Issues with AudiogoN forum website, anyone?

A-goN'rs and A-goN Support,

I've been getting the following error on the AudiogoN forum section for the last couple of weeks:

" Application error

An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details."

This typically happens when I click on the "All Recent" or "Related to You" link under the BROWSE tab. I've experienced the issue on 2 different windows laptops and a Macbook, so it is not OS related. Seems like a web server issue as I'm not experiencing the same errors on any other websites.

Any other users experiencing the same? A-goN support, are you aware of any current issues? In my experience, I get the error about 50% of the time I try to switch to a different tab/link or click on a different forum post. If I back out and try it again, it usually works, but sometimes I have to try multiple times.

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+2. FWIW it seems to not be so much of a problem if the pointer arrow is at a lower position when clicking it.
I'm having the same issue for the last week or so. Sometimes if I repeat the process, it lets me in. Other times, no go. I guess it's an Audiogon problem because it happens at home and at work.
The problem is a temporary one. 
We have been working for a few days now to get it fixed, and we are closer to finding out what is going on.   Thanks for all of the comments. 
We hope to have the forums running back to normal today or at the latest tomorrow.  
AudiogoN Admin,

Thanks for the response. Glad to see you were already aware and are working on it. Feel free to close the thread, or delete it. Better yet, let us know when you feel the problem has been resolved and we can provide some real-world feedback to you.
This has been an on-going issue since January. I would not call it temporary.
Guys, I agree that it has been going on for a while, but it has gotten much worse, for me, over the last few weeks and especially over the last week or so.

Hopefully a fix is forthcoming. It's really annoying and I'll stop frequenting the forum as often if it doesn't get better.
Me too. Tons of issues on my iPad with Audiogon website until I upgraded my charger cable. Now I only charge my iPad with 99.99% pure oxygen free electrons.

My advice is to upgrade your charger cable or your power supply. Once dirty electrons get into your device then you will constantly have issues.

The good news is this tweak also upgraded my sound from the iPad on YouTube dramatically!!!

/sarc off

yup past several days have been really painful.  I can't tell you how many times I have written out 3 paragraphs of text only to lose it when the "Post Your Response" button fails out.  I have started writing the post in MS Word and then copy/pasting to the forum so that I don't lose all that work! lol.

We all know the technical admins are working on the problem, and I totally understand that applications will sometimes have their issues (being in IT myself.).  I am not attacking audiogon at all and I'm glad that we have a place to do these discussions!

At least they got rid of the problem where there was a string of digital information instead of the members ID.
Sum of temporary problems = one constant problem. Audiogon is one big application error as a matter of fact. 
Temporary was probably the wrong word to use. Sorry about that.
The problem was bigger than expected. The forums seem to be working okay for me, not as fast but better.  No error messages of yet.  Any feedback from you that have commented would be great.
This has happened before and Admin is usually on it until it's solved.
On an aside, I've gotten really quick at moving that mouse and reclicking. 👍
I have had problems with the forum section not loading off and on. Get the error notice.
@auxinput - response improved for me also this afternoon and when I got back in from meetings this evening it is still working well. So far, so good this PM today. Will be interesting to see if the issue re-appears tomorrow morning.

A-goN admin. Please let us know if/when you implement any fixes and we can provide real-world feedback on the results......



I frequently get 404s trying to return to former pages.

Also I get “no account under this name” or something very similar, when logging back in periodically.

Navigating the site 100% using accessibility software is not do able. Many buttons or controls are not identifiable, or identified as they are seen visually. Some are just ignored completely others report: “unknown link” or merely ‘link’, which is of course no help at all..

Consequently, ‘specific searches can not be accomplished. Forums, components, members, and even contacting admin poses issues as the encryption code alternative can not be revealed.

I have one other issue but I’ll keep that private and hope to be able to disdcuss it once I’m able to contact Admin myself. See above issue submitting input to admin.

There’s a few items to work on Admin! Good luck.

Just got the application error.

Audiogon while you are at fixing things. Here is another problem:
Cutting and pasting text to an ad is impossible for me. It adds so much jibberish (computer language) to the pasted text that it unusable..

It's been fine for me since last night and I've been able to work around application errors the last few days by just going back a page and trying again. Or refreshing.
@jond - Same for me. Since last night things have been working very well. In fact, the forum website is responding blazingly fast for me today. Hope it stays this way. Makes for a much better user experience.....
Audiogon has only one issue indeed:
Missing at least professional developer who is worth approximately $120,000 annually + benefits.
Once they hire, they'll be all right.
So figures out they're bunch of greedy ones who don't give a truck about its members.
Thread bump:

I still get the application error loading message all the time. Or "sorry stuff happens..."

In fact, I just lost this post before when I tried to submit it and got the error, so had to type it again.

@prof - Yep, I've started getting the error regularly again.

AudiogoN Staff - It's time to reboot the server again........ Or whatever you did last time to get things working normally without getting the "stuff happens" error all the time.....
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Same here. Happens every time I try to change threads. I had to click back 3 times just to get into this tread
Actual error

"We’re sorry, but something went wrong."

"Stuff happens. We’re sorry you had to see this.
Feel free to contact us if you keep seeing this problem repeatedly"


Tried clicking refresh. Took 6 tries to get back to this tread
I sent an e-mail to AudiogoN Support late last night. Got a reply from Tammy this morning saying they were aware of the issue and were working on it. She later asked me try again and let her know how it was going. Since that time, early this morning, everything has been working well for me.

I don't know what's causing the issue, or the resolution, but when it starts occurring, an e-mail to AudiogoN Support seems to get some attention on this issue, and a quick resolution.
Audiogon Support. Same issue raising it's head today. Multiple load failures for the Forum Page. This doesn't happen on the Main Audiogon Page (wonder of wonders). : )

Likely Ad related.

Question is, will Audiogon fix it, and if not what are their reasons for not doing so (multiple ad hits?)?

Yeah getting this a lot. almost seems my computer is too fast (100mb's per sec) for the site to load.

" We're sorry, but something went wrong.

Stuff happens. We're sorry you had to see this.
Feel free to contact us if you keep seeing this problem repeatedly


Cheers George

Everyday and yes, it is ad / app related. The old 'Gon never had such issues?
Actually they've been having issues with the Ad pages too lately two different servers I guess both have been acting up. Great communications with Tammy as always and they are on the issue.
often and for a long time, especially from iphone...not a secure feeling about this site...
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@rongeorge  Send me an email at and I'll help  you. Put attention Tammy in the subject line.