buy it. The reviewers seem to like it, but that’s a conspiracy, right?
I am so stoned I sent Helmut Brinkmann an e-mail requesting a strobe and slider speed control to my Bardo..... I am pissed I overpaid.....
"I am so stoned on the water the Tecnics sounds fantastic with no cartridge"

I'll have what he is having.
Does anyone know what guitarsam is talking about re: lithium in the drinking water to keep people from committing suicide? Have I missed the thread that would shed light on what he is talking about? Guitarsam?'s that damned bong water again....
Adding Stoli to it and yer abstotootly useless....;)

Now selling Ti/Al hats...better shielding, deforms less when one face-plants from bong water OD....
I love the idea people have that it's somehow evil for a dealer to make money selling a product. I wonder if that's why there are so few dealers these days.
Sam here and the point is the record companies sony, warner, umg, are owned by the same people that own all the other media outlets and the parent companies are the same with the same agenda like the bill and melida foundation for population control., if I play tunes of the right nature at the proper volume, my wrigglers get confused and break into shuffle dancing, and her eggs get hard boiled....


*shrug*  Better than condums 'n drugs....I wish I would have known that years ago....
Too late for application Now, but we can pass it along....
"Sam here and the point is the record companies sony, warner, umg, are owned by the same people that own all the other media outlets and the parent companies are the same with the same agenda like the bill and melida foundation for population control"

You're right to criticize monopolies, but it seems you don't have any handle at all on where to draw a line between the credible and the farcical. There is a consensual reality, what is generally agreed upon by reasonable persons across cultures, as real experience. This also has a boundary. The farther from this boundary you go, the hazier, more flimsy and less useful things become. There is what is called reality testing or how we generally recognize the line between real and unreal. There is also what we call proof. Of course you can't have proof for everything, and this is where critical  thinking and judgement come in. It prevents a person from becoming bogged down and mired in endless suspicion and theorizing on bad intentions and outcomes. Based on the things you say in your posts, it seems your bearings are off a bit. You appear overly primed to see what is not there. Granted, if you see bad motives and conspiracy everywhere, you're bound to be right somewhere, but data, intellect and judgement should stop you from seeing bad motives and conspiracy everywhere. The world is out of balance, but it's simply not as unstable as you make it out to be.
Dang, the stream of consciousness paragraphs are difficult to read. Punctuation is a wonderful thing... If Technics can get 4K, more power to them...
What about the $250,000 turntables, Sam ????
All bling and little thought to engineering.
Clever marketing convinces audiophools that a $4K Technics TT is "somehow" better than a $700 Pioneer. Branding and marketing are everything!
It’s a DJ TT, that is what it is designed for. I’ll stick to my upper mid range belt drive, plus mine looks better which is important to me. I use it every day, so if it looks like crap what’s the point. It should sound good, keep proper speed, and look good. Linn sondek had the magic/majik formula. 

The SL 1200 was introduced in 1972 for a price of $350. That amount in 2020 dollars is around $2200. So, to come up with a $4000 price for a new one, with newer technology, seems to include an "Audiophile Fee" for a re-introduced icon. 

I guess I would wait a couple of years for a used one to come up for sale at $2500 or so. 
@audioguy85  The Technics SL1200 series was never designed as a DJ deck with the exception of possibly the MK7. It was adapted by DJ’s, but it was originally designed as an audiophile turntable. 

Over the last 40 years, I've owned a Technics SL-1200, Technics SL-1600 MK2, Garrard 1229, Pioneer PL-1000, and a Pioneer model I purchased in Vietnam of all places.  I still have the 1600 MK2 and after 35 years, it is still going strong. 

A couple of years ago, I purchased a 1200G.  The first think I noticed was the build quality.  The 1200G might be a lot of things, but it is not a DJ turntable.  I would venture to say that anyone who's actually owned one would agree.  There's no comparison in build or sound quality. 

I've heard turntable/cartridge combinations that sound better than my 1200G/Ortofon Quintet Black combination - but not in that price range.    
Fellow Audiophiles:

If you can afford it and like the sound then pay for it. If you don't have the money or cannot spend such then don’t! But PLEASE stop downplaying or criticizing everything that costs more then YOU think it should! 
It’s not always about marketing. I’ve been an audiophile for 20 years and I can say one thing. I listen, I like, I buy. If I cannot afford it to begin with I don’t listen. However, I don’t criticize the equipment or others that can afford it. 
And lastly this not about billionaires, liberal or conservatives. It’s about music!

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What is the propose of having a pitch control on a Audiophile turntable ? Please someone explain .
What is the propose of having a pitch control on a Audiophile turntable ? Please someone explain .

If you’re not a musician you may not understand and not even detect it, JVC / Victor engineers explained very well why there is 1Hz pitch control on Victor TT-101 (It was the best turntable from Victor and probably still one of the best direct drives even made):

“The pitch, ‘A’ is standardized at 440Hz according to international standards, and is the standard for all western musical instruments. In other words, the tuning of all instruments of the orchestra is based on this pitch. But in reality, the basic tuning pitch of each orchestra differs due to the instrumentation and individual characteristics of each orchestra, as well as the personality of the conductor. The diagram shows such differences by orchestra. Most of the pitches range within +/- 6Hz of 400Hz. To reproduce these subtly different pitches, a quality turntable with highly accurate rotation is required. Another important requirement is the possibility of minute speed adjustment. If the speed of a turntable could be adjusted to the individual pitch used by an orchestra while at the same time remaining controlled by a quartz-locked servo system, the benefits of flexibility and precision would be significant from a musicological viewpoint. For this reason the TT-101 is equipped with built-in speed-control facilities which can adjust the pitch in 1Hz steps within a range of +/- 6Hz or 440Hz. The difference of pitches between master tape recorders and disc record cutting machines has been intentionally ignored before but now the speed of a record can be adjusted to match the original pitch of the orchestra, even if the master was recorded differently from the original performance. For example, a performance of the NHK Symphony Orchestra on the record can be adjusted to match the pitch of the same performance on a record by the London Symphony Orchestra, for the enjoyment of critical comparison. The "A" key of a piano in your home is usually tuned to 440Hz. When you practice the piano while playing back a record, you can adjust the pitch of the record, to be in perfect tune with your piano.”