Misleading ad titles and prices

Is it me or have I noticed a trend toward putting a low price in the ad title that does not exist in the ad?

I have seen it mostly among sellers that have lots of items to move and some retailers. The "call" or "$$" or "99999" etc. as price I understand. They want you to read the ad or contact them for price. Still there are misleading prices out there designed only to attract attention with no item at that price or intent to sell at that price.

I feel if I ignore these ads as opposed to complaining I am condoning the behavior and contributing to the erosion of honesty on this site. Or is it me? Am I being to anal?
I too ignore the ads (there is a dealer section). I tried to start a thread on this and it was yanked.

I hate when I get my thread yanked.

Happy listening,
It's my belief that ads lacking the usual information are designed to lure you into the lair of a persuasive sales person. Whereupon he/she can work the magic of destroying any confidence you may once have had in your own decision making ability and then replacing that with his/her more informed opinion. Don't let it stress you. Bait and switch, creating a need and filling it, withholding, upping the ante and working you up into a spending lather are all tried and true techniques. Misleading sure, but not really dishonest. The sales person probably truly believes he/she is helping you get into something new. No moral dilemma for me. I just move along to somebody more straightforward.
Misleading and dishonest are pretty close. "I mislead him but I was honest" is for me a contradiction. Im with BDgregory....If I spot um, I ignore um....
Hi Entrope, how are you? Yea I seen those ads as well. My feeling if they can't be upfront with their pricing, they are not worth looking into.
IMHO, most of these ads seem to originate from dealers. I think Audiogon should keep them out of the personal classifieds. If individual's follow suit it may contaminate the very system that we have all come to love.
I see that on occasion individuals are also doing the misleading ad pricing. I think it is not in keeping with the honorable tenor here at Audiogon. I really don't think these ads even belong on the site. They should reported and remedied rather than ignored.

If the members police themselves then less onerous policies are implemented by "the man".

Phd- doing well, still addicted to audio. I have moved to tube amps with no regrets. By the way your McCormack amp is in India now.
Entrope, wow, India, wish that particular one was in my home again. Yes, I understand your addiction & affection for tube gear, I own the CJ MV-55 tube amp. I will always keep an SS amp as an alternative. Hope the availability of tubes don't eventually become scarce as I was reading this in an article just recently. Probably rubbish. By the way, great thread.
As mentioned this is ussualkly a dealer atctict one that does suck.They can give a set sale price ort give one with o.b.o like the rest of us.Ocassionally when somebody isn't aware what something is worth or what they are willing to sell/trade for it's legit thing to post but this is the rairty and again it's dealers usually who are the culperetes need;lessly.Maybe AUDUIOGON deffering to the buck of the retailers won't stop it but if we re-post our gripe over and over it may if notstop copmletely at least lessen.It's true some folks smartly skip those $99999 ads (why not $88888?) but others don't because they want the most info they can garner on a particular product so it's up to us to repeadtedly re-post our gripe just the way did here.Then maybe retailers will get the idea.
That type of ad is nothing more than SPAM and is ignored. This site is supposed to be for intelligent enthusiasts coming together for a common cause. It is unfortunate that Audiogon, too, has become littered - end of soapbox.

Have to agree -- I ignore them. That said, I have always assumed that they come from dealers who want to talk to you in order to make the sale, and the ads are just teasers looking to rope people into the sell zone. By way of explanation, however, I also suspect that, in many cases, authorized dealers are prohibited by certain agreements with the manufacturers from advertising equipment below a certain MSRP (such agreements are not uncommon, and done as a means of protecting dealer relationships). Thus, I expect they would say that such ads are really to the consumer's benefit because the want to give you a better deal, can't advertise it in writing, and can only tell you about it if you call. I still ignore them, but that's likely the full story.