Jeff Rowland Aeries DAC comparison to current DACs

This dac came out almost 15 years ago, technology has advanced since then. Does this dac still have value in today’s market of high end brands such as playback design mp6, Meitner ma3, etc


IMO, some of the best DAC's from 10-15 years back can still be very worth while acquiring. I think the price asked is the general decider, since some of the DAC's like you mention can now be had for a fraction of their original price, making them more than competitive with newer gear at a similar price point. If you pay for the current latest and greatest, then you probably get a superior DAC. Question is how much better to you? Nonetheless and without a doubt, the diminishing return factor will rear its head here. 

I've owned several DACs, including the JR Aeries. The only way to know is to compare it to current DACs, preferably in your system. I can tell you anything, but it only applies to my system, with my ears. As I grow in this hobby, I came to the realization that no one can tell you what will work in your system or determine the value of a particular component.

I expect it will sound the same as all DAC's - transparent to the source and an inaudible noise floor. 

In my opinion all DACs don't sound the same. In my experience there are tonal, soundstage, and differences in how bass sounds.

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Yessir. Some DACs "open" horizons (PRAT) comparitively.

Typically the end listener is the only one that can decide what is "best" for them. 


This depends how much you are paying for it ,vs todays dacs 

today they are far more advanced in digital , sure you can still get a very respectable dac ,like the Levinson 31 dac ,which was a classic or Accuphase 78 dac ,  you will be limited on inputs. The price  you can get it for.

I use the Pontus 12 th dac as a verygood not expensive dac in the $2k range 

to get much better you need to spend around  $5k on up to take a huge step up up across the board.