LTA Microzotl Preamp

Recent new owner of LTA Microzotl Preamp; It is EVERYTHING I have read here....dead quiet, wonderful depth of soundstage, great air around voices....interestingly, voices/instruments sound "relaxed", no clue what that customer support....I give it my 4* review....

System:  Oracle Delphi/Graham Arm/Ortofon A95
               Herron VTPH-2A phono preamp
               NAD C658 DAC/Streamer
               Threshold 4000
               Von Schweikert VR 4.5 silver
Lucky you are.... Congratulations.....

If i can i will bought one some day!   :)
It certainly is incredible. I can’t think of anything in its price range that can touch it.
The reason is simple....

There is not another guy that awake itself one morning and was thinking: how do we use tubes in a complete new way in tube amplifier?

His name is David Berning....There is not one negative review of this product and  the price is relatively low for the quality, and no more heating and changing tubes  each year or so....

Other way to use tubes are obsolete probably, but not more people knows it for the time being.... :)

I cannot get this preamp out of my mind.
I have an Audio Alchemy DDP-1 DAC/preamp which is very good and a relative bargain (Robt Harley rated it highly, fwiw). I've also thought about going to an integrated amp (Pass or other) but ... I can't get this preamp out of my head! It's an excellent headphone amp too, I've read. It would require me to get a separate DAC though.

I wish I could try one in my system.
The upgrades are well worth it. It takes about 150 hours for the new caps to form but after that it is a sweet and noticeable improvement to an already great preamp.