lost Trane album anybody have anything to report

went to my local record pusher and he only had the non deluxe version. which was ok  because i found a nice surprise in a Pyramids reissue  
Streamed the Deluxe version yesterday on Tidal and thoroughly enjoyed it. Cool to hear 'Trane riffing on new themes, the band was on and the sound was vivid and upfront. My only possible criticism is perhaps 'Tranes horn didn't sound as fleshed out tonally as I've heard on other recordings. But a very fun listen.
Hi Jond,
Thanks for the report. In terms of style/genre is it more straight ahead classic jazz  or more along the avant-garde fringes?
Hey Charles,Its a bit of both to be honest for the most part pretty classical but as always I would say 'Trane's solos border on avante-garde. A lot of pretty lyrical soloing and some pretty hard out there soloing. The rest of the band takes some nice solos and plays it pretty straight.Cheers,Jon
Jond, right on thanks so much. I read the master tape of this recording was an "audition" tape. To be specific, 1/4" and in mono. I was wondering if that meant this was gonna be in mono. 

It is in mono. Get the deluxe version unless you hate Impressions, which has 4 takes, all different though. Very nice playing from all, with as Jond said, Coltrane wanting to take off, but barely holding himself in check. 

I bought my copy today. I will start to digest the rest of the week.
Happy Listening!
Thanks acman3, music in mono Coltrane or not does not fire me up to cough up the dollars for the vinyl. I’ll stream it and I’ll be stoked though.

look forward to your impressions Jafant. 
initial listening in it classic Coltrane that offers fire and passion in his playing. There are elements of trad Jazz, as well as, the avant garde.The listener is in for a treat as we get a rare opportunity to hear this quartet laying down their framework, signature sound. At times, a note here or a note there,  hints at a future "A Love Supreme".  Run do not walk and buy this release.

Happy Listening!
I'm probably last to see Tidal offers both 24 and 16 bit files of the Deluxe Version.  There's an edgy, live feel to the band's playing (okay, that's probably greatly influenced by what I read of the sessions).   Good pace and excellent sound quality even if it is mono (which doesn't usually excite me, either).  The music is accessible with great individual solos.  A lot more listenable than late Coltrane (e.g., w/Phraroah Sanders).