LessLoss C-Marc Entropic Speaker Cable

In my haste to connect the new LessLess Entropic speaker cables as soon as they arrived, I inadvertently swapped the left channel red & black leads on the amplifier end causing the aforementioned phase issues.

I’m now hearing the lovely, balanced & highly nuanced characteristics I was hoping for…and much, much more. The beautifully crafted, highly flexible LL speaker cables are more resolving than the 3x more expensive wire they replace.

The crazy amount of detail hit me first. Shimmering detail. Nothing harsh about it. Bass is fast, taught & musical. Transients to die for. Head-turning attacks & decays that float away into inky black darkness. 

Without drawing attention to any one strength, this speaker cable does everything well. However, in my opinion, the cable’s ability to reproduce vocals has to be one of its most impressive and appealing calling cards. 

This is the stuff that “end game“ speaker cable is made of & one that deserves serious consideration no matter the budget. More impressions in few more days.



So I should throw away my Q Audio TimeStream  speaker cables and go search for something else?

$1638 for the first meter and approx $for additional meters. That's for a stereo pair.



Thank You for posting your impressions and thoughts on LL Entropic speaker cable. I have been awaiting to read a liner on the Entropic model. Are you enjoying a full loom of Less Loss C-marc?


Happy Listening!

Yes! I’m extremely happy with my growing loom of LessLoss products. Up until now, nothing else has brought me closer to the music. Now, nothing compares!

At the risk of sounding like a LessLoss fanboy, their products do deliver the bacon. LL is a tiny company in Lithuania that is garnering some well deserved attention here in the States.

I will be replacing the remaining power cords as funds permit, however, LessLoss is committed to making their innovative gear more affordable compared to stratospheric pricing elsewhere. They also have a generous trade-up program.

Although I appreciate LL’s superb customer service, The Cable Co carries LessLoss and has a 30 day return policy. CC has a lending library that may have LessLoss available to audition and they honor trade-ins from other manufacturers which help offset the expenditure.

I am confident you will like, no love, what you hear!


They really should change the "entropic" part of the name because entropy isn't a good thing. Someone didn't do their homework.

I think the HiFi world is running out of superlatives to describe the latest thing's transformational-therefore-you-must-buy-them items. 

Anyone know why Entropy adds for $800-900 per set of cables that a few hundred hours of use won’t do?

Don't knock it if you haven't tried it! I never comment on a product that I don't have firsthand experience with.


Go to their website, plenty of customer reviews there. I have a few of there products in my chain and agree they are a massive leap forward. I am slowly converting all my IC have a few PC in my system. 

Yes, for anyone unfamiliar with but curious about LessLoss, do go to their website. They’ve been creating fine audio products Lithuania for years. They simply aren’t well know here in the States yet.

I too am in the process of switching over my entire loom to LessLoss. The previous said it all when he said his system has taken a "massive leap forward!"

It has been my personal experience that the very pleasing improvements that LessLoss imparts on your system & music is cumulative.

For example, I have been bi-wiring my speakers which meant using 4 Firewalls for Loudspeakers per speaker. When I switched to stereo pairs of LL C-Marc Entropic speaker cable, the owner/designer Louis Motek, suggested wiring a pair of filters in series for each red & black speaker post.

I followed his advice & had him make up a pair of Entropic jumpers as well. System sounded nice before, now the sound is positively sublime!


Just purchase 2 inches of it and if that works buy more. Or realize that "precious" cable ain't always better than well designed cheaper stuff although expectation bias can and does sneak in there. After using various cables over many years I landed on the new version of Kimber 8PR multi solid core blah blah...and it works swimmingly. I can smell the musicians and hear if an orchestra member takes a cough drop out of their tuxedo pocket...I can even hear what kind of cloth the tuxedo is made of, and the thickness of the singer's nose hair.

Size matters Wolf! If you’re experiencing those phenomenal results with your 2in cable, imagine what 2m sounds like? 



Thank You for the follow up. I am looking forward in reading more about your Musical tastes and System.


Happy Listening!

I don’t own any LL products, but I see that Atelier 13 Audio in Nashville is a dealer if anyone is interested. I purchased a CEC transport from them and the service was extremely professional. They carry some interesting lines. Stuff you don’t see everywhere. 

Constantin at Atelier 13 in Nashville has helped me with a few pieces of LessLoss. Highly recommended source for audio in that area.



I dealt with Constantin as well. Very professional, sent regular updates and delivered exactly when promised. I think good dealers deserve to be mentioned. 

I own LessLoss speaker cables and one of their power cords. I’ve been delighted with their products. It’s harder for me to judge the power cord, but I’d agree with the originals posters evaluation of the speaker cables. They are excellent. 



What gear and cabling is in your System?


Happy Listening!



LessLoss products are fantastic and will elevate your listening experiences to undreamed of levels of enjoyment... this is a fact.

and ..yes... I;m a fanboy... and proud of it.

Ain’t that the truth! Word is slowly getting around here in the States. If you’d like to PM me, I’m happy to share my experience with other LessLoss products I’ve had in my system for some time now.

Happy Holidays & Peace in the New Year!