Looking for a SS amp for Goldenear References

Currently driving the GE Trefs with a Carver Crimson 275. The Carver impedance curve dips below 6 ohms and down to 4ohms. System sounds very good, but I’m curious if an amp better mated to lower impedance would bring out something I’m missing now.


Thanks for suggestions!


I use a BAT VK-255SE. By far the best SS amp I've owned. Resolution is awesome, soundstage is vast and (frequency) dynamic range unbelievable. Goto the BAT website and read about its special design features (not to mention Victor is a certified genius!).

Buy a Topping PA5 ($349). Superior sound and way more powerful than the overpriced Carver 275. The 275 is a real dog of an amp and does not meet its specs. It is a disgrace that Bob Carver puts his name on this piece of junk! 

Carver has always been an “idea guy”… but the result has always been poorly executed “good ideas”. However, coupling a good speaker with a $349 amp is also out there. You want to pair your speakers with a good amp… like Pass, Rouge, Audio Research, Conrad Johnson, VAC, Cary, Luxman, or Krell  .

I am putting a relatively new CODA #8 amp that kills on the hard to drive Thiel CS3.7 up for sale. It is 150 | 300 | 600 @ 8 | 4 | 2 with the first 18 watts in Class A. You could get it reconfigured at the factory for less Clas A power and much more Class AB power. That is V1, V2, or V3. Mine is V1 with 18 Class A watts.


Gee, I guess I’m def or something, because I sure thought the Carver sounded great.  Wonder where the Carver haters got all that steam.  I was in the audio business (home audio and commercial sound) in the late 70s and early 80s).  I’ve got a discerning ear and my first foray into tube with Carver is not a disappointment.  Thanks for those that took the time to offer guidance.

I think you should let your ears guide you rather than be concerned about the specs on impedance. The GE Reference, with their built in bass amp are fairly easy to drive.

I have heard them sound great with Line Magnetic SET amps which are less than 50 wpc and sensitive to load.

What do you think is missing?

Thanks jperry.  The impedance curves on the GE Refs drop to almost 4 ohms in the lower frequencies.  My concern is that the Carver may struggle with those low impedances.  Would it affect sound quality on GE’s…not sure.   I have a sub array as well, so I’m probably chasing fairies..I have lots of gear, and another piece wont hurt in my collection…Greatly appreciate your thoughts and suggestions jperry!

Enjoy the hunt because there's a lot of great options all along the price spectrum.

I have become a fan of Moon because I like their dynamics and detail.