Is the CAL ICON a reliable choice in a used CDP

Anyone know of problems I should be concered about when considering a 10yr old ICON? Does its sound still compete with more modern CDP's? How would it compare with
a Cambridge Audio CD4se or CD6 or Marantz CD63/67se?

Thanks for your help.
We have had seven of these used.
Please email us for more info
(no, we don't have one now).
BTW, we did not have good luck with them.
These are very reliable units, all of the older CAL cd players are excellent choices even several years old. There are always several Icon's for sale on this site and they sell FAST. I do not think they have a reliability problem, in general, but the above poster may have run into a problem unit.
Mine is. It was purchased in used mint condition (thanks John) and has averaged better than 10 hours per day (playing time, which also includes a great deal of 7/24 activity, with cool down periods, when breaking in and auditioning cable) over the past two years, without a problem. I have read of reliability issues on the DX series and the original Icon (not the MkII), but never heard/read of any problems involving this particular model (other than the post above). It has a fuller/smoother sound than the CD67 and the CD4/CD500 series (never listened to the CD6) with bass and midrange which will compete with that of much more expensive players (Theta Miles and RA CD-50 to name a few that I also like), but it only runs around $400 used (more for a low hour, mint unit). I am using mine as a transport "only" right now, but occasionally listen to it solo (as a reference) when I am making any changes to the DAC, cables and such and it still sounds pretty good on its own. It is also the only inexpensive player, I am aware of, that does piano right (this is a very difficult thing for CD players to accomplish) and vocals are nice as well. When mine finally goes, I doubt if I will have it repaired, but for the money invested, I have no complaints. I am not saying that it is a "better" player than the @ $2.5K-$3K players, just that it is "very close" in musicality for a lot less money. As always, buying used can often be a crap shoot. If Brian promises to be nice, I would give him a call and see what problems he has experienced with the units. Repairs @ CAL are not cheap based on what they used to charge for the upgrades (I prefer the stock version myself) on this model. Also, maybe there is a "new" inexpensive player (with a warranty) that he can recommend. I have not auditioned any budget players for the past year, though have read about new models on the web. New models by Heart/Hart and Nor (sp) come to mind.
Have had my Ikon MKII for 6 years, no problems yet. Great player, especially at used price. Although shipping any CDP will be taking a gamble. Try to find something local if you can.
The CAL Icon MkII is almost universally praised as a very reliable CD player which makes better than merely acceptable music and can also serve as a very good transport further down the upgrade path. Bought mine as a dealer demo about six or so years ago. It sees extensive use and even some abuse, and it still works like new. Sounds very nice played by itself; even better through a high quality dac. In fact, it might sound better than a low grade or older dac.
I have had several old CALs and they have been electrically reliable but mechanically not so good. The drawers eventually get sticky and have to be cleaned, drawer drive belt replaced, etc. I would strongly recommend finding a Mk II with Power Boss, noticeably better than the standard version and excellent sound quality for the money.
I'm not sure about early Icon's but the used Icon MKII that I had in my system for 6 years was very reliable electrically and mechanically. Never had a single problem with it. I sold my Icon MKII this past summer and the new owner is still enjoying it to this day. It's not even in the same league as the Marantz 63/67se.... the Icon MKII is a much higher quality unit.