iFi AC iPurifier

One of these arrived yesterday.  Nicely made, though the lights and lettering on the end are not exactly horizontal when it's plugged in.

Tried some initial tests, plugging it into the spare socket on the duplex in the wall, and various spare sockets on the power strip.  With the system on but no music, and with music playing, I could hear no change whatsoever with it plugged in or not.

After a couple of hours I noticed that the flat end of the cylinder was getting quite warm to the touch.  The unit came with a soft plastic white plug in the earth hole, and I assumed it was there to stop dirt getting in.  Nothing about the plug/bung at all in the instructions, and not featured in any of the photos of the thing.  I removed it, and it definitely seemed to cool down.

Will persevere some more, but with the AC that I'm dealing with, it seems that results will be, at best, subtle.

Ac purifiers are just another marketing ploy to get the gullible to spend their shekels! 
Thank you for your useful and constructive comment on this new product.  I presume you base your judgment on extensive testing of this particular unit, which is only quite recently on the market.
Ac purifiers are just another marketing ploy to get the gullible to spend their shekels!
That’s an odd comment. On what do you base your claim? Of all the system tweaks in audioland, AC purifiers are among the most easily tested. Some provide voltage correction and even power factor correction; those can make a big difference in a system’s performance depending, of course, on the quality of the AC in the first place.

After spending a weekend with iFi AC iPurifier, I didn’t hear any ‘upgrade’ in terms of lower noise floor in my audio system. The test was conducted with iPurifier plugged into same wall outlet as my QRT system including QBASE8 - MKII, Qx4, a pair of Qv2’s and Qk1’s.

To give it a fair shot, I then tried the iPurifier on the receptacle my projector plugged in and noticed immediate uptick in PQ. The colors were slightly more vibrant with increase depth perception and sharpness. After 5 hours of continuous use, I pulled the iPurifier out to see if I can live without it. Turns out, I prefer my viewing experience with iPurifier remain plugged in this outlet. This led me to believe that iPurifier does work as long as you’re not using any other AC purification solution.

My QRT system far outweighs the benefits of a standalone iPurifier, which is quite unfair to say the least given the cost difference. May be a full complement of multiple iPurifiers (iFi suggests using at least three) in a audio system yields better results....

For $99, you get over-voltage surge protection along with benefits of lower AC noise. If you’re treating a single outlet or a component, I would say it’s a keeper.

And yes, it does feel warm to touch but nothing alarming.
I have one plugged into each of my dedicated lines at the wall. I noticed a significant increase in detail, space and bass extension/definition in a system that has fairly heroic ac conditioning, including a brace of QV2s and a QK1. They work for me, but like anything audio, YMMV. Good luck!
Worked well for me: increase in clarity and dynamics, no shift in tonality. I bought some more.
I discovered this gadget yesterday. After some experiments I'm a believer! Bought one already and maybe will buy more in the future. 
It works especially well with digital devices. I have it plugged on the power bar where my class D monoblocks are connected, together with CD player, computer and DAC. The difference is not huge, but clearly audible. Everything now is more clear, less blurred. 
But I must say that among some trials at the shop, it didn't show the same results for every system we tried. It seems the final result is system-dependent. 
I bought 2 on a whim. In short, they're staying in my system.

I noticed 4 things in my system: 1) lower noise floor (never realized what that meant until now), 2) more "space between the notes", 3) the "edges of the sounds" extend further, and 4) there's no question about where the "sweet spot" is. 

These are cheap tweaks that are easy to implement (and easy to remove and return if they don't make a difference in your system).