i am starting to think Audiogon profits off the spam...

overun by it of late...I have reported probably 30 posts for junk....

starting to think it is actually supported by audiogon..

easy fix

first 5-10 posts reviewed by moderator....before posting...

get with the program Audiogon..
I don’t think they support it, they don’t know how to stop it. It’s been happening for too long. Perhaps hiring an IT consultant would help rather than trying to solve the problem inhouse.

Charge $5.00 registration fee then the jerks will go away.HELLO!!!!!!!!!!
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I visit a LOT of forums and this is the only one with this issue.  Audiogon is either incompetent or behind it.
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+2 @dweller . Or a variation on your idea, all 1st time posters must have their post reviewed by moderator.
@elizabeth , yes Audiogon is a great place and the mods have their hands full. But have you ever been on the forum on the overnight...after 2am EST? 

There is so much spam I've given up on reading the forum. I'm a night owl and this is my time for online reading.

I would like to add to this thread by saying  that we are aware of the annoying spam. A Moderator views the forums early each morning and takes down as many as possible. A discussion was actually started today with the Developers to finally force a solution in regards to the increase of spam. Steps were taken a few weeks ago to do so, but it is apparent now that more things  need to be done. Your help is appreciated if you see some Spam before it is removed to use the "report it" button to alert a moderator. 
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@dweller ... but in that case, someone simply could insert spam WITHIN an existing thread. That's likely worse than an initial spam thread. I like your initial suggestion ... anyone with less than one week's seniority on the forum must have ANY AND ALL of their proposed posts reviewed by a Moderator.
I have been reporting these as spam, and move on. No big deal. I still get marketing calls on my cell, and I have protections / walls to prevent them. MrD.
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+1 on having a 'trial period' before posts are automatically accepted.
Unfortunately, it puts a lot of strain on the mods, if they have to screen every new members post.
If the admin does manage to eliminate the spam posts, I hope they have some safeguards for a DDos Attack. These spammers are going to retaliate when they can't keep posting.
To Audiogon:
As someone who comes to Audiogon late at night when I work the spam makes your site unreadable. This is a world wide site so imagine the people reading this 12 hours time difference from the USA.

You guys know which accounts are creating the SPAM. Some good ideas were posted above. What about no NEW accounts can post NEW TOPICS late at night (USA time) for a few weeks. The spammers will have more difficulty with that and you can kill the accounts that are misbehaving.

None of the suggestions posted so far need manual intervention. This can be automated. I know I could automate this so can your developers.
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i was joking about audiogon benefiting.....but automated controls can help as other audio sites require before posting, as do some of the fishing and car boards I frequent.
I put a lot of time into reporting the spam, so I am donating time as others do.
i am here, so i see net positive..
I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't some fool(s) who lost an argument here from another site. Their lack of any participation kind of corresponds to the onset of all the spam. But as my mother used to say, I have a writer's imagination.

All the best,
Ought to be careful here.  Love audio, but I don't visit this site daily.
I'm not alone. Require oversight of every one of my infrequent posts
and my interest wanes - don't need this.
Some of the threads suggest a move toward a semi-private club!
Someone must be watching this site. Check out the huge influx of spam under amp/pre amp section after a few mentions here. Maybe it's not my writer's imagination after all.

It's not the typical spam that's being noticed (advertisements), rather, the amount of spam being initiated as new threads for discussion that then, have to be deleted.

All the best,
Goodness this morning at 6am central time there must have been at least 50 spam threads! All time record.  Out of control.  
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Tonight there are more spam postings than ever before, many of them are repeated.
Maybe Audiogon installed software to try and stop the spammers, but instead it pissed them off.

Doubt it. The garbage nature of the posts in question indicate there is no anti-spam solution in place.

Makes me wonder if our info on the sales site is safe from hackers if this is anything to go by.
Good point @noromance. They're having such an easy time getting into the forum, where else have they been?

Could it be one of those dudes that stays in their bedroom for seven years?
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Really? @elizabeth
I have to try that....
EDIT.. I guess I'm good. No spam check.