Identifying Polk speakers

I've had a pair of Polk speakers for many years now, that I would like to sell, but I am unable to identify as a specific model. They're a 3-way system (or possibly a 2-way with a passive radiator/woofer), and mounted to the front panel under the grill is a plate that says Polk Audio Monitor Series. Anyone know of a reference and/or site that might be able to provide more specific information? If you prefer, you can reply to my email directly at Thank you.
I think your best bet would be to post a pic on the Polk Audio blog and they would be eager to help you.
You may luck up here and get an answer.
They could also help in determining a price for them.
Good luck.
To post a pic here on AGon, you need to open up a virtual system and post the pic's and then copy the link and paist it here.
Go to the Polk Audio website and there is a link to older model. You could type in Monitor 5 and it will come up with a picture and specifications. If it has one midrange and a tweeter and an 8 inch passive radiator it is probably a Monitor 5. If it has two midranges, one tweeter and a ten inch passive radiator is it probably a Monitor 10.