Is the Needle Doctor going out of business??

I saw on another forum (Steve Hoffman) that the Needle Doctor was closing its doors. It was from a first time poster titled the Needle Doctor. However I checked out the Facebook page and the website no announcement. Seems strange that this info would be posted on just one AV forum. Anyone have info that confirms this?
Don't know either way... But you should be Very careful with posts like this... They can be very damaging to businesses. 

Have see more than once... these kind of posts being wrong... Some started by those who did not receive a reply to an email... In what they felt was a reasonable time. 

That being said... I hope it's not true... They are a great bunch of folks at ND. 
Why don’t you call Andy and ask him?
Is it possible you're confusing Andy Kim of the Needle Clinic (not sure he even used that name anymore) with Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor?
... you should be Very careful with posts like this ...
Agreed! Posts like this can be very damaging to a business. Why not just call the business and ask them directly?
Good catch Greg... If he meant the other... Perfect example of how these dangerous posts can lead to confusion and misinformation. 
I was trying to confirm a post on Steve Hoffman. The post was supposedly sent by the Needle Doctor. I was suspicious as I didn't see anything on their Facebook page or website. Called the 800 number just got a recorded message. No info there. It seemed suspicious that they would post on just one AV website. I figure it would be all over the internet.
I placed an order with The Needle Doctor on September 13, 2019.  The item was supposed to be shipped by the manufacturer the next week.  I waited.  I received no communication about the shipment.  I called The Needle Doctor's 800 number.  An automated message came on saying the voice mailbox was full - please try again later.  I sent an email - no response after 24 hours.  I called the manufacturer.  They said they has heard that The Needle Doctor has indeed closed its doors.  I called my credit card company to dispute the charge for the item never shipped.  Those are the facts as I know them. And although I have no official word from The Needle Doctor that they are closed, I felt I had enough reasonable information to act on.