LOUD popping Rogue Magnum

ugg! I left my lovely Rogue 99 Super Magnum pramp on for more than 17hours. It woke me up in the middle of the night with VERY LOUD banging noises.  I thought we were having a home invasion!  Fortunately my screaming who’s there? who’s there?  did not wake my wife.
I had recently had the system made into a super at Rogue.   When it was returned from them it sounded good. It now sounds incredible for 8-10 minutes. After the pre warms up there is popping on both channels. It’s very regular, pop.....pop....pop.. and very loud.  This preamplifier has a separate power supply, as well as the internal phono pre. It makes this noise with any input source at all!  It’s not static. It is extremely regular after the pre warms up.  It gets much louder over a few minutes.  My very good repair person in Denver (  Electric City Repair ) suggested tubes as the issue. I have 14 different tubes for 8 slots - I tried all of that.  I think it’s a capacitor in the power supply. Changing those caps is not part of the super-magnum upgrade. Nor is changing caps in the Phono pre. I did not change the tubes in the Phono pre as the same issue occurs with the CD player, regardless.  Can anybody help with this pop, pop, popping? 

Is it near any modems or cordless phones or any other devices that broadcast a signal?  I once had a preamp that was sensitive to a cordless phone even when it was not in active use.  
Nothing else is different except that I left the tube pre on, too long, and something overheated.  I would be willing to replace the  Power supply Caps (15-20 years old) myself if someone could tell me the that is probably the real problem. I can do that part easily but I just can’t diagnose the problem.

Hi, I had a popping sound coming from my system that was driving me nuts. A friend suggested that I turn off my wifi, which did the trick.

easy to try.Good luck!TISH
Here's an experiment:  Put a fan on it. If that slows, or stops the issue, you definitely have a part that's suffering from heat.

But yeah, it sounds like a bad cap.
Thanks Erik. I’ll try that fan idea next. The pop noise is coming from both channels at the same with equal intensity.  For no reason except that, in particular, I suspect Power Supply.  You?
 Change the PS caps?

I would’ve suspected tubes too. But I did have a tube headphone amp that did exactly as you describe, and it turned out to be the recently upgraded output caps that were getting more voltage than their rating, and breaking down. These pops can be VERY damaging to your speakers tweeters, though you may have a tube amp that will at least mitigate some of the DC.

I don’t expect Rogue would make a rookie mistake like this, so it could just be a faulty part.
Thanks for all your advice. It’s as I suspected. It’s going back to the shop this morning.
This was not an error by Rogue’s part. I left the amplifier on far too long. Can’t do that with tubes!
Bad capacitor. It starts charging up then arcs out. Both channels involved so it is in the power supply.  I think it is going back to Rogue.
Leaving a tube amp on "for too long" is not an issue unless it is overheating.
I have had recently very loud noise coming of both sides at warm-up. if you connect the amplifier after a few minuets of warm-up the noise is gone. It's only when starting from cold. Any idea what it might be?
I also upgraded the magnum 99 to super about a year ago.

It is the 3rd time in 3 years that I have had a problem with this preamp. It is 15 years old. Is this to be expected? any one heard - does Rogue have quality/reliability issues?