Help me upgrade my speakers?

I have a pretty small space, and am dissatisfied with bass extension, as well as "airiness", and "transparency".  I have heard a similar setup to mine, but with a set of huge Dunlavy's.  It sounded great!  So I think my overall hardware is solid, and perhaps I'm lacking in the speaker department.  I've had the Dynaudios for quite a few years. 

The recent upgrade of the Bryston power amp, and Bryson preamp has added better bass extension, detail, and "quickness", and even a nice sound stage increase.

I currently have the following:

Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MkII speakers
Bryston 4BSST power amp
Bryston BP-25 preamp
Rega Aria phono stage
VPI Prime Scout turntable

I've toyed with the idea of a set of Totem Element Fire, or maybe B&W 805D3.  I'm looking for recommendations for a smaller space.  Would love to hear Agon's ideas.
Dyn Contour 20. It's not quite as laid back as the 1.3 MKII. Bass is pretty impressive too. Mids are also a hair more forward. My personal opinion. Everyone has their own opinion.
What are your room dimensions and where do you have your speakers placed?  What cables, interconnects, and power cables are you using?  
Fritz speakers always come highly recommended,as well as Reference 3a de capo. Myself,I run Nola Boxer 2's. I find them to be very balanced. YMMV.
I have  the same speakers.   Great bass extension for their size.  Sounds like you want something more full range.   I also have OHM Walsh speakers for that.  If your space is small a smaller model would do and not break the bank. 

You might try some power conditioning to take things up a notch.  

What IC between amp and preamp?  
I like your idea of Totem Element Fire! Those are incredible. With every speaker Totem makes, I'm continually amazed at how much they get out of a given sized box. It's baffling, but in a very good way.
What is your budget? Also what are your approx room dimensions (incl: ceiling height)? And what kind of music do you mostly listen to?
Totem Forest will blow you will be immersed in holographic heaven with dynamics and extension that will exceed any but the largest rooms!  The Signatures are even more sublime.  If price is a main factor and room is small anyway, the Hawks are no slouch as well.

have you considered adding subwoofers to the mix. you have a nice set up now by adding a sub or 2 you will get the bottom end you wanted and the ability to adjust then to your room more easily.

In a small space, effective acoustic treatment might be more critical than ever. Give GIK Acoustics a call. A couple of panels placed in the right location might be all you need. They would benefit your current gear as much as anything new you decide to purchase.
If you want bass extension and are considering the 805D3 (which I own), I would instead point you to a used pair of 804 D3. There are usually several on audiogon for under 7k and the sound wonderful in smaller spaces. The 805 D3 are amazing, but if you like bass (even if just for jazz), you'll need a sub or two. I use a pair of SB-16 Ultras.