Manhattan vinyl shops

I'm going to be spending some time in Manhattan and am wondering where some good vinyl shops are. Also, if anyone knows of some good jazz happening within the next few weeks feel free to let me know!
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I've purchased many LP's from the Bop Shop

They have a great selection and fair prices. Good luck in the Big Apple.
My experience way back when (early 80's) was that the used record shops in "the city" (what other city matters?) had overpriced records that were over-worn. Case in point Bleeker Bob's in the Village, and the one on St. Marks Place
June 2005 Stereophile has a feature
on a bunch of shops, maybe it's at
their site online.
The Bop Shop is actually quite far from the Big Apple. It is located in Rochester, NY, which is a 6 hour ride by car. Over 300 miles away.
Academy lp's on 10th street between 3rd and 4th avenues.
Footlight on 12th Street between 3rd & 4th Avenues.
The Sound Library on Ave A between 13th and 14th streets.
A1 Records on 6th street between Ave A and 1st Avenue.

You should try and check out Academy lp's in Willamsburg in Brooklyn, much larger store and lots of wax.

Happy hunting and leave some for me will ya...LOL.
Thanks for all of the great places! I can't wait!
I know I have that Stereophile somewhere. Now that I know the month I will try to find the article. Thank you.
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Sorry Ketchup, I will properly answer you directly: Tower in the Village has a few bins for you to check out. I got a bunch from them and some ten inchers as well (down Albert).

There is another by name of A Classical Record, over on the west side near 8th avenue and 23rd street. Another Albert (ten Brink) runs the show and although he is classical for 95%, he has jazz and high quality for fair prices. E-mail me if you want more precise information.
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Sorry to have suggested the "Bop Shop." I always shop them via internet and being from Texas, I see their "New York" address and think of Big Apple (hang head in shame here at my mistake).

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I was in France last month with a whole gang of American jazz nuts. I set up two turntables and left ten records while buying a stack of pre-war 78 Pathe discs.

I also did record cleaning workshops. The French are ritual lovers and ideal for accepting record cleaning a la Record Doctor!
Ketchup,if you have the time,you can hop on a NJ metro from Penn Station,and in about 45 minutes you would be in Princeton,NJ(take the Northeast Corrider line.Very easy).Here you wil be within a very short walk from "THe Princeton Record Exchange".Though this LP/CD shop has been better in the past(only the classical section has diminished),it is STILL a real haven for very reasonably priced jems,in classical and particularly JAZZ.The jazz section is quite large,while you can find a good variety of classical discs in the lower bins,requiring some back work.A very huge CD inventory as well.I've been going there for 20 yrs.

Most importantly,their pricing "blows away" the NYC prices,and the sales tax is lower too.I just picked up a supremely mint copy of Oistrach/Fournier doing the Brahms Double cto,on the original,first pressing Columbia(EMI)Sax series,for 75 bucks.That is a STEAL,as this disc sells for way over 200 bucks on all the lists I've seen.This is only one example.Standard English Londons abound,for about 0ne or two bucks a pop.The Jazz section has a huge variety,with hard to find titles,at very reasonable prices,as well.Not to diminish Albert's recommendation of A Classical Record, a fine inventory there,but they are quite a bit pricey,to a seasoned collector.You will pay top dollar.Their prices are "fair" to those used to paying top buck.

BTW-Princeton is a stunningly beautiful little town where you can have a lovely lunch or dinner,while looking for musical gems.I do this regularly,and it enhances my lifestyle.

Best of luck in the "Apple",but the Real Deal is in Joisey!!
Princeton record exhange was my record store for the 16 yrs. I lived in Jersey. Always loved finding mint Japanese pressings for oh, maybe 8 or 9 bucks...