Meitner MA3 vs Mola Mola Makua with DAC installed vs Cambridge Audio Edge NQ

I'm sounding out recommendations between the 3, or other recommendations I may not have discovered yet.

Speakers will be Focal Diablo Utopia (not EVO) standmounts. Amp is a Gold Note PA1175 MKII or a Sophia Electric 300B 91-01. I have both. 

This is for my office system so I'm looking for a streamer/DAC/preamp combo to plug into what I already have.

Looks like I can get a Mola Mola Makua with DAC installed for about 14K, Meitner MA3 for about 10.5K or a Cambridge Audio Edge NQ for about $5.5K.

I'm open to other recommendations as long as the streamer/DAC/preamp is integrated. I have no preference as to Tube/SS/Class D/Hybrid etc. I can also consider a fully integrated unit with Pre/DAC/streamer/Amp.

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@mclinnguy I moved my Lumin U2 streamer and Audio Mirror Toubadour V DAC to my home main system and now I'm bereft of music at work. I feel my productivity isn't as good as it should be without the music. I think I have a Schiit Modi somewhere in a box from years ago I may just dig that one out to tide me over until I decide on what to get.

@gdnrbob Do you have one? Have you auditioned it? 

I have a Meitner MA-3 and AGD Tempo Di Gan.  It is one very sweet detailed combination with a superb soundstage.

Thank you. I recently bought a Hifi Rose RS130 and realized it only does PCM. I was going to pull the trigger on the Meitner but realized that it makes less sense if my transport can't carry native DSD directly to the DAC. I will have to reconsider my DAC choices and I'm looking at a Merason DAC1 now.

Thank you all for your input. I greatly appreciate it.

Also meeting your function requirements would be the Auralic Vega G2.2. It would be around $7800 I believe. It includes a decent analog volume (no built in remote however - but programmable for a 3rd party remote like Apple), streaming client and is a roon endpoint. I know the G2.1 well (now retired) and it’s quite good - certainly competitive with others in the price range, handles DSD and PCM at any bit rate and the streaming function and library management is quite good, too. Many Tambaquis were paired with the Auralic Aries G2x series streamers because they sounded better than the one built into that unit. So, it would be a fine option.

You might also consider Simaudio. They’ve just come out with their new “North” series which is supposed to be quite good. I haven’t heard the North gear, but did their predecessors - and liked it. My local dealer says their new stuff exceeds the performance of the previous generation by a considerable amount. Preamp, DAC and streamer are packaged together. 


@mgrif104 Thanks for pointing out the Auralic Vega and Simaudio. I'll have to research them and check them out. 

Can you please let me know where you found the Mola Mola Makua with dac for $14k?

this is used?