Jolida Reliability

I am wondering how reliable these amps are. From what I understand it is mainly only the tubes that need replacing, and I see that more as maintenance than a reliability issue.
If there are any Jolida owners on here, how long have you had your Jolida and has anything gone wrong?
I owned a JD1000 integrated and the right channel went out. I sent it back and they shipped me a new one with no problems. All tubes will eventually need replacing on even the most expensive or well built tube gear.
I own a Jolida Music Envoy preamp which I bought used, and it's been flawless for the year and a half I've owned it. I believe the previous owner had it for about 2 years and he didn't have any trouble either.

I tend to roll tubes before they wear out.


I own three Jolida tube amps -- the 707a, 801a and 302b. I've had them for 1.5, 4 and 5 years respectively with no major issues. The 707a and 801b were purchased used, so they had some mileage on them before I took possession, yet they work beautifully. The only minor issue has been carbon build-up in the function switch in the 801b, but that has been easy to address.
I've had my 502B since March, 2005.
I have done nothing to it but play it.
I rolled tubes much too often for them to go out.
Until I found the new Gold Lions.
Now I keep a quad of them in reserve.
Have had a JoLida 502B since Sept 2001. Play it almost every day for a couple of hours each evening. Have upgraded all tubes, power cord and installed a HiFi Tuning Fuse. No problems at all in over 7 years.
I am so impressed with the Jolida jd1000rc, this being my first tube setup i was a bit apprehensive thinking i may have humming or Feedback issues but no way this amp is Super Quiet after going through Pioneer Elite, Yamaha, Adcom, 5.1, 7.1,
this Amp Blows them all out of the water, no need for surround sound you won't miss it.. This amp is a TANK very heavy and robust and looks awesome. I am using Legacy Classic HD speakers with homemade bi-wire a cheap blue-ray player and $2 rca cables, I will be getting more Jolida components
For the money, I think Jolida offers good dependable value. I've owned one of their tuners a CDP and still own a hybrid integrated and have never had any problems or need for repair.
I've had a 502brc going on three years with no problems besides tube replacement. The unit sounds great with the current EH 6550 tubes but not totally happy with the EH reliabilty. I am looking at retubing with a quad of SED 6550 or Gold Lion KT88. Also thinking of jumping up to the jd1000rc in the future. Been very happy with the unit and had good response from Jolida with questions.

Ghosthouse, how did you like the Hi-Fi fuse upgrade? Been thinking of doing that as well.
Kats -
To me, it seemed like the HiFi tuning fuse made a difference. I wasn't expecting to hear a difference but thought I did. I felt this was confirmed when a tube went and took the fuse. I had to use an inexpensive Radio Shack fuse until I got a new replacement HF fuse. Without the HF fuse, it seemed like the music lost a little "liveliness" (maybe some air and detail?). This was restored when the HiFi fuse was replaced. Placebo effect? Maybe. But for $30 bucks, and even if it is placebo, if the music sounds better or even if it just seems to, it's an inexpensive "tweak". Search the forums on HiFi Tuning Fuse (there are other upgrade fuse options, as well). There are definitely naysayers but I'm not the only advocate.

BTW - I switched from 6550 to various KT88s. Lastly running a quad of Winged C KT88s. I thought these were really great. Also, see if JoLida is still doing a factory mod/upgrade. That was ($200?) money well spent.

Finally - I've no commercial or business interests/connections with JoLida. They just made a great affordable product (my intro to tubes) that gave me a lot of enjoyment for a decade. I recently retired it in favor of some mono-blocks but have no intention of letting it go. I'll use it as back up if I need it.
I have been owning, and selling Jolida gear for years now. At least 10. Always been happy with the sound, build, service, and reliability. The gear sounds great. All of my customers have been very happy. No complaints from them, nor from me. Myself, I prefer the JD102 or JD202 amps- nice sound, and I do not want to deal with an amp weighing more than 50 pounds. If that is not a problem the new Fusion 3502S amp is the real deal. Nice, smooth, mellow sound.
A gent who sometimes services some of my more vintage gear sells Jolida out of his shop along with many other musical instruments as well. When I asked if the Jolida products were any good, first mentioning their overseas manufacture, he stated that it all depends on who engineered the products in the first place. If you spec it with cheap parts, they'll build it according to spec. If you spec it with good parts...
He is first and foremost a musician so I took him on his opinion and bought a preamp. Pretty good overall, no issues whatsoever although eventually I sold it to finance an ARCB amp.

I bought a JD202A amp years ago. It served me well. I loved the sound. After 8 years I had to replace a resistor. No problem. At the time a friend and I had been selling vintage gear. We decided to ask Jolida to let us be dealers since we both liked the JD202A amp so well. They agreed. Today we sell Jolida, Klipsch, and Music Hall gear. We have very few problems with Jolida, and customers often comment on how great the amps sound. Most people find their expectations are beat- better than what they expected. My own personal experience with their amps is the reason I am selling these today. You will not find better gear for the money- especially tubed gear. Well built, and sound great. And these do not cost $4000 + for an amp. Feel free to compare the Fusion 801 or Fusion 3502S amps to a CJ MV60, or Cary sli-80. You are likely to prefer the sound of the Jolida. And for a small price you can get the caps and diodes and resistors upgraded- you can even get Rike Audio s-caps if you like. Anything you buy can have a glitch. It happens. Does it happened often with Jolida- NO. Some people are really negative, mean, hateful people who are not objective. One bad experience to 500 goods ones does not make a bad product- that is very good. I remember a time when people were making fun of Japanese junk- back in the 60s. Then Pioneer, Sansui, and Technics kicked butte. Jolida shipping, service, warranties, QA - all done out of Maryland USA. The real Jolida company. It is not cheap junk, but great entry level- high end tube gear. It represents the entry to high end audio gear. It can easily be upgraded and modified. The transformers are very good. There is / was a distributor in Naples Florida selling cheap junk under name of Jolida- the old previously used factory claimed ownership of designs, made junk, and the dealer in Naples was passing it off. I think that has slowed down now as people became aware of what is going on. I am not asking anyone for their business. I write this as a member. For the usefulness to everyone interested in nice tube gear at an affordable price. There is only one real Jolida company and that is the one in Maryland. They do not sell their gear through the dealer in Naples, Fla. Hope this clears up some confusion. Hopefully you might pass some of this information around- so many threads and sites and forums. It may be a service to someone wanting a nice tube amp for less than $2500. There is no way that Cayin nor Prima Luna amps are better. You can spend 4k on a CD player but it is doubtful to best the old JD100A player (no longer available). Today though you can spend about $300 on a CD player and connect it to the FX DACIII ($499) and have sound that will compare favorably to any 2k player around. I cannot afford $5000 or more for a "name brand" amp. Why should I? One could do a lot of upgrades and repairs for that cost difference. Thanks. Hope this helps someone. Bob A.  boband212

BUYERS BEWARE...I’ve had a 502P for over four years and it’s been nothing but trouble…sapping me of time by compelling me to spend hours listening to it instead of doing something to help those less fortunate than myself (and some more fortunate than myself), and staring at the stupid tube glow…nobody needs this crap. I thought, "I’ll get a Jolida and go for the cheap factory upgrades and stop thinking about it" but no…tube rolling, endless posts about how cool the Jolida people are to talk to, how rare reviews are, basically zero advertising, how my 502P is too inexpensive for audio geek credibility, how "audio salon" owners make me listen to Rogers, VTL, and ARC stuff that doesn’t sound better…insane…it's not easy being a Jolida owner. Not easy at all. A recent post noted that an ARC tech said KT150s could kill a 6550 specific ARC amp’s transformer…over a year ago I stuck 150s in my stupid 502 (after 3 years of KT120s) and what happens? NOTHING…it just sounds better…no transformer heat issues, no hum, no problems at all…the 50 pound amp just sits there with the tubes glowing away like it just doesn’t care…at least with the ARC thing you can worry about something…nothing…man...
I echo Wolf’s post. I love mine and works like a champ.

Great story Bob. Thank you for posting.
I too have had a Jolida 502P for about 4 years as well with no problems at all. The problems I had were with the tubes I bought for it. I also have had the Jolida Glass FX Tube DACs and they performed like reliable champs for years. I would recommend Jolida Maryland without hesitation.

There is no way that Cayin nor Prima Luna amps are better. You can spend 4k on a CD player but it is doubtful to best the old JD100A player (no longer available).

I'm sorry but that is a very bold statement. Have you listened to PrimaLuna or Cayin for comparison?  I have had several Jolida pieces of equipment and I can say they are great for the money but does my Primaluna Dialogue Premium integrated sound better? Without a doubt it does. Does my Marantz SA11-S1 or S2 sound better than the JD-100 CD player? Hell yes. Did my BAT VK5i sound better than the Jolida Envoy preamp? Again yes. Did the Jolida sound bad. No it didn't but common sense says yes there is better than Jolida and you don't have to spend a arm and a leg to achieve better sound.  Would I ever hesitate to purchase Jolida again. Hell no.

I have had a Jolida JD-302CRC integrated amp, JD-9 phono stage, and JD-100A CD player for over four years and have had no trouble at all. If they made a turntable I would probably get that as well but for now use a Pro-Ject Xpression table. The best part of the Jolida integrated amp is the vintage Holland DD getter EL34's along with my Telefunken ECC801S's and vintage Tesla E83CC tubes. Also use Telefunken 12AX7's (blue tip medical grade in phono stage) and standard smooth plate in the CD player.
Since my last post here I've changed to (new Russian) Gold Lion KT88s and I like 'em better than the 150s…or I've grown up, although that's not likely. Groovy "exploding on start-up" Kevin Deal sourced gold pin Mullard 6201s (12AT7), and new version Gold Lion 12AX7s round out the tube contingent. My comparisons of more pricey tube amps in my system, albeit not integrated amps, has demonstrated that common sense says no…my (factory upgraded) 502P sounded as good (or better in some cases), or maybe the stuff I use with it is so lame it brings other amps down to its level and common sense isn't there at all. It's a sham, and I'm a fraud…but I like it...
I bought a slightly used 302b 8 years ago. It sounded great but had on going build quality issues. I called the JoLida factory people who had quite an 'attitude'. After another reliability issue I mothballed the JoLida and replaced it with a Rogue Cronus Magnum. It doesn't sound as musical as the JoLida...but it never leaves me frustrated.
Weird…I talked to the Jolida guys (including Mike Allen, the founder) at length before (and during…they gave me a great deal on my "factory upgrade") buying my amp a few years ago and they were patient and informative…no attitude at all. Maybe things were different 8 years ago, but that's the first time I've heard of those people being anything but helpful…I'll call 'em and try to get a written public apology for you. 
I have a 302b that I bought used from a dealer in San Antonio Texas. It sounded great. Tube rolling was a lot of fun. But in the end, the JoLida's reliability issues caused me to retire it and buy a Rogue Cronus Magnum. The sound is pretty "in your face" ( not completely broken in).,but it has several features that I need which the JoLida doesn't. Since the Rogue isn't completely broken in I can't fairly compare its sound to the JoLy.'s but I think it's a much better value for the buck.
Hey boband212, how do I contact your company regarding potential purchase of Jolida preamp?
I have had two Jolida 801a’s ( upstairs and downstairs), plus the next generation of it, the Fusion 6802, and they have been super easy to maintain, and gorgeous to listen with.
However, I am here to sing the praises of Jared, the new owner of black ice/Jolida, in the paen below:

Ok, I know this sounds like spam but I just wanna say how amazing Jared is at Jolida. I’m not as knowledgeable as you guys about electronics and had a problem with my tube amp on a Friday evening with my cocktail already made, but my 801 wouldn’t come out to play. On the off chance that someone might still be there I called Jolida at 6 o’clock, got Jared who patiently and kindly walked me through the problem for an hour (even having to take two calls from his wife as I stumbled along) so that I could pleasure cruise for the rest of the night. Not only does his equipment sound soulful and amazing at the same time, but that has got to be the textbook definition of customer service. Hats off.
Basically I told myself that I would go on some websites and shout his praises and here I am
Chris Meserve, MD, Brunswick Maine
His name is spelled JERRED,
and I agree he is a great guy and an excellent
communicator...  Check out some of his
youtube videos.
I have a JD-1000a integrated amp and a JD-9 phono pre amp. Over many years of use, I've never had an issue either.