Help with computer...

I want to put a second stereo in bedroom.I have an integrated amp and speakers.I just want to listen to Pandora,nothing else.Whats the cheapest way to go,say 500$ tops,TIA,Bob
If I was listening to Pandora only I'd get an ipod touch and one of those docking stations that provides charging as well as line out.
If you are going to use a computer as the source an inexpensive DAC with USB input would do it for you. There are dozens of them between $150 and $500. A few I've used are the original Musical Fidelity V-DAC, Valab, Beresford, Aune and the Audioengine D1. I like the V-DAC the best among those but at $170 the Audioengine is really nice.

If your computer is a Mac you'll probably be happier with the optical output than with USB in an inexpensive DAC so having an optical input on the DAC would be a consideration there, one of the reasons for the recommendation of the Audioengine D1.

If you're using a streaming source like Pandora I would strongly recommend you try I was a devoted Pandora One listener for a long time but the much bigger selection of music, the ability to better control what I'm listening to and the clearly better sound of the 320kbps stream from mog have made me a convert.
Netbook ($250) and use the headphone out jack to go to you integrated. Just need a headphone jack to RCA converter - a few dollars at Radio Shack. For better quality, add a USB DAC (HRT Streamer II, e.g.), but with Pandora quality, the headphone jack is probably fine. If you already have a laptop, give it a try to see how you like it using the headphone jack.
I'm doing something similar to things mentioned...
USB out from Asus netbook to V-Link. V-Link to 1st Gen V-DAC via StereoVox digital cable. V-DAC to amp.
Michael took the words right of my mouth. Logitech Squeezebox will be perfect for you.

The Squeezebox is still available from 3rd parties, but I believe Logitech has discontinued it.