Low Volume Listening - XLR Cables ??

I'm building a small system intended for low volume listening, primarily in the evenings. 

My Amp and Pre/DAC are Bel Canto and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for XLR interconnects between them that might perform particularly well at low volume levels..?

Budget is $1-1,000 new or used.

Speakers are Audience The One and source is Tidal through Amazon Echo/Bluetooth.


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My Wywires and Clear Day balances cables do very well at lower volume levels. I’d say stay away from warmer sounding cables that aren’t revealing. I’ve found over the years as my components and cables have improved and my system has become more revealing I listen at much lower levels.
The concept that a cable has an optimized volume level is somewhat strange to me.  Are you suggesting that a cable can mimic the Fletcher-Munson curves?
If the Bel Canto utilize a true Balanced protocol, then distance should have no effect on sound reproduction. That's why they are used in recording studios.
In fact, if the Bel Canto is true balanced, then any decent XLR cable should not offer much difference in sound quality, despite the cost.

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Thanks for the feedback all; appreciate the mention of Fletcher-Munson.

I had to Google and read-up on that..!

Length is .5m to 1m.

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 All of my  XLR’s are Analisis Plus.   I am oh they are very neutral and sound great  add any volume. Before you spend a fortune go to a guitar shop and buy Mogami Gold, ensure that they will let you return them if they don’t  meet your needs. My 3m AP XLR’s  listed for $1100 new. Fortunately I found mine on eBay.  Used.
@oldtiger Really interesting suggestion with the Mogami Gold. Absolutely worth a test drive.

I have top of the line silver balanced AntiCables....let me know if you can use them  a deal
DIY with pure silver, Connex brand from Parts Connexion.

This will cost you under $100 for a pair. Come back and tell me if you find any cables at all worth more than that after.
Circling back: I got a great deal on a pair of Nordost Frey 1 XLR cables. 

They seem to fit the bill nicely..!

Thanks for all the ideas.

(I ordered and cancelled the Mogamis, twice, when I was debating the Freys). 
“I can guarantee some XLR ARE BETTER at low level detail than others”

Can you back up this “claim” with some data? Your guarantee has little value unless you’re willing to compensate the OP if he finds otherwise.
I have top of the line XLR AntiCables...2-1meter pair 1- 5 meter pair. Let me know if you can use them SgreenPMSN.com