Identifying an Auditorium 23 Step up transformer

Hi, I have an Auditorium 23 Step up Transformer but don't know whether it is the high impedance version - for Denon 103, EMT etc, or the low impedance version for Ortofon SPU. There are no markings that indicate anything on the case. Can anyone help please? Mine has a black earth wire coming from its innards.
Thank You
Great info dekay..I had both and don't recall. I can tell you the standard SPU and Denon versions are priced in line (if not the same) with one another. The EMT I believe is a fair amount higher in price, yet below the Homage T1 and T2. I have tried SUT's by a few manufacturers, and always preferred the A23. 
I have an Auditorium A23 SUT, designated/purchased for a Denon 103D, that does have a black ground wire.                  Never have seen any further info, regarding how to identify other iterations, so- can’t swear to anything.     Input resistance measures 7.8 Ohms (plus probes/leads).
The color code info is on a setup brochure.

Certain I got it right as I recall that the cartridges spelled DOE in the order listed and the colors were in alphabetical order.


I have the SPU model I purchased in 2009.  In those days, there was no badge.  Silver colored case work was SPU; black case was Denon/EMT.  Ground wire on mine is black.

Best to take a photo and send it to Jonathan Halpern, Tone Imports, for confirmation, if there is still any doubt.
Thanks for the info guys. Mine is silver casework with a badge and black cable. I will try the importer. I did contact Auditorium 23 in Germany but no reply.
Finally found the pic (CanuckAudioMart A23 brochure) on our favorites, but cannot locate the original listing.

This is what I referenced in the previous post (was looking @ one for a Denon this past year).

Found an OEM replacement stylus for my Grado Silver (that I don’t recall buying) when rooting around for something else and decided to cheap out and keep using what I have.


@dekay -  Thanks for the link!    That's the closest thing I have for printed info, regarding my A23 SUT.      Got nothing with it, when purchased (well, outside of excellent performance).       
@rogerstaton - You might try contacting Don Better Audio, if you've any further questions.        He’s one of Auditorium’s dealers (where I got mine).
I got a response from Keith at Auditorium 23 and after sending him photos of my SUT he identified it as the one for the Denon 103. The clue to which SUT is which is the spot on the underside which shows : 

• black spot Denon 103
• green spot Ortofon
• yellow spot EMT

I do have a photo which shows the 'rare' info sheet which comes with the SUT's.

Thanks again for all your help.

Happy listening.