Homegrown Audio ripoff?

I placed an order from them on July 18th. I tried to pay via Pay Pal but the link kept cycling me back through to the payment page. Since they don't take credit cards I resorted to using BofA's bill pay. The payment went through on the 22nd and I haven't heard from them since. I ordered these for a friend who doesn't do much in the way of online anything to the tune of $1200. Years ago I purchased a lot of cable though them and have loved it and don't remember any customer service problems. I'm getting really nervous. Suggestions? Ideas? Thoughts?
Same thing happened to me and after a month they finally responded and gave me my money back. Keep communicating and I think you will get results .........

Strange company.
I've called and emailed. Their phone won't take messages and their emails get bounced back.

Grannyring, thanks for the response. It leaves me hopeful. Not sure how a little company who has such a great product and business so long took such a turn for the worse. I really love their cables, just outstanding.
There is a thread on problems with Homegrown Audio at Audio Asylum:

Thanks for your response Maxima95. I think I am now at the point where I need to call the Roanoke police dept.

I once had a similar problem with a different audio company that was basically a one-man shop. I contacted the Attorney General for the state the business was located in. They sent a letter to the company and I promptly received a refund.

I do not know how much enforcement action the AG was prepared to take. I think the letter was only an inquiry and notice that a complaint had been received. But the letter was enough to convince the offending company that refunding my money was a good idea.

There may be other agencies to contact to receive assistance from online fraud.

Good luck.
Mterle - Don_s is right about seeking out the state AG. When I was having problems with them, I found a state consumer affairs office in Roanoke (where HGA is located). I think it was affiliated with the AG.

As it turned out, my issue was resolved - albeit clumsily and slowly. I did not have to contact the consumer affairs office.

I do not have this information any more. I acquired it via a search.
This would probably be best. It is unconscionable for HGA to continue to have have a full-blown site conveying the impression that they are a fully-functioning, customer-oriented company (as they were some years ago).

It is unfortunate, because they have (or have listed on the site) some useful DIY parts.
Is there no recourse through BoA? Many CC compaies have consumer protection policies that might be helpful.
I'm getting some traction with BofA, but I'll add details at a latter date. These people are scum and if I lived in Virginia I would knock on their front door as I do have the address. So far $1250 hard earned dollars down the tube.
Got the product a few weeks ago. The police made a little visit to the proprietor's house and I got the cables. She apparently didn't think her website was up and running for the summer and didn't know an order came in. I guess your rich when your rich you just get a $1,250 check you just cash it. Bunch of crap. Too bad they don't have their Sh%# together, they make a fine product that cannot be beat for the money.

Bless the police for saving the day for you.

I would call and tell them how much you appreciate getting your $1250.00 dollars worth of merchandise back.
Happy HGA Customer Testimonial: I have bought various cables from Homegrown Audio over the past couple of years. I am always delighted after the cables are in my system for awhile, but it always seems to take Homegrown at least a week to go from receiving my order to shipping them.

I get the sense that "retail" business —and especially routine customer feedback— is not as great a strength for HGA as actually making great cables is. It can take them several days to return email or get them to answer the phone. If you can live with that, the experience should be a happy one when you get your cables. (Which are very well made, made of top components, sound great and cost less than similar quality does.)