Keces da-131, any reviews or thoughts?

I'm in the market for a DAC to go with my Parasound Model 2100 preamp and a Wadia iTransport, if it ever ships. I don't want to spend more than $300-400 either new or used. Does any of you own a Keces Dac. The reviews I have seen from the Headphone crowd look good, but wondering how it works in a main setup. For that matter, can you get a quality DAC under $400. Don't really want to spend more.
I have a similar but new Taiwanese DAc build by VALAB. If i told you it replaced my pink triangle da capo, audionote 2.1x balanced DAC then you will know how good it must sound for the $100 asking price, yes $100. The Taiwanese seem to have an understanding about the structure of music that enables a lot of their products to be some of the most musically enjoyable and relaxing bits of equipment I have ever owned.

I was going to take a chance on the VALAB 1543 x 8 Dac myself. If you replaced an audionote 2.1, you must think it is pretty good. One question I have is how is the midrange quality?

Got to ebay search box and type VALAB. I just purchased the unit myself.
I use Valab's solid-silver interconnect, and don't feel a need to change it-even though it sits among Oritek X-2 and APL solid-silver MKIV interconnects. Oritek's DAC is a little over $400(if you can get it), and we've used it at recent BAAS events.
My VALAB DAC arrived a few days ago. It is too early to say anything definitive but my initial impressions are very positive.
see my review on the Keces 151 - excellent product

there is now a Keces 131.1 which does 24/96
I have similar questions discussed in this thread:



Computer/iTunes as my transport - will try both SPDIF via the HagUSB and USB. I should know something in another week or so.
For the money the VALAB DAC is quite good. I preferred the SPDIF input to the
USB input. It definitely sounds like other NOS DAC's I have heard and compares
favorably to them. Very clear, tight, whole sound. Completely non-fatiguing in
every way. Good tonal balance across the spectrum -- well balanced sound. I
would say that for systems that are very forward, extremely revealing, or
aggressive, this DAC could balance things out nicely (NOS DAC's in general can
do this). If your system is more laid back, it might not synergize as well.

It will not, however, take the place of my AVA Insight DAC in my main rig. Keep
in mind that the Insight DAC currently retails for 5X what the VALAB DAC costs.
I genuinely believe that for some people and in some systems, the VALAB DAC
may be all you need. If I had a second system I could see it working great in it. I
will be listing it for sale if anyone is interested as I do not need two DAC's right