High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Effect

I'm looking for some advice please.
Has anyone used/is using a High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Power Conditioner?
What are your observations?
I'm looking at possibly getting one.

Have a number of extras already:
- Akiko Triple AC Power Enhancer
- Akiko Audio Fuse Box Tuning Chip
- iFi AC iPurifier
- Russ Andrews 'The Silencer'
- Mad Scientist Nitro power cables
- Signal Ground Solutions Grounding Box
- Bybee iQSE

I'm not looking for comments from those who have not heard this in a system.

Have contacted Bob.
Will replace the Nitro with the Nitro Nano, after I pay for some Black Ravioli pads.
I auditioned the MC-0.5's. I used two modules in my system and the effect they had on my music was astounding. They're not power conditioners, although they do lower the noise floor, but they create a holographic image. It's so hard to explain in words, but the music image is very clean with instruments sounding more realistic in terms of tonal quality, attack and decay, and a more defined sense of the recording space. It's more than what we call soundstage, it takes you closer to being there.

It was very addictive. Unfortunately for me, they ultimately didn't work out in my listening room. My system is neutral with smooth extended highs. Over time, the modules created such top-end extension that my digital setup became very fatiguing to me.
After removing them, I missed the holographic sound they had created, but I preferred my analogue-like digital system.

I use a HF CT-2 digital cable with streaming and CD playback to an Audio Note DAC.
I suppose I could have made some tweaks such as tube rolling to retune my system. 

I still will recommend them, YMMV.

I have one installed in my system and find it to be the perhaps the best value system enhancement I've ever used. Fortunately, I've experienced all the positive results and none of the negatives lowrider57 noted. The MC-0.5 removes harsh and artificial artifacts present in music reproduction (that you weren't even aware were there until removed) and takes your system another step closer to sounding like real music. Like lowrider57, I would characterize my system as neutral with smooth extended highs. Evidently, the usual caveat of "YMMV" is at play. 
@photon46 , the sense of realism really is remarkable. Maybe your next upgrade should be a second MC-0.5. 

I probably could have made the modules fit my system, but it would have involved tube and cable rolling.
   I experimented using only one module, but the pair was twice as good. 

The MC .O5s where a game changer for me. Easy to use, short break in. Had good results right away ten hours or less. Best results was at the wall for me. If you can swing 3 on 1 power line, think you will be impressed. I did get good results starting with 2. The more i add it just got better.
enjoy Pete
These all sound promising. Thanks.
And I'm keen to try an MC 0.5
Like the idea of lower noise floor, more realistic instruments.
And more analogue.

With my above tweaks (Akiko etc), the sound has improved greatly over the past 12 months. Improved soundstage, quieter, better instrument separation, richness of the sound, and less digital.

I'm trying to eek out the best I can, from what I have.
Not a 'high end' system, but does have a sound I like.

MacBook Pro to...
Halide Bridge USB - SPIDF Converter to...
Beresford SEG Dac (supercapped/reclocked) fed by a supercapped Coherent power supply to...
Audience AU24SX RCAs...
Perreaux R200i to...
Merlin Scorpion speaker cables to...
ATC SCM 19v2
I only have two power points, in a small cupboard.
One for the amp using the Mad Scientist Nitro.
The other has a second Mad Scientist Nitro hard wired to an Eichmann power strip. The MC 0.5 would plug into the Eichmann.

I'm guessing would still have a positive effect.
I have a simple system all so. A dedicated line for my amp and one line that feeds my front end. I started with one MC O.5 on my amp line at the wall. This was a noticeable improvement. I add one to the front end side and the improvement was all so noticeable. As i add more to each line the front end side improved even better. The amp side got better but not as a big jump compared to the front end side. The more MC O.5 i add the sound just got better. Just remember to give them some time at where you put them. If you change them around the settle in times starts over.
Right now on A'gon they are 35% off for new and 40% off for B-stock. I ordered one and will report back on what I hear. 
Don’t bother looking anymore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgS4DD0CgHs&frags=pl%2Cwn

I should have said nothing as I was planning on getting another if it proved to be of benefit.
Oh well. 😉

All the best,
So many positive experiences, I'd like to give the 0.5's another try. My amp was having problems at the time; hum and power tubes red plated. Maybe this affected the overall performance. Amp is in the shop now, bad resistors found  with low voltage from transformer.

Anybody know if noise from the amp (hum and buzzing)  would affect the performance of the 0.5's while playing music? The highs were not smooth with the modules installed and presented overall harshness, even though there were benefits to imaging.
   I purchased the amp (used)  about the same time as the modules.

When I returned the modules to the dealer, he was very surprised they didn't improve the sound of my system.

Just listened for about 4 hours with the MC-0.5 in place and it’s staying there. I just might get another. No more need for the Blue Circle Thingee anymore. Loving the results would be an understatement. Sliced bread is now relegated to 2nd place. 👍

Also, thanks @lowrider57 for your perspective and impressions as it got me interested enough to buy one. It’s everything you mentioned, and more, without one bit of negative to relate.

It’s the most realistic presentation I’ve heard in my room. 

All the best,
I also bought a discounted 0.5 from Audiogon. I think the buzzing from my amp caused the harshness in my system on my earlier audition. So amp is in the shop.

Good on ya, @nonoise .

As much as I liked what I heard, it was when I retired to watch some TV, which is on the same line as my audio gear, that it hit me. 

I need more.

The picture had an unusual sharpness that still retained a natural look. The colors and contrast didn't pop as much as one would expect but were nonetheless more contrasty, defined and again, more natural looking. I liked it so much that I went and ordered two of the B-stock units to add to my system.

Now I see what all the hub-bub was about when High Fidelity first came online with their products.

All the best,
I only have space for one MC 0.5
That’s probably a good thing.
Still have to pay for Black Ravioli, and upgrade to 2 Mad Scientist Nitro Nano power cables.

Where is best for the MC 0.5?
In the ’2 outlet’ power socket?
Then would have to run the amp through the power strip.

(Power strip also has the Dac power supply, Akiko Triple AC Power Enhancer, Russ Andrews ’The Silencer,’ iFi AC iPurifier, Blu Ray player).
They ran out the first time last week and got more in stock. Hopefully, it'll happen again.

As for the placement, I used an open outlet socket to get the results I got. I'm lucky in that although I live in an apartment, my two outlets that serve my audio/video needs are the only two on that particular breaker.

Since I have only one available outlet left on a power strip, I was advised to just get a 2 or 3 way (t-shape) adaptor for the wall outlet, running two MC-0.5s on it and use the third on the power strip. It will all work out the same due to the proximity of the devices and the isolation of them as well.

All the best
I took a look and there's still some for sale if anyone's interested. 👍
Got my two B-stock units and tried just one on the same outlet as my integrated with the other on the outlet with the rest of my gear, including my SACD player, which I moved it to a few days before, and even that paid dividends (even more clarity).

Again, a big improvement in clarity and realism eliciting smiles all around. With that clarity comes instantaneous scaling of dynamics, as if something was applying the brakes just a tad (if not more). Adding another the next day, for a total of two (using a three outlet adaptor) on the integrated side was the real eye opener. 

Being early in the morning, I kept it low so as to not disturb the neighbors but I found myself lowering the volume even more to the point where I was listening 2-4db lower than my normal listening levels and still the dynamics and impact were astounding. 

It could be something like a chime or cymbal strike and it would come on as strong as a plucked base note or drum strike, even when done lightly. I'm talking real micro-dynamic improvements that equaled macro-dynamics like in real life situations.

Nothing comes out of virtual blackness anymore as sound abound, again, like in real life. One hears the recording venue and any ambience it contributes. The see-through and decay are amazing.

I've read on other threads where some members have 17-20 of these units in their systems and I can see why, although I won't be buying anymore as I've run out of outlets (unless I get another 3-way adaptor). 

In my limited experience with power conditioning, I still feel it's best to go directly into the wall and this has been strongly reinforced by my experience using these passive, magnetic, conditioners. At their B-stock pricing, they're a no-brainer.

All the best,
The MC O.5s are very addictive. I know because i have 49 of them in my simple system. I use 2 types of 3 to 1 splitters. The orange one that most people use and a green one that is "L" shaped. the MC O.5s caps face down ward to the floor when plugged into them. this keeps them from sticking out to far from the wall and into the room. Have not reached the point of diminish returns yet, every time i have add one the sound got better.
enjoy Pete

49! I somehow feel inadequate. 😞
I think I have MC-0.5 envy. 😄

I don't know what or how they do it, but do it they do. With just the one on each outlet, I was perfectly happy with the sound. Flushed with content. With two on the integrated's side, it was a bit overwhelming, at first,  but didn't take long at all to get in order. 

There's some kind of adjustment period, albeit a very short one, that I can't quite put my finger on, and then it's off to the races, as they say.
What a product.

All the best,
Just an update here about the use of two instead of one on the outlet serving my integrated. After rounds of hours listening to familiar recordings, I went back to using just one device per outlet.

It could be just my system and ears but with one per outlet, it sounds marvelous. With two on the integrated, it was kind of like turning the contrast up on a TV maybe a notch too much. It sounds great and is all the more engaging but I felt it was at the expense of something else that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

Others might like it but right in the middle of some Bach Concertos, I hit pause and removed one and resumed play. That is where my sweet spot lies. There’s a hint of more body/flesh/meat and a touch more weight down low (from the midband, down).

As always, YMMV, but there’s no doubting the efficacy of these devices.

All the best,
@nonoise ,  I purchased a second 0.5 last week and messaged Rick about placement. He said one on the amp AC line and one on the source line. Optimal placement would be in the wall receptacles.

I asked about placement of additional modules and Rick said they even work well when plugged into power conditioners.

@lowrider57 ,
It's reassuring to hear someone second my impressions. It took a bit of experimentation on my part but the nice thing is, you pretty much hear results upon insertion and removal, so double checking is an easy matter.

I'm still on the fence about an actual power conditioner but can see how one would benefit from an MC-0.5 or two and how they'd pass that benefit on down the line to one's components. 

All the best,
Since I live in a city and my system has always suffered from noise from the grid I'm now using a balanced power conditioner (EquiCore). It provides a black background and the level of detail and depth is a major improvement.

But adding the MC-05 has provided holographic sound and realism to instruments and ambience. It's takes power conditioning to a higher level. Looking forward to my new module.

Now you've gone and done it. 
I've been considering something like the EquiCore or even the Decware ZLC and since your ears seem to hear the things I do, now I'll have to do some more thinking on this. 🤔

All the best,
Sorry @nonoise . But not really sorry. Just telling it like it is and hook a brother up.

You should research carefully. I got advice from another member and learned about balanced power and that the EquiCore is not a regenerator and does not use filters. It uses a huge torroidal transformer which is similar to a powerful amplifier.

@lowrider57 ,
No worries. I appreciate the advice. 👍

I was really tempted when Underwood had them at discount a while back. Research them, I will (channeling Yoda).

All the best,
Something like this....

It's funny how we worry about every inch of cable and conductor; eg, fuses, plating on AC receptacles. But it's ok to add an adapter with who knows what type of metallurgy or construction.

How many 0.5's did you start with?

Beside the receptacles, where else do you have the modules installed? I'd like to know if you can hear a change in efficacy between different locations of a module?

Hello lowrider57
I started with 2 MC O.5s one on each line at the wall. I really liked what  they did to the sound so i would add a couple every so often, when budget would let me. I tried a couple in my PS Audio P10, it was ok. But better at the wall feeding the P10. Later removed the P10 for the Mc 6 Hemisphere With a couple plugged into it, that also was good. I now have the PRO POWER conditioner with a couple plugged into it. But the big majority our at the wall. Divided between 2 power lines, the amp line and the line that feeds the front end of my system.
Thanks for the reply. The PRO conditioner must be something special. 

You're definitely addicted to magnetic conduction; I can see why. I have a module in each of my two lines and will be adding more I'm sure.

@lowrider57 , yes, we audiophiles can be funny that way. I tried out one of those adaptors but like I mentioned earlier a few posts ago, to my ears, it sounds better with just one per wall outlet.

As utilitarian as it looks, it does the trick.

All the best,
The Pro Power conditioner is in a league by itself. Just when i thought my system sounded good for what it is. The Pro Power conditioner took it up several notches.  To get that kind of performance i thought i would need to do a major component up grade, may be 2 components.
Going from the .05 to the MC-1 pro Helix is a Giant leap . I don’t understand how you can possible even fit 49 for that kind of money the mc pro plus helix  would destroy all of them put together . I have a Bybee Q inside my amp ,then 2 tuning 
sticks one usb in my music server, and one on the spdif input these work nicely removing dirt of the earth ground . The MC-1 pro weighs like 3.5 lbs  make sure you have a heavy duty audio receptacle. Mine I had to put a wedge of wood under it to hold it suspended. It ran respectable after a few hours  then over night 
got flat sounding a bit , Rock said that is part of all those magnets aligning and the small .1 capacitors Running in .rick said up to 400 hours to full runin .
now at 75 hours really just starting to open up . 3 dimensional in  many areas 
the fiddle you use to hear now  you can literally hear and feel the rosin crossing the bow  the instrumental laying front to back as well as side to side soundstage 
explanation is beyond reasoning and we still have over 300 hours to go .i am just letting it play I have my line conditioner plugged into the wall with my sub 
even the bass has much better bite and grip. This B stock for$650 off was a steal 
it is easily the best upgrade I have even made it is like going from a $ 5k speaker to a $20k one . Next since I don’t have the $$ for his cables at the moment 
I  built my own with a VH Audio 6-9 OCc Copper foamed Teflon solid core litz
which sounds very detailed same with speaker cables. 
Rick said his Quad RCA adapters from sourse to preamp is a BIG bang for the buck. That is what I am buying magnetic power $550:for 4 is a No brainer 
as Rick said he is so sure money back first give them a solid 75-100 hours to really get  a field stabilized in through the cable. I will report back after I first 
breakin the MC-1 pro.
I purchased my MC O.5s over time, every time i add a couple the sound just got better. The Helix design was not on the market  yet. The Pro works well with the MC O.5s making the sound even better. As Rick will tell you the more magnets the better the sound .
enjoy Pete 

I also have some Bybee iQSEs (2 inside my Cary CD303/300 + 2 below my Cary 300SEI) and two QSEs on my fuse box. The MC 0.5 was a worthwhile tweak that removed another layer of noise (without making the sound more analytical), even though I have an Audience power condition, albeit an old prototype model. My MC 0.5 is plugged into a Furutech NCF duplex outlet which is also effective in removing noise.
An acquaintance has 6 MC 0.5s and brought 4 over to hear what further improvement they would make. While the improvement with all 6 was major in his system (which is much higher-end than mine) the effect was relatively minor on mine. Currently, the main bottleneck in my system is the old power conditioner which limits the performance of everything else.

So in summary, the optimum number of MC 0.5s is going to vary from system to system. Fortunately, HFC along with most dealers offer a trial period so you can determine how many are optimal for you. Another tweak I can highly recommend is the Furutech destat iii and/or the IsoTek Full System Enhancer CD to maintain optimum performance.
My 1 x MC-0.5 is due to arrive this afternoon.
A major delay on shipping from the USA.
It was my carrier's mistake.
High Fidelity Cables were very supportive through this.

Have jealously read the positive comments on their effect in your systems.
I've added my 3rd module and this is where experimentation needs to happen. I placed it in my power conditioner and let it run-in for a few days. Soundstage opened up, more inner detail, but did not increase the holography or the sense of realism. The effect was more like that of a traditional PC. 
I moved it to my source line wall receptacle which now has two modules via a T-adapter.
Sound was overly detailed at first, but I now realise that there is a run-in period. There are immediate benefits such as 3D imaging, but the smooth, organic sonics are slowly presenting over time.

Rick said to experiment. Also said the MC-05 doesn't perform as well when plugged into a power conditioner with a large torroid like mine. 
But, it's exciting to hear the results tonight.

I hope you bought the discounted 0.5 since you may want to add a second module.
I bought a B Stock 0.5

Is playing now.
A nice start.
More detail is instant.

Have three Bybee iQSE.
One in my fusebox, one in amp, one in Dac.
Looking for one more, to go in my Dac power supply.
I bought a MC-.05 to try.
Put it in outlet that supplies my amplifier power.
Burning in for 2 days now.
Did notice a *little* more upper midrange clarity,
But depending on music/recording, the bass is a little more boomy.
Is this normal for 'break-in period'?
Looking forward to more burn in..

I found the base to be more prominent but also, more detailed, lower, and tighter in presentation. I've been wearing out some Billie Eilish CDs lately (I find her fun and refreshing) and the synthetic base simply growls and excites my room in a way I've not experienced before.

I'd give it some more time before you reach a final conclusion.

All the best,
 There is a breakin period of up to 400 hours according to manufacturer, although I'd say it's about 200 hours. There should be a noticeable effect immediately and over time highs should become smoother and soundstage will open up in all directions.

According to Rick, if using one module in your system, it should be placed on the line feeding the sources. 

@nonoise and @lowrider57  - Thanks guys. A little afternoon listening today and I would say:
1. Initial upper midrange prominence (more thrust forward than overdone) has retreated back to similar/proper stage with the other frequencies - although the snap of a snare drum several feet forward was pretty cool
2. The bass that was a little boomy has now firmed up some, and I think I'm getting another few cycles than without the MC
3. The upper treble is still nicely detailed, but is missing that absolute last bit of extension on cymbals and triangles. (May be hot afternoon power flow to my house vs. late[r] night)
One thing I think that may be effecting my overall sound as well - the unit is on the same outlet as my amp and I have a subwoofer powercord on the splitter with the MC-.5.  Maybe that's contributing to the sense of extra bass from the sub; I many ultimately need to dial the sub gain back a few ticks.