List your breakthrough products that you’ve discovered on this audiophile Journey.

1. Add Powr sorcerer X2/4 

Get this guy with a Nordost QB base and chuck your high $$$ power conditioning units for sale on the ‘Gon.

2. Hemingway Zcore cables. The beginning line of Zcore called the Alpha will outrun 90% of the super high end cables on the market 😱. They’ve been tested by those who run the big name brands and the Alpha comes out on top. Why? One word, realism. The next line up called the Beta is where the breakthrough Technology comes into play. Install a few of these and you will be a believer in this design. Sigma and Omega are next in line and although big $$$ you don’t suffer the law of diminishing returns.

3. Theoretica Applied Physics Bacch-SP Adio 3D Sound Processer. One box does it all. The future in one box. Bottom feeders will choke on this one.

4. Quantum Science Audio fuses. These guys work! Go Red! Unleashing your equipments full Glory.

This tread is only for your listed breakthrough products and not open to the haters and Eeyore type folks. I am sure they will leak in here to try and mock and distract this main purpose.

Dear Eeyore,

Please name your favorite, Positive, breakthrough product. 

You probably don't realize how that the way you present yourself is very unappealing. 
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Very sales pitchy. Like a desperate used car salesman on a hot summer day in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. This doesn't mean the cars on the lot might not be decent but the experience is grating.
Well it’s not very proper to ask a question then try to censure people whose opinions may not line up. Nor very constructive. 
Unplugging from my Furman 15i and plugging in Furutech NCF Clear Line optimizers.

installing Blue Jeans Canare 4S11 speaker cables.

Signal Audio Cable Inter Connects.
Raven Audio Power Cables.
I've never found a tweak or enhancer to be a "breakthrough" product unless you include properly treating your room acoustically.  My true hallelujah moments have always come from a wonderfully designed component particularly when combined synergistically with the rest of my system.  While isolation, cabling, and other tweaks unquestionably can make a truly positive difference, they aren't going to transform your listening experience or turn an average amp into sonic nirvana.  Getting an amp/speaker pairing right (for me) have been my truly "breakthrough" moments.
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Ohm Walsh speakers. Nothing else like them. 

Class D amps. Finally able to afford and accommodate taking things to the max.
I see that the Hemingway cables are Korean, which is fine, but they really need to get a fluent English speaking writer to edit their copy.
One sentence on the site:
"Hemingway cables, which control the world’s first and only magnetic field and utilize it as energy, perform better than any other high end cable."
That kind of writing is acceptable on a mid-priced Chi-Fi site, but if they’re trying to gain respect and validity with an American audience, they need to do better.
As far as the 3-D processor is concerned, it sounds interesting, but I don't there are more than a handful of members who could afford to pay $38k for the unit.
Glory the just aad power units aren’t really power conditioners they function as a field generator We have them they do work

Breakthough 432evo servers hooked up to a good dac way more analog presentation out of your digital

Dave and troy
Audio intellect nj
432evo importers


Howard Kneller, from Soundstage Ultra,  just did an extensive review of the Zcore line from Hemingway save the huge $$$ omega. Review is not posted as of yet. I cannot comment on his findings as he’s mum on any pre information on the Zcore Technology. It took him many hours to get the correct information because of the language barrier. Nicole, the daughter of the owner, helped out considerably as she speaks English but Howard wanted the info from the top brass in the company. He will explain the complicated technology worked into these cables in his review. These cables are no joke, snake oil, another wire rip off etc....


Thanks for your input on your finding of a breakthrough Music server.

I just went Manger S1 active. This, I believe, will end buying audio stuff as we know it. The Bacch box and active speakers my just be the future of audio. My opinion only, folks.

My wife is a book editor and I’ve learned some of her ways 🥸.

💯% agreement on their lack of proper grammar and writing skills. I offered them my wife’s editing skills on their web page. Crickets.

Besides that their cables are a major breakthrough in cable design.

Anyone interested in giving them a demo contact Darren O'Neill @Audio Limits. 
I don’t make any $$$ on pushing these cables 🤓

I am not selling anything 😂  I’ve just discovered hidden treasures buried in the field of thousands of audio stuff and sharing with those my findings to those seeking higher SQ. 

What an imagination you have.
The transformation of the sound of my digital front end came from the addition of Network Acoustics ENO ethernet and USB cables along with their wonderful passive ethernet filter! 
Innuos new Sense 2.04 software absolutely trouncing the sound quality of Roon on my Zenith 3 server - what a revelation! 
Forgot - Townshend Audio various spring pod products. Just a big step up from products like IsoAcoutics etc…
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Symposium Ultra Stealth isolation platform and amp stands as well as Tara Labs Muse speaker cable.Im sure the new Critical Mass 11/2 inch isolation feet series 3 coming out this week are a breakthrough product as well.Enjoy your breakthrough products.
Tandberg 3008a preamplifierParasound hca3500 amplifierAudio Research ls-15 preamplifierSonic Frontiers power 1 amplifierWadia wt3200 transport and x32.2 da converterElectrovoice Carlton iv a loudspeakersTice elite 4 line conditionerAudio magic interconnectsCardas speaker wireKimber power cords

The New Hifidelity cables nano 360 contact enhancer for $300 is a gift it takes a few weeks to fully settle in. 
The SVS 3000,SB, and micro subwoofers with great app are ground breaking 
in quality and value .
in Digital the Bricasti M3 with streamer card totally destroys what most people hold true  HoloSprings May KTE, denafrips terminator  all big dual transformers 
and a bunch of filter capacitors ,the Bricasti is 1/4 the weight but built solid ,made in U.S.A all precision CNC I find sounds more complete and refined , how they get  great deep bass without all the massive capacitors is a ?and 
for Ethernet theUptone Audio Ether Regen  it truly cleans all digital noise to make streaming a pleasure ,and tons of others love it also.
Subwoofers make a big difference 
expensive cables and power cords  don’t make any difference well in my set up but most of them looks gorgeous 
most streamers sounds the same when using digital out to dedicated DAC / Preamp 
there’s not much improvement when it comes to old speakers and amplifiers built around  (70s-2000s) vs new ones 
54 is the grammar police on duty 24/7. Lovely job. My wife is constantly  rebuking me on my NY style of writing 😎 She’s no fun.
Yes, I plead guilty...I even have a badge. Seriously, some of the writing is so bad that it drives me nuts. 
@glory carver did the crosstalk cancellation thing in the 80s. Look up carver sonic hologram generator. In fat there is one on ebay for $131. 
Going from RCA to XLR connections. Up until I made the HiFi plunge I didn't even know what XLR connections were.

Dual subwoofers and high level wiring/input connections for subs. Again, I didn't know what it was before HiFi, but now wouldn't get a subwoofer that didn't have it.

A few of my personal lightbulb moments thus far.
Theoretica Applied Physics Bacch-SP Adio 3D Sound Processer.

Yes to the Theoretica products.
I don't have the Adio, but find even the BACCH4Mac Intro, at a fraction of the price, can be a real breakthrough. On some recordings more than others, and with proper set-up, it can create a much larger soundstage.
I'm still trying to figure out what a breakthrough product is? If it's an Ah Ha moment, there has been far too many to count due to my length of time listening to and playing music.  My Harmon Kardon HK 730 comes to mind. But that was 40+ yrs ago. Also the importance of good footers under the equipment, maybe especially source components. . Then too properly sized & powerful  subwoofers (2+) Maybe the biggest ah ha 
The day I woke up and realized my old stereo could stream music, almost all of it.  And in hi fi.  
“Bottom feeders will choke on this one.”

This is all I needed to read.. this place has become a caricature of itself. 

Interested in hearing abt your lightbulb moment with using high level inputs for subs rather than low level. I’ve done a lot of playing around with this over the years and have my own opinions but curious to hear your experience. 
Theoretica Applied Physics Bacch-SP Adio 3D Sound Processer.

There is another processor that was made by BSG called the "QOL." For me that was a breakthrough product. It does what the Theoretica product claims to do but with much less hassle. It mainly adds depth and definition to the soundstage and works without putting your head in a vice. When new they cost $4k but I found one for $800. They are pretty rare but one comes up for sale every so often.

I also have the Carver Holographic Generator. It works well but you have to set up your speakers and seating position exactly right to get the full effect. The BSG QOL is a little more subtle and it is very forgiving on seating position.

Thanks for bringing the Theoretica to my attention. The price seems absurd but it's interesting to know that it exists and if I ever get the chance I will listen to one.
Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables 
Just WOW!
Greatest single improvement in my system thus far. 
Mine was discovering tubes! I can’t believe I didn’t give them a second thought over the years. When I was young, I thought they were for old fuddy duddies..Boy was I wrong. 
In order of magnitude of breakthrough:

1. Charlie Cocci Ultimate Monoblock (2 x 6BL7GT + 4 x KT77) amps (that's the guts in my Profile Picture)
2. Silversmith Fidelium speaker cables
3. Dodd Battery Powered Preamp
4. Mid 1970s Voskhod 6N23P tubes