Looking for a budget Step-up Transformer

Occasionally I want to connect my turntable (equipped with an Ortofon Quintet Blue MC cartridge) to several of my integrated amps that have only MM input. The possibility of not having another power supply in the chain is very appealin.
Looking over the used market so far took me nowhere, so I wonder if there is any recommendations on a SUT for less than GBP200.

Thanks in advance.


I have not heard it, but I am looking to recommit to vinyl again and it is on my short list based on what I have read.



I think one of the Denon AU-XXX is in the $200us range.

Or the Chinese Reisong is less than $200us.

Transformers, especially SUTs because they are subject to only tiny voltages and currents, virtually never break or wear out, so a "pre-owned" SUT is always a good way to save money, provided you get a guarantee that it's working OK.

Look up N or Ned Clayton on E-Bay. He makes a wide array of relatively cheap step ups- I bought one using Cinemag Blue transformers which has switchable loading- I use it in my vintage system where I didn’t want to get spendy. Good product, good communication. He also offers SUTs with vintage transformers. No affiliation.

In that price class, the advantage of a passive SUT should be questioned, versus a Hagerman Piccolo (JFET based MC step-up). Certainly lower noise with the passive, but perhaps compromised sound quality due to the budget transformers. I’d just avoid the CineMag Red 3440A. Maybe Jensen has something decent at that price. Lundahl LL9206 and LL9226 are ok, but the Piccolo is probably better. If you can acquire CineMag Blue 1254 at your price (any CineMag Blue really), those are great.

This is a very good SUT for the money.  https://hifi-exquis.com/tube-transformer/616-raphaelite-dt11-stereo-mc-pole-permalloy-step-up-transformer-20047k-114-hifi-exquis.html  It isn't quite as good as my DIY Lundahl LL1931 SUT but better than the Rothwell MCX.  

And I second the recommendation for the Andover Spinstage if your MC cartridge has less then 15-20 ohms of internal impedance.  It sounds fantastic.  But I don't know if they ship to the UK.

Thanks to all. Great suggestions :)

Unfortunately most SUT are from outside Europe, which adds to much costs.

I will keep looking…

Unfortunately there is little to be recommended than a reputable brand available within Europe if the idea of importing outside of Europe is not to be considered.

On the same Web Site there is also and Audio Note Model at £650.

Good Quality and Very Affordable for SUT's within Europe are a Hens Teeth find.


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