Shortly I'll be getting a new amp. I currently have a pair of Mackenzies to connect the pass 250. 8 to my audio research 6se. Should I be spending more for the interconnects? As you can imagine I've already spent a lot of money on the components. Somebody suggested Synergistic research in the $500 range.

Should I be fine with the Mackenzies or is there something better for such high end equipment that would be in that price range? I only need a meter.

Thank you.


It is likely you are leaving sound quality on the table. Consider Transparent interconnects and AudioQuest Storm series.


I have had Audio Research preamps and Pass amps for decades although I moved to Audio Research amps now. At the level of performance of your components you want wires that do nothing to tip or modify the sound quality, but be completely transparent with a very low noise floor so you can hear your components unadulterated. 

What specific improvements would you like to achieve from your current interconnects?

Well I won't be able to tell until I get my new amp really. But I was wondering what people who have used Mackenzies in the past found improved when they upgraded interconnects or have they stayed with this level of Audioquest and found no level of improvement if they went to a higher level.

Make sure it is well broken in, several hundred hours and lots of listening time. Only then try swapping in a better interconnect when you know the new sound of your system inside and out. Borrow from desler or Cable company.


also your equipment is worthy of a much better interconnect than $500. Of course the sound quality improvement you hear must be worth it to you. The Ref is definitely worthy of $1 - $2K for instance.

Use your current interconnects and enjoy your new components.  after you have fully formed your opinions and understand your new sound, then consider new interconnects.  It will be clearer to you then.


Yeah, don’t put the cart before the horse.  Settle into the new amp first and go from there.  I agree that your equipment could benefit significantly from better interconnects when the time comes.  The good news is it’s really easy to buy/sell used cables these days and try them out for little/no loss.

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I have the Mackenzies in my system, I don't know that you will find a better cable for the price.  They did make a very big improvement in the SQ of my system, at the same time I don't think they are best cable out there.  I am sure you can find something that sounds better, I just stepped off that cable merry-go-round once I heard the Mackenzies and what they did for my system.  Good luck with the search.

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To answer your question, no. There is no difference between interconnects unless they have some type of resistor or other electronic altering device built it. When will people learn that cost is almost never the factor that they think it is, especially in audio stuff? 

@roxy1927 - stick with the Mackenzies - they are well designed and should provide great sound quality.

If you really feel the need to upgrade then ask your question on the Hijiri thread.

Likely someone there would have owned Mackenzies in the past and can offer an informed opinion

Regards - Steve


To answer your question, no. There is no difference between interconnects unless they have some type of resistor or other electronic altering device built it.

Ah the flat earthers once again rear their ugly head where they’re clearly not needed or wanted.  Wonderful.

Ah the flat earthers once again rear their ugly head where they’re clearly not needed or wanted.

@soix  , I believe it is the equivalent of a holy mission.

Audioquest Earth XLR would be excellent, very reasonably priced, amazing sounding, interconnects for your application.  And you not feel the need to ever upgrade from there.  Buy used and save to make it all that much sweeter.  

Hey Roxy ~

First, congratz on your new gear!  I agree w/what a couple of posters above said, run your new gear w/your old cables for a while, say 2 or 3 months, and get really familiar w/what a few favorite tunes sound like thru that setup.  THEN, try replacing them w/an upgrade, and listening to those same tunes, listening for differences. I would suggest Synergistic Research Foundations, or one from the Cardas Clear line . I have both hooked up [in different systems] and can attest that they made an immediate and noticeable difference in SQ, esp in low end and overall detail.  I know, sounds counterintuitive that they could do both simultaneously, but it happened.  The SRs produced more detail but less of a difference in low-end, but the Cardas Clear are amazing [AND considerably more expensive] ~ the low end extension was so much better/fuller that I backed out of changing my amp!  But follow your ears, obviously...certain cables will pair better w/certain gear ~ but sticking to the tried-and-true brands, you will almost certainly hear a gain when you upgrade and spend a few dollars on cables.  Not saying that some of the the lesser known cables are not good, just that it's often "safer" to spend your extra $$$ on well known brands. 

And, just to make it clear, I am talking about ONLY upgrading the interconnects ~ all of mine are RCA, but of course that's a whole other conversation.

My suggestion would be to contact and borrow some cables. 
There will be a small fee which they will put towards a purchase. 

You’ll want to hear some different cables for comparisons to see what sounds best.