Interconnects with smooth highs 4 Manley Stingray

I am seeking for interconnects in up to $700 price range (used market). What do I actually seek is silky smooth highs/no any grain sound which I heared when auditioned set of Kimber Select KS1030 (0.5 m). Outstanding cable.

The question is there any other cable which can deliver this kind of high freq smoothness? Are Audioquest's silver line : Niagara , Sky in the same league? Maybe Nordost Frey/Heimdall touches Kimbers in this criteria? Perhaps Homegrown Silver Laces or Diva (similar construction like KS1030: two positive two negative silver conductors indivudually isolated with teflon) give similar results? Or thats the sound which only Kimber Select can be proud of?

My current (digital/tube) setup:

JMlab Focal Electra 905
Manley Stingray 25W Triode mode
Nordost Solar Wind Bi-wire
I liked the sound I got from both Acoustic Zen Matrix and silver referance II's with my Mahi's.
Yup, Ridge Street Audio Poiema !!! rv-3. You'll look no further and they're only $500 and change new!
You should be able to find a pair of the KS1030's(.5m)for that. You might have to be patient(may not be a lot out there, as that's kinda short). Here's a pair for sale that's slightly longer(24"): ( I'm using KS1130's and wouldn't bother with anything else. I'm certain there are other interconnects out there that would compare, but why waste my efforts when I've got a winner in the stable already? Perhaps if I won the lottery.....
I had great results using DHLabs Revelations with My Manley Mahi's and Shrimp combo...
AQ Sky's provide smooth, melodic yet detailed highs. I think they are a very underrated cable, principally because they do nothing wrong and do not grab you by the lapels to get your attention. Very livable cables, easily forgettable, and that is a compliment.

To :
>05-09-08: Dgordonl
>I had great results using DHLabs Revelations with My >Manley Mahi's and Shrimp combo...

I made a little research on these cables and got interested. The question is did you get a high freq silkiness with them? I bet you did A/B tests with different interconnects.. what other sound characteristics you would you note? Your answers are very welcome . thanks.
>05-08-08: Lokie
>I liked the sound I got from both Acoustic Zen Matrix and >silver referance II's with my Mahi's.

Hi Lokie, the same goes with you :) - can you describe the sound, few points which made enjoy these cables.
Audioquest Skys. I own them and have heard them with many brands of gear in many systems. They always come through smooth and detailed. I also have some Niagaras and they are very nice also and almost on the level as the skys.
I've tried HGA silver lace. Very smooth, no etch, not incredibly bright for silver (and for the money, no contest). I say not incredibly bright, but they were also too bright for my solid state system though. Be curious how the HGA DNA's compare.

Trying a pair of Cardas Golden Cross right now. Even smoother high end with better low end respresentation at the sacrifice of a little detail perhaps (high end resolve is incredibly clean though with absolutely no etch, which I did encounter when demoing a pair of Audioquest Panther DBAs). Cardas seem to take forever to settle in though (even used pairs).
Mjordanas, I haven't traded out alot of cables in that paticular system so I can't help you with alot of experience in that regard.

The cd that I use to get this aspect right is: EL CANT DE LA SIBIL-LA , Malloria-Valencia 1400-1560, Montserrat Figueras LA CAPELLAREIAL DE CATALUNYA, Jodi Savall. If I can get the voice right on this recording then I'm happy. Right means that it has a very pure organic sound that has no simbilance on the very highs. This is wonderful ancient music that is recorded very well. Both the AZ Matriz and AZ Silvers passed this test with flying colors.
Nordost Frey does not have smooth highs. Further to that, the Frey was lacking in bass slam compared to the XLO Signature 2. I would concur with several recommendations on Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II -smooth highs but not lacking in slam and dynamics.
The smoothest, cleanest, least "splashy" ICs I've heard are the Cerious Technologies.
Nordost Heimdall IC's in my system have very clean and smooth highs, with a little touch of sweetness to the harmonics. Very nice interconnect.
I took it from a dealer and found it very attractive.. so much midrange bloom and overall air that I think I now more like it than KS1030. I will make a dealer route in the upcoming days to take some purist audio, avid, van den hul to see how they compare.

>05-15-08: Ssglx
>Nordost Heimdall IC's in my system have very clean and >smooth highs, with a little touch of sweetness to the >harmonics. Very nice interconnect.
Kimber Select KS 1036 is awesome. The new KS series are more full bodied and dynamic. The KS 1026 and 1126 gets close to the performance of the 1036/1136 at a lower cost.