Kimber Cable Select

Would Kimber Cable Select be a good match with McIntosh Equipment (i.e. MC611, C2700 tube preamp,  MCD 12000 or MCD 600 SACD/CD  player?


The cables system synergy quest also extends to your speakers and not limited to just your upstream components.

     Everything depends on whether you want your cables to transfer signals with no editorializing, or: to act as a tone control.

     I’ve been using both their KS-1130 and KS-1030s, in my system (on sources), over the past couple decades.

     Having listened through them with my own recordings/tracks: I’m confident that they allow what’s in my music/signals to flow without compromise*

                                          *iow: transparent

     Keep in mind: cables cannot add anything to a signal.   They can only block or hinder some things within a signal, which makes other aspects seem more pronounced.


Each Kimber Select cables has three choices:

1) All copper (lowest price)

2) Mix copper and silver (mid price)

3) All silver (highest price)

Select series of KK is really good. I am sure among the three options above, one would do the trick for you

     Something I noticed about Kimber, as I worked my way through their offerings: all had faithfulness/transparency to the music (ie: none warmer, cooler, more colored than another), but: the progression always yielded more in the way of ambience retrieval (sound space size/shape), organics, image specificity...well, you know- all that stuff that makes it more real and some don't believe exist.

Kimber makes very solid cables no reason at all they wouldn't pair well with Mac gear. More importantly will they pair well with your ears? Only one way to find out and it seems like a pretty safe choice.

Having used in the past ks1016, ks1026 and ks1126, i agree with @rodman99999.

You can start with the all copper version and see how it goes.

@farne230 -

      Here's a way to select from a variety of Kimber's Kables, without having to purchase before auditioning:


       Use their Lending Library (providing you find something of interest) and any rental fee will be deducted, whether you buy new or used (hard to lose).

My speakers are W&B 800D3 pair. Your responses have been very helpful and confirmed what I believed. I can not audition yet, since I am starting from scratch. I understand transparency and hearing those sublime notes which I enjoy having once owned Martin Logan Prodigy speakers two decades ago. My dealer unfortunately does not represent these cables so I will either purchase new once I have accumulated my equipment, which I am preparing to order the MC611 pair and C2700 preamp. 

Will the C2700 preamp translate warmth into the system using these cables, or it will it be negligible? I am considering the MAC Mcd SACD/CD player (tube) player also.

Will the C2700 preamp translate warmth into the system using these cables...?

     You’ll undoubtedly have enough valves in your system, to tune the tone to your own tastes, especially: if you get a tubed CD player.

     ie: If things aren’t warm enough for your tastes, with the OEM nine pin miniatures; find some NOS Amperex for the C2700.  Not warm enough?  Try some NOS Mullard or Brimar.

     Should you decide to enter the tube rolling arena: be certain whatever tubes you purchase for your preamp, test as VERY low noise.



     About noise testing:



A short update; I ended up purchasing the McIntosh reference preamp, C12000c & C12000st (tube) and HIFi Rose 150b. (Everything is still boxed up waiting to be assembled once a rack to hold the equipment and cables, interconnects, HDMI, plugs and Niagara 3000 or 5,000 has been decided on.  

I am considering AudioQuest Thunderbird speaker cables (Zero or zero/biwire combo with Thunderbird XLR  interconnects or Kimber Kable KS6063 speaker cables with ks1116 interconnects. 

Any thoughts? 


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@farne230 Sounds like you are assembling a nice system that I trust you will enjoy for a long time. I don’t have any experience with AudioQuest wire but can attest from my experience that the KS6063 and KS1116 wire you are considering are quite good. For years on my main system, I used KS6065 speaker cables and KS1126 interconnects but had KS6063’s and KS1016’s on other systems. I have a friend who has a McIntosh setup and has been happy with his KS1016’s and KS6063’s for years.

Full disclosure, however, for my new main system I have moved away from the Kimber wire and gone with Kubala-Sosna Realization for all power cords, interconnects, and speaker cables. That being said, however, from many years’ experience with the Kimber wire you are considering I can certainly recommend it, especially at its price point.

The main reason I wanted to reply to this thread, however, was to make another couple of suggestions that you might consider. For many years I used Kimber PK10 Palladian power cords on my source, preamp, and amp. They are very good and only recently supplanted by the Realization wire. The Palladians made a significant contribution on all the systems on which I used them. Also, I use an isolation transformer (Torus AVR20) and like it a lot. If you end up considering a piece such as the Torus, add up the continuous current draw for all your components. If the total draw is less than 15-amps you could use something like an RM15. The AVR20 is overkill for my system but I like it.

Kimber is certainly credible wire and been around forever. It must still be popular as it seems to hold its value in the used market. There are lots of great cables on the market Kimber certainly fits the bill.

It appears that you’re interested in Kimber Kable. I can’t speak to all of their products, but it appears that their primary design revolves about a litz braid. I do not have any personal experience with Kimber Kable, but assume them to be a quality product; however, before I purchased cables from Kimber Kable I would take a hard look at Iconoclast by Belden. The engineer in me really connects with the Design and Technical Papers that are available to explain the "why" for the Iconoclast cable designs. I also appreciate that the designer, Galen Gareis, acknowledges that he can hear differences in things that he cannot design for. In comparison to Kimber Kable, the Iconoclast speaker cables also use a braided design, but are taken a step further by flattening the braid out. Their return policy appears to be very generous so if I had the funds to support it, I would give them a try.

Generation 2 speaker cables and the 4x4 Generation 2 XLR interconnects are pretty cool designs/concepts.

I tried Kimber Cable early in my audiophile career and was never impressed with the sound. I have used Cardas, Transparent, DHLabs, WireWorld, Straight Wire, Nirvana, and Harmonics to significantly improve the sound of my systems. 

I'm using Iconoclast 4x4 gen 2 UP-OCC balanced interconnects between my DAC and Preamp (1M), and between my Preamp and monoblock amps (7M). I love this cable. I tried a number of other cables and was never completely satisfied until I tried these. 

I also tried their speaker cable, and while it was good, it wasn't an improvement over my DIY cables. A few months later, I bought a pair of Kimber KS3035 speaker cables and these were the clear winner for me. 

At some point, I'd like to try KS3038 or KS6068, but for now I'm happy with the ones I've got. 


Everyone, Thank you, I hope to complete my system in 2023, one purchase at a time unfortunately, but I do appreciate your recommendations and reviews. Happy Holidays.


You may want to try Kimber new Carbon series. In my system I found it better than all copper and hybrid Select series, especially on speaker cables.