How frequently do you check Audiogon listings?

Over the past few days I have offered to buy from sellers two items: a CJ amp and Harbeth 7ES speakers. In both cases I inquired probably within 4 - 6 hours after they were listed. In both cases I was the fourth person to offer to buy the amp/speakers (and there were numerous inquiries for both). Both items were listed below blue book value which obviously caused a bit of a feeding frenzy. When I am looking to buy "new" gear, I check listings perhaps five times a day. Apparently, some of you are not being attentive enough to your job assignments at work and are spending far too much time near a computer!! Think of the fall in GNP if this continues!
Every hour or so. If I'm actively looking for something I may look more often. If you look frequently it doesn't take much more than a minute or so to review the new listings. I've missed quite a few great deals by being to slow to respond so I've learned the hard way!
I have been actively looking for a pre-amp on the 'Gon. I had it narrowed down to three units. If one of them came up and things seemed to be in order I would make the purchase. I was probably checking classifieds about 5-6 times a day. Like the post above I too learned the hard way. By the time an initial inquiring email had been sent, responded to and an offer made I was the 4th or 5th guy on the list.

Searching even more frequently and forgoing the initial inquiry contact and going right into "I'll take it" mode, I still ended up losing out on a pre-amp posting that was maybe a few hours old!?

Then I got serious (obsessed?) and ended up searching a few times an hour if I was in front of a computer hoping that something would come up.

Patience or maybe just luck prevailed and I found exactly what I was looking for.

It's not like it used to be thats for sure.
Every 15 minutes if I'm actively looking for something. Else I'm down to once a week like now. Yep once a week if at all. You have to check as often as you can, in order to catch those deals like you just missed. I can also check via my cell phone or my BlackBerry, but audiogon is near impossible to navigate that way. But I use them if I have no choice. That's pretty much when I have "money in hand" and "want that below market price deal ASAP."

Lately I've been hitting the forums 5x day. But I don't look through the classifieds at all. That's likely exactly the opposite of how most vist audiogon.
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habit checking them even if I'm not really looking to buy anything many times every day.
I got you all beat, I keep a listed inventory on a spreadsheet that i keep update by blasting through audiogon every 1.6 nanoseconds.
i check 3 times a day as im always buying but the best goodies come in the wee early hours,who needs to bunji jump for a rush i get a thrill from opening an email & reading these words.

i accept your offer(WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO)

At least once per day. I'm an impulse buyer and have learned not to hesitate. There is a discretionary reserve in my paypal account so I can offer immediate payment. It's what I like to see when I'm selling.
When I'm in buying mode, I check every hour or two. When I'm selling, it has happened that I've had offers within fifteen minutes of posting. Other times, no offers for a month, even though hundreds of hits have been registered on the ad. I think that there are a lot of Audiogoners so the odds are that somebody is watching, especially pros who may be looking to flip a purchase for a quick profit if something appears underpriced. Also keep in mind time zone differences. You check at midnight in the eastern time zone, then go to bed. It's prime time in the west and if they're looking for the same thing as you, it's too late when you get up the next morning.
A couple times a day. If something is priced to sell, it'll move quickly. Usually most sales are in the first 2 days or the last 2 days of the ad, IME.
I'm too embarrased to answer. Some days I'm like a junky. Other days I just wish I could be perusing the "for sales". I'm guessing that all of you that are reading or responding to this thread are sitting there waiting to have the cajones to answer honestly. Fess up, you know who you are. Hello, my name is Skip..and I'm an audio(gon)holic.
hey skip,i admit im strung out like a whore on smack,its the hunt that excites me then the kill really gets me ooo oooh ooooh oooooh ooooooh.SHIT!

i need a smoke now.
I'm actually more addicted to the forum threads...but I still check the for sales from time to time.
While not quite strung out like a lady of the evening on dope, methamphetamine or the free base of cocaine, I find myself checking listings at least once per day as part of my normal waking routine and then again in the evening. Its mostly vicarious except if I am looking for a tube or something very specific. As a broke collector of bigger and more affordable pieces and not a wheeler dealer, if I miss out Cest le Guerre. I've got to start selling off stuff to keep me wealthy enough to continue buying significant items, but that hasn't stopped me from thinking I would surely like to try this or want that.
2-3 times per day. Every few hours if I'm looking for something. It is frustrating to get beaten to the punch, but it's a lot better than getting outbid by some software program in the last 20 seconds of an auction at ebay!

You can always post a wanted ad too......When I sell something and I get 3-4 offers within minutes of each other I prefer to deal with an Audiogon member with a lot of good feedback vs. an unknown.
Once a week, just too busy these days to enjoy the fine company of you folks whenever I want to, at least at this point in my life.