Mágico M6 vs Big Wilson speakers

Is there anyone out there that owns or has personal experience with the Magico M6 speaker. I’m mainly interested in owners or people intimately familiar with them and can compare or articulate  the major differences between these and the big Wilsons in the same price category. Assuming all the best electronics available. Please let’s go with the assumption that both companies are great companies  not looking for negative comments on companies etc. Any opinions are greatly appreciated. Thankyou.
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“I’m mainly interested in owners or people intimately familiar with them and can compare or articulate the major differences between these and the big Wilsons in the same price category,”

Assuming you own the complementary electronics for M6 and Big Wilson’s (model???).......If I am looking to spend $150K plus, I would be asking the community who’s the best dealer to work with in my town.

And that dealer better roll out a red carpet for an audition at your convenience :-)
Lalitk- are you a dealer?  Do you know a dealer who carries both?  probably not,  that’s why the out reach to the Audiophile community. Very preliminary phase here. 
There are probably more of these in the field than with dealers. Most dealers don’t order this level to sit in their store for demo. 

Please contact John Iconomou for Wilson Speakers. Great guy, nothing but superb customer experience in last 5 years of my dealings with him. 


Good Luck! 
I will give you the areas where I think you’ll notice differences:

Mid to Treble balance.

Treble smoothness and color.

Lower voice, piano ranges. Diana Krall is a good test, even if you aren’t a fan.

Off axis imaging.

Space they need around them. Magicos seem to thrive on having little or no side reflections/interference. WIlson’s seem to be less sensitive, so pay attention to where you plan to place them, and whether the showroom is similar.

I won’t pollute your opinion with mine, as you may like one or the other, but with modern Wilsons and Magico’s this is where I hear most of the differences. Otherwise, I strongly encourage you to audition them at the volume you will actually listen to them. If you like low level listening, spend a lot of time there. If you like concert level, do that.


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you could instead buy a pair of Erik tufnels SNR1 boxes for a fraction of the cost of the Magico. Add a pair of subs and you will be in heaven!
Erik_squires. Thank you or your response this is exactly the kind of info I’m looking for. Much appreciated. 
You are welcome, Carey1110
Please come back and find me, I'm curious what you decide on.
Carey1110 at this price point I would also throw the Rockport Lyra into the mix. It has possibly the best cabinet construction of all three at this price point. I have heard a pair of M6 with a pair of Q18 subs but not on their own. They are all great speakers it is about taste. If at all possible audition. I don't know of any dealer that has both wilson and magico. There are a few that carry magico and Rockport though. 
I've listened to magico and I find that beryllium tweeter bright but that's just me I really love the monitor audio platinums that AMT tweeter is so sweet and natural sounding and as far as I'm concerned the monitor audio platinum are better than both the magico and Wilson especially. And there are big platinum 500s are only $30,000 and they will sound as good or better than anything magical or Wilson making the $80 to $100,000 range. I've heard all of them and the platinums are just more warm and natural and realistic sounding.
I knows there's Covid and all, but.

At this price range scheduling demos with dealers even if it means quick flights to and from different cities may be very worthwhile. Plane tix aren't much compared with the price of the speakers. Just so you can be sure you make the right decision.

At this price range you are in Stenheim / Zellaton territory. Why not get the best?
If a slightly less real sound is desired, I'd still go with Focal Utopia over Magico or Wilson. 

Between those two, I have been consistently more impressed with Magico, at the upper and lower ends. Magico captures a very real sound in the right setups, which in my cases were at dealerships. Wilson to me is too friendly and not real enough.
Have Jay’s Audiolab (whitecamaross) advise you. He's played around and tested both at the same time although I’m not sure if it was the M6 but it was over $100k.
Why not get the best?
Because there's no such thing as the best. Kef ls50 plus subs could be the best for some folks. If you want the most expensive get the flagship Wilson or something like that but it's not the best. 
Yes not asking for “the best” since that is so subjective.  Just asking about the specific speakers mentioned and people who have intimate knowledge of either of them. That’s all   
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Be aware that the Wilson sound has changed quite a bit in the last several years.  Basically, it is a much softer/warmer sound under the direction of Darryl Wilson, versus the historic tuning of founder Dave Wilson.  Some people like the newer sound, others don't.

The Magico "house" sound has also evolved to a slightly warmer, more balanced tonality versus the more clinical sound of earlier models.

As a long term Wilson owner and as a consequence of the above, I now have inbound my first set of Magico's (A5 not M6).

Keeping my current Wilson's for now and look forward to comparing the two in my home.

There are dealers who will bring both to your house at the six figure sums the top line models cost, so long as you buy something.

Good luck!
Be aware that the Wilson sound has changed quite a bit in the last several years.

Indeed, that's why I qualified my statement as being about Magico vs. "modern Wilsons."


I don't believe anyone who has heard current large Wilson Audio speakers would put any Magico product in the same league. Beyond the many years difference in experience, you have two facts: aluminum rings and speakers without ports cannot produce meaningful bass.
aluminum rings and speakers without ports cannot produce meaningful bass.

Um, no? The Magico's are pretty inert, and sure you can.

I will say that it's not unfair to say the approach to bass is pretty different in the two designs, but that is taste, and room matching, not because of limitations discussed above.
As much @ebm loves to advocate MAGICO’S, his advise carries more weight than any other poster in this thread. Another gentleman I know who is intimately familiar with Magico’s is @fsmithjack.

I am still of opinion to audition M6 or XVX with the electronics you intend to pair these amazing speakers.
You forgot the 3rd fact, which is actually the first one; you have no idea what you’re talking about, yet you keep at it 🙄
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Having owned a pair of Magico S1MKII I would not say that the cabinets ring. The Magico cabinets are pretty dead I will say that the cabinet on the Rockport that replaced my Magico are even more dead than the S1MKII. I would also say that I anyone doesn’t think a pair of M6 is on par with larger wilson like the Alexx should go and listen to a pair of M6. They are completely different speakers but the M6 is incredible in its own right. 

Kenjit - I owned LS50 and went from them to Dynaudio C1 Platinums and then onto Magico S1mkII. the Magico was simply better in every regard to the LS50 and Dynaudio.
It’s not just about ’deadness,’ that’s easy. A loudspeaker enclosure also needs to be stiff. That is where the Aluminum comes into play (that is why the top of the line Rockport is made out of Aluminum as well). Magico does a reasonably good job at that, certainly better than Wilson, and it does that across all its models.
Thee best tweeters available are the Maggie ribbons and the B&W 800 series Diamonds.  Absolutely astonishing how much essential information is imbued into the music via these tweeters.  Magico speakers are well behaved...yawn.  Wilson’s were exciting to listen to but have recently veered toward tame.  In the end, it’s system matching and personal bias!
B&W 800 series Diamonds. Absolutely astonishing how much essential information is imbued into the music via these tweeters.

Did you say ragged, compressed and colored? I think that’s what you meant.

Another pleasant, good spirited audiophile expressing their POV with eloquent sarcasm and insight.  
At this price point be sure to consider yg sonja xv. Yg makes amazing stuff. Chuck on whatsbestforum has the xv and had wilson xlf.
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Just get the MAGICO M9s only 750k be a sport.Let us know how GREAT they are.HELLO!!
Before you spend money on Wilsons or Magicos you should at least listen to Magnepan 20.7's and Sound Lab 845's. 
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Something else to also consider...I have owned large speakers, such as Dunlavy SC-5’s, Dynaudio C4’ and ML and Maggies.  Certainly the box designs have the hardest job of getting out of their own way acoustically speaking.  Being able to establish a well defined soundstage with precise image placement is more challenging than with a full range, more compact speaker.  
I WOULD approach this question from a different perspective. I have heard the Wilson Alexandrias and they sounded incredible. For a few days afterwards I kept thinking about what I had heard them do. I have also had the pleasure of hearing Sonus Faber Extemas- a unique design but having only a tweeter and a mid/woofer. I was equally impressed with the sound quality they produced. Wilson Audio was mainly known for the Watt/Puppy for many years- it is still in its 11th (?) iteration. So I would say that you should try to at least hear them. They should tell you what you need to know in spite of the WAMM's which will only surround you with a lot more sound and a much larger image. As for Magico there should be a "representative" model of what they are trying to do for different genre's of music, without trying to hunt down an enormously large speaker. If you don't have an incredible room to place a massive pair of speakers (plus subs!?) it's a moot point. The manufacturers have such a room to test their product, and a small handful of retail stores that can set up a "proper" audition (no holes barred). Sometimes if you just get an opportunity to hear the magic no matter what the speakers are called or by how large or small they look like. But often the deepest bass frequencies are either helping create that magic or smearing/obscuring the rest of the music. This is something Sonus Faber seemed to understand with a high-quality line of smaller two-way models. 

If we are talking Sonus Faber, the Stradivari are the one's to have.

As for 2-way monitors with carefully controlled impedance, the Fritz speakers are a really great speaker.
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Classic,,,,  Please contact John Iconomou for Wilson Speakers. Great guy, nothing but superb customer experience
  signed ,,  John I
I may not (YET) be in the category of being someone who can have as a “problem” needing to investigate between these two world-class legendary companies and these two emotion-inducing speakers, but I can be adopted by someone who is.

Let me know ...
Are the all new Voxativ Ampeggio X Loudspeakers one of the best speakers on Planet Earth ? 
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