How do you clean your type of stylus?

We got the 1200 grit sandpaper. We got the solvent and scrubbing brush. We got the jelly dome for a couple of dips. What is the current wisdom? What are the standards and practices as opposed to the unusual cases?
Psychicanimal, Whadda youse mean by ultrapure? Reverse osmosis perhaps? Thereupon, howse to administer said fluid? And can ultrapure cleanse a diamond living in the space of high g forces and attending heat and water proof elements? Or do you never have a problem, old records or new...
I zap mine with a Cybersonic toothbrush once a week (use a stylus brush otherwise before/after play).

The ultrasonic toothbrush @ $180 (on sale) was not purchased with stylus cleaning in mind, but it works well and takes but a second.

Oddly enough I use a Water-Pik to pre/final rinse LP's (the Cybersonic replaced the Water-Pik as far as dental hygiene goes).

I've seen ultrasonic stylus cleaners for $150, or so.
i use the jelly dome. I'm a little concerned about residue, but i don't lose sleep over it.
IME LP#9 works much better than the jelly domes. You have to be sure a liquid cleaner is safe for your cartridge however. A few manufacturers like ZYX recommend against them, fearing liquid may wick up their hollow cantilevers and harm the suspension.

For a DIY alternative that works just as well as LP#9, but with a different set of risk factors, search for my thread, "DIY Stylus Cleaner."
Aceto, ultrapure water is purer than RO water. RO water can go down to 5-15 uSiemens in conductivity, whereas ultrapure water is usually below 0.08 uSiemens and less than 0.35 ppb sodium and 5 ppb Silica. At such purity levels it acts like a solvent.

I'm going to get the stuff to try this today. I just built my battery option for the Teres. Could have done it in 15 minutes if the damn Q1 transistor would have went in easy! Built a nice mahogony and copper box for it too. So, I figure I'll give your contraption a shot and see if I can get a little more perfomance from my stylus.
Mr Clean sounds interesting. So does super pure water, but I better see if Clear Audio recommends liquid. But I gotta say that our dentist gets the prize for wacky yet wonderful. I wonder if flossing would help. Thanks for the great input. But the price of battery power supply should be about a quarter the price and should be available for every component. I wonder if computer UPS could do the trick for a whole rig, or maybe one for digital and the rest on another. But that's another thread

I could mail you one if you want. I have a couple spares. Let me know if you want me to.


Sounds good. You still have my addy. I looked in 3 stores and couldn't find the magic ereasers. Most appreciated!