Magnum Dynalab tuner

I bought this tuner for $3600 about 20 years ago new from Music Lovers in Berkeley and it has had very little use and is in excellent condition.  How much is this tuner worth today and does anyone want to buy it?
When I purchase any used audio gear, I value anything at least half of MSRP. Just my thought.

Since FM tuners just aren't popular anymore, just a few hold value-Marantz 10B, REL Precent, Sequerra maybe the top level MD's along with a couple others.

I have a  tubed Macintosh MR71 that was $400 in 1965. They can be found for $7-800 in decent working condition. Even mint I wouldn't pay more than $1K for  another-and I'm quite fond of my MR 71.
The McIntosh MR78 is their best sounding tuner, can be purchased used for $1800 from AC.  Tuners are a hard sell on here, had to practically give away a Magnum Dynalab MD100 and MD 102t tuners.  I even threw in the MD205 Signal Sleuth to sell the MD102t. 
@doug714 Which model is it?

I sold my modded McIntosh MR77 that sounded real nice and prefer my Magnum Dynalab MD102 with a few upgrades.  Sounds nice, airy, decent stations and good signal around.  Sometimes prefer it over HD streaming late at night or early in the morning on Sunday when there is less noise in the air. 
I can’t tell you the model number at the moment cause I am in a rehab group home in Vallejo for my cocaine and alcohol addictions and I live in downtown San Francisco.  But it was the middle priced tuner about 20 years ago.  From photos I have it looks to be a model MD102 but the photo is not real clear.  I hope to be out of this rehab center in about 2 weeks and I will provide you with the exact details, but it sounds like I might as well just keep it since it’s paid for already and I really don’t need to sell it for the money.  I just had some free time and decided to get on Audiogon again after many years absence.  I used to buy and sell lots of gear on here about 15 years ago but I think they changed things a bit and my history and reviews and all gone now.  Thanks for all your assistance.  :)
@doug714  Your account is still active and still has lots of feedback.
Email me at,  attention: Tammy and I'll help you. 
The Audiogon Bluebook lists two Magnum Dynalab 102 models. The 102 (2000), and the 102t (2004). The average price today is around $1400 for either model.

I sold the MD102t and gave the MD105 Signal Sleuth to sweeten the deal for $750.00.  After the person took delivery, he complained he wasn't getting many stations and wanted a refund, said it was defective.  I knew it wasn't as I used it right up till the day I shipped it to him.  I offered him a refund just so I wouldn't get bad feedback and the guy came back and said if I gave him just $100.00 back, he would send it to Magnum Dynalab to be upgraded.  So, like the jerk I am, I agreed and this guy got it for $650.00 with the freebee thrown in.  I have not sold anything here since then as it left me with a very bad taste.

The price I quoted was straight from the Audiogon Bluebook. Obviously, tuners are difficult to sell these days as radio content just doesn’t justify the investment. Considering the original MSRP ($3600), it sounds like the buyer of your tuner got a great deal. Given the circumstances you described, anyone might have made that same choice. Don’t beat yourself up, just try to move on.
Wow guys. I might as well just keep this tuner since it’s paid for and looks nice in my audio rack. Thanks for the feedback. 
Wow guys. I might as well just keep this tuner since it’s paid for and looks nice in my audio rack. Thanks for the feedback.