How to STOP PayPal from consistent breaking and breaching privacy.

I’ve been using paypal to make purchases on parts mainly and the rest of business is mainly SELLING. One day I wasn’t able to purchase Sansui SR1080 turntable platter for $22 from eBay with red message to address issue with paypal.
After nearly 100 min on hold, a guy with Philippine accent as usually picks up phone and tries to ’resolve’ issue with smile asking me to provide personal information.
I advised FAST Philippino dude to SLOW DOWN and answer me what caused this problem. I learned that my previous purchases was averaging $5...6 and next purchase I tried to use $22 did not go through.
I explained that I’m NOT going to provide my personal information EVERY time I’d like to purchase goods in excess of $7 and unloaded my concerns LOUD to make CLEAR understanding and got my account back working.
If you’re doing business using paypal -- have few to several accounts linked to prepaid bank accounts only!

 This is quite common. I have not had any problems with Paypal but I have had problems with credit cards. If what you wish to purchase does not fit their profile of you, then they may declined your purchase.

I feel like busting a hefty class action with few thousands of angry folks claiming multiple breaches of privacy .
It is really disturbing when someone watches your spendings and fks you over from time to time in cycles 
Czarivay, I’m with you completely. The recent massive privacy breaches confirm the dangers you indicate. 
I have done over 100+ transactions with PayPal from $10.00 up to $7500.00 without ever a hitch.  I do have one of their business debit cards but only use it for shipping what I sold here.
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If you are uncomfortable with overseas call centers, ask the agent if they have call centers in the U.S.. I'm pretty sure that, under law, they must transfer your call to the U.S. call center.
I NEVER had to report reasons of my spendings and if there are too many reasons to ask my identity, I rise HUGE concerns and buy larger cannons and war machines or peacefully request identity change 
CZ- what you described in your original post wasn’t necessarily a data breach or invasion of privacy, but instead, probably an algorithm that got trip-wired to prevent potential fraud. Small purchase, then larger one, although I don’t see a 22 dollar purchase as something to raise an eyebrow (robotic or otherwise).
I had a similar experience with Amex with whom i have had an account forever. I used it for the first time to pay a third party food delivery service that picks up from restaurants. Shortly after that, i had a relatively large expenditure. That signaled to Amex that the card or card owner data might have been compromised, b/c apparently, a lot of data thieves will feed themselves using one of these restaurant delivery services, then go wild on bling. That behavior was caught by the Amex algorithm and essentially suspended or reigned in card activity until i finally talked to the right person in the fraud department.
The frustration for me was that it took several calls- and all to the wrong people- who assured me no issues existed with my account. It wasn’t until I got to the "right" person in the fraud department that they explained the procedure, and then removed the flag on my account.
Ostensibly, this is for our own protection. But the "safety device" can over-react or kick in even when there is no foul play afoot. Isn’t that your complaint, as well as trying to get it rectified?
I am proficient with algorithms and applied maths.
The algorithm itself is breach of privacy, 4th Amendment and shouldn’t be in place !

Folks like me (will SHOUT, CONFRONT and REPELL, but there are sheeps that will just provide PI on every so occasion with absolute trust.
You are perfect example of sheep accepting that these so called algorithms normal. To me frequent instances of identity check do look suspicious, unnecessary AND in conflict with basic laws

Just seems to me that if you use an electronic payment method, and I'd include credit cards in that, it is part of the package. As to being a sheep, I can find other things to worry about. 
@czarivey .
Please, don't shout at the messenger. They are just the low level guys who are probably getting paid less than US minimum wage. That they can speak English, as well as their native language should be an indication of how much they want to work.
As far as you problem with paypal goes, I would contact Ebay directly as they are pretty much one in the same. When I contact Ebay customer service I get a US agent and he/she is usually very helpful trying to correct the problem.

Whether or not customer service messenger or agent is or not from US it STILL way too much of an issue that increases checks on personal information overly-over-excessive and exposes that information to substantially larger array of agents you're exposed to apparently not only from USA.
The global picture of this mess ain't so pretty at all and does ring bell REGARDLESS of who picks up the phone, because just like in NY Lottery -- "Hey! You never know!" 
So my first reaction was "You REALLY want to get my personal info for $22 transaction??" and the agent thought that I was joking so I had to EMPHASIZE with higher voice volume to make myself CLEAR regardless where this call was from and regardless of an accent.

Excellent points from the panel as above. These pay services, sites and CC companies all mine our data. Additionally, I predicted that facebook and other so-called social media companies, mine our data as well.

Turns out, I am not wrong. Be careful on the digital frontier out there.