Isolation Transformers

My wife and have sold our home and are renting for the next couple of years. Therefore, I don't have the luxury of re-wiring, dedicated lines etc. I am looking to clean up the AC supply, minimize the effects of other household circuits and get some surge protection.  After quite a bit of reading I have narrowed my selection down to an Equi=Tech 2RQ or a Torus RM20. I can buy either unit for a 30 day trial/refund but would like to make a good choice to start.
My delima is this. The Equitech offers balanced power on the output which would be effective at canceling reactive currents between my audio components. It also offers filtered outlets for digital gear and would isolate my entire system from the rest of the home with its own ground reference on the center tap of the secondary. However, it does not have any surge suppression built in other than the transformer itself.
The Torus on the other hand offers SMSS which gives me peace of mind. It also has Plitron NBT for line filtering. However it lacks the balanced output, and therefore would not isolate my system from whatever grounding this house may, or may not have. The Torus also does not offer any filtered outlets for digital gear.
My system is: Klimax LP12>Erika Phono>Pass XP-22>Pass X250.8>Thiel CS2.3  with a MacBook>Chord MoJo>Pass XP-22 for digital files. I will upgrade the digital end some day so I like the option of digital outlets with the Equitech.
If anyone has experience with these isolation transformers I would appreciate some direction. Thanks


Go with the SMSS. 

If not that unit, a Furman, which has other goodies like outlet switching.

The series modes suppression is also very effective at noise cancellation.
Be careful on the specific unit on the Torus, it seems (based on late night, tired reading) that the RM does not have SMSS, but the AVR does.

The RM does say it has surge supression, but series mode has better reliability and a noise filter that starts down around 2-3 kHz.
brskie Isolation Transformers

Product OverviewThe IS250 is a 120VAC 2.1A 60Hz Isolation transformer-based Power Conditioner offers complete line isolation, continuous noise filtering and enhanced normal and common mode surge suppression. Internal low-impedance isolation transformer component with Faraday Shield offers 100% isolation from the input AC line. Secondary neutral to ground bonding eliminates common mode noise, providing an isolated ground reference for sensitive equipment and an inexpensive alternative to the installation of dedicated circuits and site electrical upgrades. Removes EMI/RFI noise, utility switching transients, background spikes generated by other on-site loads and utility or lightning related surge conditions. Additional surge suppression components placed at both the line input and transformer output combined with full line isolation offers continuous line filtering of a full range of power line noise in all modes.

Great, they have very good Gavanic Isolation as they have an air gap, just don’t use them on poweramps better they to go direct into the mains to get the "stiffest" power transfer (lowest impedance) for control.

For your source/preamps this is all you need. (Don’t waist your money on expensive fancy "HiFi" filters ect)

Cheers George

I have the Furman Elite 20 PFi that I am using with my home theater system. Having so many amplifier channels (11.2) it helps that it has "in excess of 4.5 amps continuous power with 55 amps peak up-charge that is cleaner and faster than a dedicated line from your local power station." Your system contains many excellent components and I believe it would benefit from a component having really fine filtering and surge suppression that the 20 PFi offers. It also protects your internet and ethernet connections. You can read the owners manual here,
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Inakustik 3500P   $3.5K!!!

I'd go the $149 Newark one above first.
Here's the data sheet.

It's got no audiophile markup $$$'s attached to it, as it's made for all types of very sensitive non audio electronic equipment.
And put the $3.5K towards amp or source upgrades.

Cheers George  

No but at $3.5k!!! I would try the $149usd option first.
Which ever nothing is still best for poweramps, as they need to have the stiffest connection to the mains, no "resistive components" between their power supplies and the mains zero impedance if possible. Unless you want similar to soggy "tube rectification" type bass.

Cheers George  
I have experience with two of the 3500P Inakustics units.  One for the Brain and one for the Brawn.  They handle it fine.  I would buy them again.  I had more than 6 pieces of gear to condition. 
If the $149 250w isn’t big enough, there are bigger, right up to 1000w,
But still no power amp should go through any conditioner no matter what the cost.

Cheers George
+1 cio52 re Furman elite 20pfi

In my system, bass is a tighter and sound has less grain when amp is plugged into Furman compared to wall.
bass is a tighter?  

Less grain maybe but I find the tighter bass puzzling as it goes against everything a stiff power supply is, unless somehow it's rolling the bass off earlier, which is impossible in my books.

Cheers George 
@georgehifi ,
So how would you know what the Inakustik does or does not? Anyway, you should try before you make assumptions or comment on the price to performance ratio. The OP's Torus do not sell for $200 either. Just saying.
So how would you know what the Inakustik does or does not?
I’m just saying anything between the poweramp’s power supply and the mains "has to" introduce some sort of series resistance. And that "has to" reduce the stiffness of the amps power supply, which has to effect it’s bass performance.
VTL’s David Manley (rip) did a very famous paper way back on it back in the 80’s, you should read it changed all views on poweramps power supplies design and how to get their power from the mains and how they should behave, I think for memory maybe even Dan D’Agostino took heed of his words on it.

The OP’s Torus do not sell for $200 either
I don’t think I said they did

Cheers George
Thanks so much everyone. I appreciate the recommendations for the Inakustik 3500P and I am definitely researching that unit.
I am still hopeful that some of you have had experience with either the Equitech 2RQ or Torus RM20 rack units that you could advise me on.
I am still up in the air about the balanced output of Equitech and how effective it is as opposed to the Torus NBT technology. Two different approaches, but which is better? Thanks again for all your feedback!!

I live in an area with lots of voltage fluctuations. I settled on the Torus AVR after years of using the audiophile hyped units. It was a definite sound upgrade. I plug everything into it.