How to Play iTunes Through My HiFi

O.K. - I have done some research and am still confused. I would like to play iTunes playlists through the stereo system but have found using my MacBook Pro as the source degrades the sound. I've done this at a couple of parties using a DJ system and the Mac sounds inferior to the professional Denon CD players.

My budget is $400.00-600.00 and I already have a Bel Canto DAC II I could also use. Any suggestions of products which can improve the music making abilities of the Mac laptop?
Try what the following link suggests and see if it helps
Logitech Duet, doesn't need a DAC, but it surely benefits from one, requires either a direct connection to your laptop or a wireless connection in your house. Wadia iPod doc, does need a DAC.

Personally, I like the Duet, I have mine going into an excellent Upconverter (DCS) and then to a DAC (DCS) and the performance is terrific. But just straight in, especially into a mid-fi system is pretty good too.
wireless from macbook to airport express to bel canto dac to receiver. Airport express around 80 to 100 dollars.
If the Dac2 has USB, direct connect from the Mac to the Dac using USB. If it doesn't have USB, you can purchase a Bel Canto USB 24/96 Link. it has USB on one end and SPDIF on the other.
Thanks for the great advise, guys. I'll check into the Bel Canto USB Link as I'm happy with the sound of the DAC 2. I have to buy another ext. hard drive so I'll discuss the Airport Express with the Apple Store.

Any one have a suggestion for a DAC (I'd like to to buy used to stay in that 400-600 buck range) with a USB port?
Depending on what type of firewire port you have you can also use a Focusrite Saffire or Saffire LE. This way you can use firewire into the unit and then use the spdif output into your dac. Another nice thing is you can also use it as a dac and plug it into a system that you're using when you DJ as it has the 1/4 jacks.
i started out with your exact same question and an even smaller budget, and after trying various unsatisfying solutions ended up buying a logitech transporter which i really like. i also got an ipod touch running ipeng as a wifi remote control. i spent a bit more but now my ears are happy too.
i have to agree with ophitoxaemia, i just upgraded my duet to a transporter and cannot be happier. i have to thank richlane, wherever he is, as i did not think it would be much of an upgrade since i was only using the digital out. his posts in the forum detailing his experiences convinced me to give it a try and it has taken my system to the next level...
I use a "HagUsb" USB-to-S/PDIF Converter. I use USB out of my Mac Mini, into the converter, then digital coaxial into my DAC. I also can use at toslink cable. It's designed for Mac. Both of the above methods will get your MacBook connected to your DAC then it's into you system.

A computer server has many way to get to music. I watch music videos on Youtube, Internet radio with iTunes and insert concert DVD's into the Mac's drive and watch while it plays through my main rig. I can also rip all audio output to my hard drive. Lot of options.
the dac 3 has a usb input but it is inferior to the other inputs. if you have a dac 2 already, get an airport express, a good jitter remover (monarchy, genesis, and others), and hook up the jitter device with a toslink from the AE or your macs toslink port, then use a coax from the jitter to the dac2.