McIntosh dealer discount ?

I’m about to retire my McIntosh preamp after 35 years. I’m looking at the current C22 And do not want to buy anything used. I know this is an older discussion, but Are there any dealers out there that will discount new purchases? Thanks


I got 15% off on my C2700 and MAC 275 i bought a couple years ago, this is dealer dependent and if they want the sale or not IMO. But i would ask for a discount and go somewhere else if they don't give one, lots of Mac dealer out there. 

It's not a crime to ask for a discount, but don't expect many dealers to give you a discount. Dealers do not want to be known to give a discount, and it's partially because of dealer agreements that they do not and cannot publish pricing at less than retail. Most of the time they are not going to just provide a discounted price to some random dude on the phone, and especially not in writing on the internet. This is not talking about demo units or any other uncommon variable. Pressed for detail about their discounts and the dealer, or proof, and you'll probably not get a lot of facts. If you have a local shop, build a relationship or use some of the trade-in programs... possibly. Like any other high end purchase the variables are endless.


When you say 'retire' your McIntosh preamp - what do you mean?

Would you 'trade it in'?

I agree with @dean_palmer - McIntosh has an agreement with their dealers (as does many manufacturers).  Having a relationship with a local dealer and including 'trading in' your current McIntosh preamp may enable the dealer to present you a deal you find acceptable.

Several years ago local dealer offered me an opportunity to buy used speakers - a model they know I liked and wasn't willing to buy new.  They had a long term customer who bought them and after a year wanted to buy a new set of his previous brand of speakers.  I think they sold me the speakers for what they gave the person as a trade in value so it would allow them to sell the new speakers and provide a deal for me.

The numbers that I have received on a trade are ridiculous. I can sell them out right for twice that. The dealers then will use the full retail value to give me a discount based on the trade-in, which is nothing.  Bottom line trade-in is a joke

I like McI’s. Which one you could part with?  May u send me a private message?

I got a discount on my MC462. Got a discount on my D1100 and a discount on my MC1.25 monos.

No discount was never even a question.


I generally receive 10-20% off msrp from my dealer. It's not something I'm strident about but I usually get something 

I've been a loyal customer and have made a number of purchases which I'm sure makes a difference. No reason not to ask


When I was shopping for an integrated 2 years ago (I decided to go with Luxman), three different McIntosh dealers within driving distance (80 miles or so) offered approx 15% if I ordered thru them. One had a demo unit of the prior model and offered 20% or so. You need to contact by phone and make sure you let them know if you are out of town. 

Most McIntosh units cannot be shipped by the dealer. You must pick it up face to face or they must deliver it to you. I was getting great deals from a dealer out of state till they were forced to only delver in person. I guess this protect their local dealers. 

If you go to any dealer you will always get discount, only depends from what price.

I was given a 25 percent discount on a new MC462 this summer by a dealer 80 miles from my house. (I had purchased an MA6900, an MC275 and a pair of Tannoy Turnberry from them in the past. But the initial discount was also in that range.) I left it in the car overnight. Tossed and turned. Drove back with it the next morning. Too big and heavy was my thinking. Five miles out of town on my way back, going 70 mph, a turkey flew into the windshield. I drove another 10 or so miles to a rest stop, leaning into the middle of the windshield so I could see, with flashers on, in right lane, regretting my decision. What's the takeaway? It's possible to get a discount.

Many dealers will only discount systems, where they can bury the discount on a price-controlled piece on another component that isn't price controlled. For instance, when I sold gear, you could not sell JBL's for less than MSRP or you'd likely lose the franchise. But other gear we sold was not price restricted, so we wrote up the JBL's at list price and knocked 25%,35% or even 40% off the price of some other piece(s). McIntosh was once strictly price controlled and usually had only one or two dealers in a market, but under the new ownership, where they are offering franchises willy-nilly it seems, a dealer may be more willing to deal. Just my two cents.

  Retail price control is still happening. I’m not a McIntosh owner , but I did notice that a brick and mortar store was featuring a large stock of new and used McIntosh gear. I happened to check the manufacturer web site for authorized dealers and this particular store was not listed. I have in the past intentionally purchased gray market items. They are new and sealed items, but carry no warranty. So be aware to check on your dealer. I have also received discounts from authorized dealers by politely asking if they offered a discount. The least I received was a 10% discount and free shipping. Happy Shopping , Mike B.  

You don't dont the saying goes.

My take is dont talk price with a dealer unless you are ready to buy.



I imagine one way to give a discount on a price controlled item would be to give an inflated trade in credit.