John Mayer - Opened My Ears

I've heard John Mayer on the radio over the past years. I like his pop songs but was not overlay impressed to be honest. I recently watched via You Tube - Live in Los Angeles, Live on Letterman. Holy cow!!!! I heard numerous songs not played on my local pop stations and remakes of the songs I do know that really captured my attention. His live performances far exceed his radio played material. The 2008 Live in Los Angeles concert was broken up in three sets - acoustic, blues like trio, and the full band. He's also appeared on Clapton's Crossroads concert. His guitar skills really blew me away. He's certainly one of the premier talents of his generation. I would suggest given more years and material he'll solidify his place to the likes of Simon, Dylan...... That's a bold statement but he certainly has the talent to reach that mark. I hope to see him live someday!!!!
I've seen him live three times, once with the John Mayer Trio.

I was blown away also. He is one of the best guitar players that I have ever seen. I was flabbergasted by his ability and playing. I really didn't think he was anything more than a "pop" star.

I have always liked his stuff, but his live shows are spectacular.
He's a really skilled player for sure. If you only know the pop songs, I'm not at all surprised to hear you say that it's startling to hear him get after it on a guitar. That said, I blow hot and cold on his musical choices - sometimes they blow me away and other times he leaves me wanting more.
If you really want to see/hear how good John Mayer is, try the blu-ray recording of "Queen of California" on the 2013 Crossroads concert. This is not only my go to "lets show off the HT system" demo disc, the music will also send tingles down your spine. It really is that good and IMHO establishes John Mayer as one of, if not the best, electric guitar players in there world.
Yep, highly underrated in every meaningful category. I also happen to feel he is a superb songwriter. I have nearly all of his albums, and IMO they are all good in their own way.
Read an interesting interview with him in Rolling Stone a good while back (he might have been on the cover). Among many other things, he talked about getting back on top of his game as a musician. As part of those comments he mentioned getting re-involved in the details - like evaluating cables. Don't recall the exact quote but it caught me by surprise since it seems the prevailing wisdom is this is an area of interest only for "audiophiles". Agree with others about his talents. Do think he's a good song writer.
I really like his last record called Paradise Valley! It has an Americana /Alt.Country vibe.
Does anybody else notice a strong Jerry Garcia tuning/ playing on a few songs? each his own. I really like him and I'm sure you
listen to crap I wouldn't let on my turntable and vice versa.

Indeed there is a lot of great music out there...
Solidify his place in the likes of Simon or Dylan??? Thats not a bold statement, its more like a Statement of stupidity. John Mayer is second rate talent at best. I cant count how many times i have had to see him because of my Wife, i crimge every time he comes to town because i have to sit through medicore songs.

Maybe a more fair comparrison would be someone like Santana, but certainly not the greatest songwriter of the last 5 decades.
Dylan,Simon and the like Mayer is not. An evolving artist who went from boring pop fluff to something that is actually interesting and worthwhile? I'll give him that.
I missed that bit in the OP.

Dylan and Paul Simon seem to me odd choices, indeed, for JM to aspire to. IHO, his strength is his playing, which demonstrates real technique and occasional inspiration. His trio - Pino Paladino, in particular - is an impressive blues outfit and, when Mayer hits his stride, they shine. If you want to shoot for the stars, speculate that he'll develop a more consistent, personal guitar sound and perhaps grow into another Larry Carlton (on the one side) or maybe Paul Kossof (on the other). But Dylan or Paul Simon? I don't see that.
I listened to some of his stuff on youtube last night,,,,I just can't warm up to his voice.Not my cup o tea. He does seem to have a lot of fans.
I've seen him 4 times. 3 times with the trio and once in 1999 on a whim went to a lil club in Alabama and out comes this skinny kid that proceeds to sit down and play an unaccompanied electric set that featured Wind Cries mary and Lenny. Gave me goose bumps and I am a jazz/blues guitarist. While I admit he's a little strange and I don't approve of his lifestyle then man can jam.
"Dylan and Paul Simon seem to me odd choices, indeed, for JM to aspire to."

Even if a reasonable goal, which it is not IMHO, please no. Been there, done that. Let these new guys choose their role models, but do their own unique thing, whatever that is, for better or for worse. Do not strangle their potential by labeling them the new "fill in the blank". Who cares? one may draw their comparisons as they wish though I suppose.