It's Sunday afternoon...what wax is on your table?

Bobby Darin/Hello Dolby to Goodbye Charlie, Stan Getz/West Coast Jazz, Quincy Jones/This is how I feel about jazz, John Klemmer/ direct to disc-Two Tone.
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The rain outside is making such a noise that I can't listen to anything so I'll go to youtube and maybe find some new music.
Nina Simone-Here Comes the Sun and To Love Somebody on 4 Men with Beards.

10,000 Maniacs-In My Tribe on Mobile Fidelity Silver Series

Rod Stewart-Gasoline Alley on Mobile Fidelity Silver Series
Creedence Clearwater-Cosmo's Factory
David Bowie-David Live
Warren Zevon-Excitable Boy
Charles Mingus-Oh Yeah
Toto-Toto IV
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Bill Evans 'Waltz For Debby' on 45 rpm Analogue Productions served with adult beverages.
A 1s 1s shaded dog LSC 2241 1812 overture with the canon front. Very sweet LP with a great deal of string detail as is fairly usual of the Reiner/Chicago Shaded Dog pressings... This one's a treat if you get your hands on one.
Outstanding Bizango1!

I'm still waiting for my new(old) table to show up on the truck; the first one I've had since the 1970's,so I can answer threads like this one.

Steve O.