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I have a pair of black ATC SCM19A speakers, 68 lbs, which sit on a moderately deep shag living room carpet. The speakers came with long spikes but they sink into the carpet, such that the bottom doesn't clear all the way around. I'm looking for not so expensive, but reasonable looking ideas for a couple of bases for better isolation that raise the speakers, with or without the spikes, no more than 1"-2" and are roughly 14" square. Wood blocks that I could paint black are one idea. Isoacoustic stands, which I use under my desktop speakers, are neither very attractive nor low enough. Other ideas? A photo of the speakers is at  (http://atcloudspeakers.co.uk/hi-fi/loudspeakers/entry-series/scm19a/). Thanks,
I went to a countertop store and bought 2 pieces of 2 inch thick black granite. I had them cut to size and polished for under 100.00.  These pieces were in kind of a scrap pile they had where each one started out as the large cutout for the sink.
You can also try some thick butcher blocks of solid maple, and if necessary, flagstone beneath them to aid in stability (if your carpets are thick). It's what I used with my old floor standers and it worked pretty well.

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Thanks, good ideas. What about the Auralex subwoofer platforms, which are 15x15x1.75? They go on Amazon for about $60 each. There's another called the Pyle PSI15, similar dimensions with 2.25" height, but they seem cheaper not just in price.
Congrats on the awesome speakers! Look nice and sound even better.

I would not worry about isolation - a shag carpet is about as dead acoustically as it gets.

If you prefer the aesthetics of raising further the speakers then ask ATC if they can get you longer spikes.

Honestly a wood block or stone tiles is going to look real Mickey Mouse - like a student in college with speakers on books in their dorm rather than an owner of some of the finest sounding speakers anywhere.
Dear highstream, you have one hell of a great set of speakers there, we just became ATC dealers and their speakers are fantastic!

From everything I hear the Isoacoustics products are getting raves that they decouple the speakers from the floor and provide an tilt feature. 

Check them out.

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Thanks shadorne. Given what you said, do you think I should just skip the spikes? They’re hell to move around. I put a set in one speaker and am going to take them out, at least until I spot the final locations.

Troy, good choice in taking on ATC, although unfortunately the markup in the U.S. is considerable and the color choices limited to just one last I checked. The Isoacoustics are great, as the Quad 12L actives on my desktop can attest, but 4" is the minimum height on the modular series. The optimum height for the 19A’s is ears between the two drivers. In my situation, 4" would take them up too high and tilt would be inappropriate and not very attractive (in their cautiousness, the European Council required ATC to put that 14" cross piece on the bottom front of the 19A’s to prevent them from tipping forward too easily).
I use the  Auralex subwoofer platforms bought them from Amazon and they work great and look nice at a good price.
Auralex is very effective in decoupling my pair of 15" subs from the floor.


My question about the Auralex sub platforms is how they would handle a floor stander. Subs are s more distributed load.

What is your main concern here... sound? looks?

How do your speakers sound right now? Are you happy with their sound? Does the fact that they sit very close to your floor override the main issue...good sound?

Unless the spikes are not doing their job by fully supporting the speakers its not an issue if the speaker bottoms touch the carpet as long as the weight is carried by the spikes. If not then a cheaper option would be to get longer spikes any machine shop can turn some to your size requirement and they will not be expensive as the metal stock requirement is low and the machining is minimal. just bring them one of the originals and they can duplicate but adding length as needed, probably a 1/2 or so more is all you’ll need and they will look factory original.

if your looking for isolation there is a lot of choices from inexpensive to outrageous a quick google search under speaker isolation will bring up many. I just did a bunch of looking for a turntable project I just completed. couple that come to mind are:

IsoAcoustics, can do custom heights

Townshend audio, great stuff

there is a couple to get you going but there is literally 100’s of different types out there.

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Spikes in carpet are a pita to deal with. Isoacoustics has new products, including screw-in GAIA speaker isolation cones, but they are relatively expensive.
Sound Anchor cradle bases offer three-point spikes (adjustable), heavy, solid metal contructiuon, and they are made to order.  Mine cost about $350 for the pair about 7 years ago.
IsoAcoustics destroy anything else on the market.  Compared them all.  Try them out, best "tweak" in audio history.