Interconnect recommendations, please

I've recently revamped my system with a new integrated amp (Teac AI-2000) and new DAC (Burson DA-160). Overall I'm really happy with the changes and now am looking to find the right ICs to dial the sound the rest of the way in...

Specifically I'd like to find some ICs that will bring out a bit of high-end sparkle, inner detail, and air/openness to the sound.

My current ICs are Cardas Quadlink 5C so I'm looking for ideas that would provide a relative improvement over those in the areas noted above. Budget is about $150-$200 for a 1M pair, new or used.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
Stager Silver Solids will serve you well and fit your budget

I have them on both digital and analogue components and love the natural open sound.
Darwin Silver ICs.

Open is the operative word here. They simply get out of the way of the music.
may as well check the archives

the usual suspects are:

Mogami, Blue Jean, Signal Cable, Morrow, Anti Cable

it seems to me the Mogami or Morrow would suit your needs
Recently I purchased some Atlas Equator 2.0 spk. cables from (also and if their IC's are anything like their spk. cables. Oh my goodness. What fantastic spk. cables for a very reasonable cost. Very well constructed and the copper wire is 6N and 14ga. My next purchase will be Atlas Equator Mk 2 IC's. Please do check out this company out. I'm very impressed.
Grover Huffman. Interconnects compelled me to go all Huffman. Did for me what you are looking for in addition to presenting the music with a "wholeness" I'd never heard. Not too expensive. Wonderful guy to deal with.
I like the over achieving Condutor by Audience. It is their entry level cable that hasn't gotten a lot of press here.
In general you probably want a cable with some silver in it. The Conductors don't but have an open and neutral sound anyway. You might want to check out Home Grown cables. I use the Silver Lace which has been subject to rising prices and is over your budget but they make some that are less expensive. The other thing that should go without saying is to buy used cables, they almost always represent a good deal.
I found the 5c's sounded a bit on the dark muddy side when I used them in a old system I had. A lot of good suggestions above to which I'll add JPS
I'll join with Wideload and enthusiastly recommend Grover's cables. He has recently refined them a bit more and are now deemed ZX. I have the SX version IC and what I call Silver Ribbons speaker bi-wire. They are neutral and very cost effective and Grover is excellent to deal with.
Cabledyne is what I have been using since August last year. Very high build quality and reasonable prices. Excellent open and neutral sound.
I've had the Quadlink 5C (started with Twinlink) and really enjoyed them-especially the midrange; then, I stepped up to the Nordost, crazy resolution..!! Then, I stepped up to the Nordost, more crazy resolution and awesome bass..!!

The Frey were the first cable I've owned that really felt complete to me. I've had the Audience AU24s (interconnect) too; and, although they are slightly more transparent that the Frey, I find them a little lean in comparison.

Staying within your budget, I'd suggest a used pair of Heimdalls or even a pair of Red Dawns might cut it for you (not going to be any leaner than the Quadlink-in my experience).

What kind of SPEAKER cable are you using?
Thanks everyone for the great recommendations. Lots of good candidates, including several I didn't know about before.

For now I've ordered a pair of Morrow Audio MA3. He's running a 25% off sale currently so they're squraely within my budget, and with the positive feedback and 60-day trial I figure they're worth a listen.

I put eveything else that was suggested into a list for the time being, while I wait to see if the MA3s pan out.

Mjmch - You asked about speaker cable - I've got Kimber 8VS now. My plan is to start with the ICs and see how far that gets me, then possibly change out the speaker cables if I still want to tweak the sound a bit further. Ideas welcome of course!

Thanks again to all.
Cool, I've had that same cable-the Kimber; believe I was using it with a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 5i's at the time.

I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on your new ICs..!
I used to own the MA3 it is very neutral detailed and extended

yin and yang compared to Cardas I am sure

No one can recommend a cable for your system. All cables react differently to different systems. Get some that can be returned and listen yourself.
Try Anti-Cables, extremely reasonable pricewise, and are very revealing of the source. I find them to be quite musical. Need some break-in time, but there's a 30 day trial period.
Cardas are some of THE MOST COLORED cables I have ever heard. Go with the Morrow Audio cable it is transparent.
Try SilverFi Rumi SG interconnects, they are fantastic
Oh, sorry, see that the budget is bit lower, so, I suggest then Spirit SG, which are priced very modest.

Good luck.