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I've recently acquired a Naim NAC 272 which I'm using as a pre-amp, streamer and DAC. I really like the Naim sound.

I have hundreds of CDs and am contemplating purchasing a single CD Transport. The brick and mortar store where I purchased the used NAC 272 told me the Naim CD options do not have the appropriate connections to be used solely as a transport. He also sold Rega, but said that brand didn't "play well" with the NAC 272. His suggestions were the Marantz 6007 run in digital-out mode and/or the Cambridge Audio CXC v2 (or even the AXC35 or Yamaha CD-303). His thought was I only need to purchase for the transport itself as the DAC in the NAC 272 will be superior to any DACs found in CD players [otherwise] up to $2,000. 

In my research, other options I've seen of mention are the: Denon DCD-900NE; Audiolab 6000CDT; LEAK CDT; NAD C568; Roksan Attessa CD; Rotel CD14 MKII; CEC TL5; and the Yamaha CDS1000. 

Can you share your experiences or thoughts with any of these Transports [or Players with Digital-out to bypass the CD unit's internal DACs]? Do some of the lesser priced models have the same laser and other CD moving parts where the higher priced options from those manufacturers are simply being poured into the DAC? Are there others I should consider at or under $1,200? I've read sufficient comments suggesting I should not purchase a CD transport or player used. If there's a transport [used] that might be an exception, however, please do share that info as well.

Many thanks. 


There are several recent discussions on CD transports. Just check out the "search discussions" (above at top) with the word, "transports" and you'll be rewarded with lots of threads on it. Just concentrate on the most recent ones as that will be most relevant.

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I have hundreds of CDs and am contemplating purchasing a single CD Transport.

I wouldn’t do that. In this day and age IMHO you’re much better off buying a server where you can just load all your CDs into it, hook it up to your NAIM via its digital out and just don’t bother with spinning individual discs anymore, which really seems silly at this point especially when you’re used to streaming and there are excellent viable alternatives that’ll let you have access to all your music from your chair in any order (or playlists) you wish. An Innuos Zen Mini Mk3 is right near your price range (or less used) that you can just load all your CDs into via it’s own disc drive, hook it up to your NAIM via digital interconnect and you’re done — no more spinning individual discs.  And you can add their linear power supply later for a significant sonic upgrade for about $500 used. You might even find with the upgraded LPS and the Zen Mini you prefer it for streaming versus the NAIM and just use the NAIM for a DAC. So many options. FWIW, and best of luck.

I have the 6000 CDT and it works great. Good remote to. The only thing I did was change the power cord.

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Always liked the CXC, even with higher end DAC’s...CXC V1 and V2 are sonically identical, just different color to match newer Cambridge gear...I've bought these used and also factory refurb direct from Cambridge, never a problem

Two recommendations -

1. The Cambridge CD Transport is very good - not super great, but at $700 very good and competitive with many transports and better than the Leak/Audio Lab (IMO)

2.  The Cyrus looks like junk - but it is wholly capable and then some.  Mario of Music Room will get you 15-20% off and ship for free.  I own both, and the Cyrus is the real deal.

I own the Audiolab 6000CDT and I love it. I was scared of the slot mechanism scratching CDs (apparently it is an issue with some 6000CDT) but mine works fine.

However I found it to be quite sensitive to vibrations and while it sounds good as is, the right decoupling footers and a trio of heavy door stoppers on top of it (I use the heavy steel and rubber kind) did improve the sound a lot. I also installed a good power cord and a better fuse. Great machine.

My CXC like their subwoofers (had two break and tech can't fix them)has been unreliable- transport drawer faulty and trouble reading a lot of discs my other players can. Display also plasticky. Having said that heir CXN streamer and CXA81 amp have been fantastic

Just to add I have two cyrus players (one a transport the other CD player apologies can't quote the model), both better than CXC imho- great build, reliability under heavy use/ abuse and quick and easy track access and great sound. Also have a Heed that is disappointing (same issues of slow access and trouble reading some disks but at least it still works)

Cambridge often sells the Refurbished CXC V2 for about $350 with warranty and return privileges...not saying it’s the best, but if you are unsure about buying a transport, it’s inexpensive and an easy resell...I just checked, and they are now selling the refurbs for $399

+1 for Cambridge CXC V2 CD Transport. I've had good luck with mine, it's a nice mid-level unit. Reliable and sounds great.

That's not to say there isn't significant merit to ripping your CD's. However, as you're looking for a CD Transport, I have to assume you'd prefer playing the physical media. 

Good luck!

I also have the audiolab cdt 6000 and have no issues with it.  I also upgraded the power cord which is plugged into a PS audio power regenerator.

I still enjoy once in a while the physical aspect of looking through my cds and actually picking one out and playing it. I primarily stream tidal and qobuz but I also enjoy playing a cd from time to time.  It also brings back memories to when I actually purchased the cd, etc.

Had the Audiolab cdt 6000 and returned it...wasn't happy with the lack of dimension and the CEC ( Japanese),  what a difference. It's Belt driven. Well worth the xtra $.

Pro-Ject Box Designs CD Box DS2T at $900.00 has gotten a lot of good write-ups.

Project seems to be hit or miss on its quality control - read the thread on its $3K transport.


+1 (2, 3 or 4 or wherever we are at) the AudioLab 6000CDT.

A true transport with just digital out, no built-in DAC. They concentrated on the power supply and delivery. And as far as the slot loading mech scratching disks? That's just nit-pickers trying to find a fault that quite simply does not exist. Wonderful, clean sounding. I also upgraded the power cord,,, cuz that's what we all do right!

Big success with Cyrus CDt... Much better than all transports or players I had before- Jays Audio,Ikemi,CEC TL51,Rotel RCD855. Use it with Chord TT2 dac.

The Cambridge is a fine transport..  The Project seems to have had some reliability issues, and I am not a big fan of that company.  I am not sure what the issue is with Rega, but I am not sure they make dedicated transports, so I assume that you are talking about a full fat CDP with digital outs, which would be a bit of a waste since you intend to use the DAC of the Naim

I own the Cambridge and find no fault with it. I understand gains can be made at a much greater price point. 

Thought I heard a while back that Schiit was going to introduce a transport.  Am I just making this up in my own mind?


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"Thought I heard a while back that Schiit was going to introduce a transport.  Am I just making this up in my own mind?"


No you're not. Someone posted about that a while ago.

Haven't heard anything since.


+1 more for the 6000 CDT and upgraded power cord. The CD player spat the dummy on my Naim Unitilie, the Audiolab cost less than a repair and sounds better.

Do yourself a favor and get a good CD ripper program  and subscribe to Roon. You’ll have access to your content anywhere in the world. Roon is years ahead of any other company with respect to music integration and discovery.  

+1 more for the Cyrus CD t and upgraded power cord  

 Certainly beats the Cambridge that I had.

@twoleftears  do you know the price point of the URD and when it will be out?  Helluva nice room/house by the way!

No. Neither announced yet.  They had models in their workshop and I think at shows as of June.  Manufacturing and supply chain may be an issue.


 Download your cd collection to a hard drive as a Wav file

get Roon and call it a Day

I recommend 2 choices. A Pioneer Elite PD-65 or the famous Pioneer Elite DV-09. The DV-09 is built like a tank and there are a lot of reviews being used as a transport. Fully copper chassis inside including the famous TEAC CD Loader. The PD-65 plays the CD upside down on a platter. Take a look before you purchase modern stuff. They can’t compare. Also if you notice, most top of the line transport  players don’t play SACD but will play Redbook. McIntosh MCT80, 450, 500, and 600 will if it is connected to the McIntosh D150 DAC/ Processor. That should tell you a lot about SACD and why the top of the line transport don’t play SACD. Happy hunting!

I’m in a similar situation. Have you taken a look at any of the Cayin cd player options? Great builds and designs with a comparably great value proposition.
Also, NuPrime has some great players and transports that can be found within the 1k-2k range.

Based on those I’ve heard before, would have to say +1 for the Pioneer Elite players. Those old PD and DV players are pretty exceptional.


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The PD 65 is OLD and lasers no longer stocked by Pioneer. Better to get something much newer

I replaced it with a gently used Audiolab 6000 CDT, which I've owned for about a year. EXCELLENT! I see them for sale regularly, most likely because the owner failed to provide top coax, power cord, AND vibration devices.


Not sure where you are looking for lasers. They are the same for most high end CD Players and Transport. Example, Esoteric to name one. Also, I’ve tried the Audiolab 6000. It’s okay at best. It doesn’t stack up to the PD-65 or even the DV-09. Not even close. You should do a real A-B comparison for yourself and see. Don’t take my word or most of the audiophiles out there. Age has nothing to do with the product if it is a good reliable one. On most CD/ Transport players, it’s not the laser that goes bad, it’s the laser cover that gets cloudy and can’t read the disc anymore. Some folks replace the laser instead of repairing the laser cover. Also if the unit is designed and built well, you shouldn’t have to add vibration devices. That was the biggest problem I had with the 6000. For me, the unit needs to disappear when it is playing the music. Imagine if I took someones negative advice about a not keeping or buying Krell KRS200 Monoblock because of its age, 1988 to be exact. I would’ve never kept it without hearing it first.  It can compete with my Boulder amplifier, actually my Boulder amplifier is trying to compete with my Krell. The proof is in the pudding. That Fixed Pure Class A Monster can compete with any modern expensive hi end  amplifier to date. I don’t mind dropping peoples jaw with a demo, lol. 



the laser is part of the mechanism which was designed for specific products. The mechanism made a screeching sound. Besides that, it only had optical out, which is mediocre


Are you sure you’re talking about the same units. Last I checked both the Pioneer Elite PD-65 and the DV-09 have the option of Coaxial as well as Optical Outputs. I use mine with my Chord Dave DAC. You may be talking about their other models that are Pioneer instead of the Pioneer Elite. See attached.




I’ve had many CD players in my system, Krell, Melody, Mark Levenson, Audio Research, DCS, etc, but for me, the best one I actually kept, and will keep, is the Esoteric X-01 D2. Granted, not everyone can afford a 20K player (the new model tops 30K), but I got this used for 4.3K (10 year old discontinued model) in excellent condition. I never thought digital could sound as good as my analog system (Gyrodec/SME 5/Atlas/BAT/Vendetta phono/home brew SE EL34 amp/ Focal, among others). The transport is unique, built like a tank, and is as good as it gets, and there are 2 pairs of DACs (fully balanced) one pair for PCM and one pair for DSD with options to convert between each other. Most original owners who spend the big bucks for equipment like this, take very good care of their prize possessions. So if you can find one at a reasonable price, It may very well have been babied. BTW if you are considering loading all your CDs onto a HD/server, for convenience,  you will probably have to deal with occasional drop outs, etc. while playing, even with top notch equipment.


I ended up going with a lightly used Myryad MXC6000 that I picked up for about $575 USD including shipping and a 30 Day warranty.

I had to do some research to learn about this UK brand because they don't seem to sell presently in the US. 

I'll report back and advise how I think it works with the DAC in the Naim NAC 272.


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