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This is a review of this low budget interconnect. The Morrow MA1 is one of the worst peace of junk i ever heard! Sorry to say it but it’s the truth. And, all that about the burn in process is nonesense. I believe in burn-in, but these cables don’t. I sit down to listen to them after 120 hours and they sounded terribly thin, lightweight and bright. These cables do not have any body at all in the vocals and no weight in the low frequencies. Even the highs sounded very thin. They did not change much after 600 hours!!!! All that compared to my budget interconnect king Atlas Equator MKII. I returned them for a full refund. Very annoying sound and a big disappointment.
Did you read the Morrow Audio instructions on burn in and how they change character as they run in? They mention that this very thing will happen until they are fully developed with enough burn in. If you are not patient enough you will miss out on what the cables may do for you. Don't short change them and yourself until you have enough time running them in. So hold off on opinions until then. If you are not satisfied call Morrow. They offer a money-back guarantee.
jw, try reading the WHOLE post before YOU respond.  He said 600 hours and DID return them.
Noisebilly - Your MA 1 interconnects review would be more helpful if you listed the equipment you were using with them.  Satisfaction with cabling of all sorts is system dependent.  Because you weren't happy with the MA-1s doesn't mean they won't work well in another system.  Don't think your unhappiness with them makes them junk, either.  By the way, 600 hours of burn in playing them 24/7 would be 25 days straight.  Since you joined A'gon on the 23rd of Jan this year, I'm thinking  you bought the ICs well before joining??  Just curious.  Glad Morrow has a return policy.    (Disclaimer - I have no business interest in Morrow Audio)
I do not believe in system synergy, much. It is just an excuse for a bad component. Like, if a cable sounds terrible, blame it on synergy. No. A decent, well designed cable should perform decent in most systems. My Atlas Equator MKII is also a budget cable. So the Morrow MA1 couldn't even compete with a cable that is actually cheaper. They say that they beat much pricier models from top brands. No way. The Atlas cable is a neutral sounding cable. It is not the cable that you would call full-bodied. Not at all. The Morrow cable sounded extremely bright, thin and light compared to a cable that is close to neutral and not a heavy sounding cable.
I have two pair of the Morrow Audio MA1's that were gifted to me a few years ago. They are not ultra high end cables, nor are they marketed that way. They are the bottom of the cable line for Morrow. I'm using them in my very modest bedroom system with good results.
I bought a pair of the MA1 after getting 2 pairs of the MA3’s. The MA1 is not crap, I’m not sure what caused this experience with the OP. I agree that knowing what system he employed them in might help. I kind of doubt he broke them in for 600 hours since he threw that number out fast and loose, until Morrows are properly broken in they can sound odd at times.

the MA3’s are pretty nice, but I’m sure there are many good cable companies out there. Just don’t buy monoprice or Bluejeans and expect the moon.
The Morrow interconnect sounded terrible from start to finish. I sat down for the first listen after 120 hours of burn -in. It sounded unlistenable, really. After 650 hours, the same, there was no miracle. Extremely thin, bright and lightweight sound. No body in the vocals, no warmth in acoustic instruments which sounded awful, and no weght in the bass. It is like there are no mids and no lows.
All of my system cables are from Morrow including the MA1 and what your describing is the exact opposite of what I am hearing. 
Actually, many others have reported that morrow cables have a lightweight thin, bright sound.
I have two pairs of the MA-1 interconnects in my system. One set for the CD player, and the other running to the amplifier.  I've had these cables for over a year and they are well past the recommended burn-in time. They produce a beautiful rich deep sound stage and are very musical.  Yet...I am frustrated because at times they sound horrible.  It seems to be intermittent.  Some nights they sound great, and other times they sound muted. Has anyone else experience this intermittent issue?  My system: Audio Research SP-1A preamp and Dual 75 amp, Dennon CD player, KLH Nines speakers (double pair).

Just a question, did you burn them in by letting them play continuously or intervals?  I found that break in works best when you run for 18 hours on and 6 hours off.

I use MA-4 balanced interconnects and SP-5 bi-wire speaker cables in my system and couldn't be happier. There has been much discussion about the quality of power based on the time of day you listen to your system. I'm wondering if your problem has more to do with variations in power quality vs. the interconnects. Since you only use MA-1's, what type of power cable are you using?
There is no other problem. These just sound bad just like Nordost cables.....and so many others......!!!!!! Extremely thin, light, bright. No body or warmth in the mids and no weight in the lows. Even the high frequences sound unnaturally thin. These cables, Morrow and Nordost cannot make a difference between highs, mids and lows. It's like they can only understand the high frequences. People use these cables to fix a problem in their system. If your system does not have a problem and sounds close to neutral and natural, you shall hear instantly that these cables sound terrible and very problematic.
 The problem is you didn't like a cable that retails for $49. Fine, doesn't mean the cable is junk and you should trash a legitimate manufacturer. Why didn't you just return them? Have you heard of  system synergy?   Why don't you list your system? Maybe the cable was actually revealing a flaw upstream? Ive had many swings and misses thru the years with all things audio, but Ive learned that because something doesn't always work optimally for me doesn't mean it won't be someone else's holy grail. By stating that all Morrow and Nordost cables "sound bad " you  really compromise whatever credibility you might have.

I do not believe in system synergy very much. That is just an excuse for a bad sounding product. Oh, it doesn't sound good, blame it on synergy. I have tried two Nordost cables. One interconnect  and one power cord. Both of them had the exactly same sound and character: extremely thin, bright, light. I have read tons of reviews of Nordost cables that say the same thing. Keep away from Nordost cables, unless your system sounds dark, heavy and boomy in the bass and you want to tame it and add clarity. They might be good for tube systems. By the way i think the official price of the MA1 intercoonect is $68 not $49. That is a discounted price. Still, my reference interconnect is the budget Atlas Equator MKII (45 UK pounds). Perfectly natural, musical, with excellent tonal blance. All frequences on the same level. I couldn't believe that it sounded so much better than the $200 Nordost and a Zu Wylde that i think used to sell for $349........!!!!
The MA 1 is listed on the Morrow website for $49. With their current promotion it can be bought for $32. At that price I think expectations should be tempered. Also, if you don't believe in synergy, how do you explain the the many happy users of Morrow and Nordost?
If you don't believe in system synergy, then you must not have heard a component before that sounded crappy in one system and fantastic in another.  
If your system sounds bright you may also check for your speakers being wired out of phase. Maybe the MA-1's simply don't work for you but a friend of mine used them with good quality gear and his system sounded great. If something else works better then simply move on, I see no reason to beat up on Morrow. 
Yes, there is a reason. Morrow is extremely hyped. They say that their products sound so much better than much higher priced cables from top brands!!! Well, they don’t. My system does not sound bright at all. It sounds close to neutral and i can easily hear what kind of sound each cable has! Also, as far as synergy, i think that synergy is important in the amp-speaker combination. How and if the amplifier can drive efficiently the speakers. There, yes, synergy might be very important, especially with tube amps......! By the way, Atlas has a moto that i discovered lately. They say that their cables sound great in every system. Nordost and Morrow might sound good only in tube amps and tube cd players, or like i said earlier,in a system that has some serious problems.
winoguy17. Every cable that i have tried,  i gave them to my brother to try them in his system. He has a totally different system than mine. The results were exactly the same. How is that for an answer? Each cable has its own sound. The sound of the cable will not change in a different system. So, Morrow and Nordost will sound bright and thin everywhere, compared to a cable that has not their problems and sounds well balanced tonally.
How is this for an answer... a $32 cable didn’t work to your liking,so according to you all cables by 2 different manufacturers will sound thin and bright everywhere because you and your brother say so. Looking forward to more of your excellent in depth analysis....

Again, this is not a $32 cable. When i bought the Morrow Ma1, the official retail price was $68. The fact that they reduced the price so much and that they always have a big discount on their products should say something to you......!!!!! This is not serious business in my opinion. Also, Morrow says that even their low budget cables beat cables from top brands that cost two and three times as much. They certainly don’t. Again, it’s very hyped. If you don’t believe me and my honest evaluation and comparison, you should search the web and read as many reviews as possible. You shall find many reviews that say that both Morrow and Nordost are very bright, thin and light sounding cables. Actually i think that Nordost are famous about their bright character, where Cardas is famous for a warm, full bodied sound. By the way, the Atlas cable is very neutral in character. It is not a full bodied, weighted sound. So you can understand how terrible Morrow and Nordost sound. They were unlistenable. I sat down to listen to Morrow after 150 hours of burn-in and even the high frequences sounded very thin!!! Just terrible.
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Just a few MA1 interconnect testimonials...

Peter M Submitted: 2016.10.08

How often have you received more for your money? For that matter, when was the last time you received your money's worth for anything? It's been so long for me that receiving less has become the "new normal." Well, let me tell you how surprised I was to hear my new interconnects from Morrow Cable. I ordered the entry level MA-1 interconnects from Morrow Cable.

After connecting these beauties, I had to do a double-take, and I swear, I rechecked the package because I thought Morrow Cable sent me something far better than I had ordered; e.g., their MA-2 or MA-3 cables. The sound quality of these entry level MA-1 interconnect cables was so good, so unexpected and simply wonderful that I supposed there had to be a mistake in my favor. There was no mistake. Morrow Cable sent me exactly what I ordered - the MA-1 entry level interconnects.

This brings me back to my initial quesions. I received incredible detail, staging, and overall sound quality for what amounted to "pocket change" or the price of a decent lunch (not dinner; lunch) from a retaurant in Los Angeles. In other words, I received "more" for my small amount of money than I ever could have imagined right out of the package! When does that happen? The quality of sound is so terrific, that I swear I heard my low-end equipment saying: "What do you think of me now?" I was thrilled, and still am. My listening enjoyment went up like a rocket!

Even lesser recordings sounded like they were re-mastered! Am I happy? You bet! I finally received more for my money - - not less or even equal to - - but much more for my money! This is not supposed to happen because the "new normal" is to get less, expect less, and be satisfied. America can make a product can make a great product and Morrow Cable has proved that America is coming back to take the lead back in audio once again for a fair price, just like we did in the Golden Age of Audio in the 1980's and today, Morrow Cable is on the leading edge of a new come back age!

You don't need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for wonderful, realistic, playback sound like the Brand X companies want you to believe - - and Morrow Cable stands behind their products with a 100%, no questions asked, money back return policy. I'm not returning my cables, ever. "Wild horses" couldn't take my entry level, MA-1, Morrow Cables away from me.

I highly recommend these cables; your wallet will thank you; and you'll have enough money left over for that great lunch or dinner in Los Angeles! And, soon, you'll start thinking, "Wow, what more could the MA-2, -3 or -4 cables do?" In their graduated cables, Morrow Cable gives you something more to discover and look forward to with your sound system . I am a satisfied new "Morrow Head" and other than my new cables, I have no financial connection with Morrow Cable. It's just great to get more for my money! Try 'em; you'll like 'em.

Ferrell Submitted: 2016.09.19

Hi. The MA1 is hands down the best cable I've ever heard, by a wide margin. It has all the smoothness and detail I crave from my music. Going from stock RCAs and even Audioquest Evergreens was like cleaning a dirty window and finally being able to see directly into a recording. All the subtle nuances that make a recording unique became very easy to recognize, kicking my enjoyment of music up several notches. The included literature with a guide to cable break in (very important) was super helpful. Thank you for your great quality and service. I am looking forward to upgrading in the future to better Morrow cables.

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We now offer the KLE ’s as well. It can be system synergy. We have customers who have replaced the JW brand as well with our line, finding ours better.
WINOGUY, why are you so rude? Can't i have an opinion? I am here to express my experience and my opinion about these cables in my system. Not everyone has to agree with me! You don't have to be so rude because you don't agree with me. You should learn to respect other people's opinion, when you post into a forum. Also, i don't think that i have ever said that all Morrow cables sound the same or that all Nordost cables sound exactly the same! Just in my experience, the two Nordost cables, one interconnect and one power cord had the same sound/character. Many brands have a "house" sound. So, it wouldn't be very wrong to say that Nordost cables have a bright sound.
Yes, like all the testimonials from all the other boutique brands like Anticables. Most of it, is hype. I have tried at least three cables from three different boutique brands that offer a trial and a full refund policy. All the cables sounded bad in my system and nowhere near as great as all those testimonials said.I honestly had very high hopes and i wanted to like those cables, but no.....! Again, this is my experience.
If you read all those testimonials from various brands you shall notice that every brand beats the other! How funny is that? One guy will say that Morrow beat his Anticables, and another guy in a different site will say that his Anticables beat the Morrow. HaHaHa.
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WINOGUY, why are you so rude? Can't i have an opinion?
  Yes you can have an opinion,but you're espousing your opinion as fact. Someones entry level product didnt wow you so  you write a " review" trashing the company. Thats "rude "billyboy.
WINOGUY, YOU are rude to a person, and that's for a wrong reason, and you don't even apologize. I am "rude" to an obgect, a product. So i guess i have to apologize to the interconnect cable, hahaha....!!!! I want to explain a few things. Again, i never said that all Morrow cables sound exactly the same or that all Nordost cables sound exactly the same. So you should apologize for calling me a fool for something that i have not said. Maybe it was my mistake that you understand the wrong thing here. But i will give you an example to prove my point of view. Let's say that someone buys a cable by a manufacturer and it sounds bright and he does not like it, but reading all the great reviews about the company's cables he decides to buy another cable by the same brand and he finds out that even the second cable sounds very similar in sound/character to the first cable. Would he ever buy another cable by the same company? The answer is NO. Why? That's because he would expect the third cable to sound very similar, bright,  with the first two cables. That's just common sense. So, in my humble opinion, in my experience, having tried two Nordost cables in two different systems, i can honestly say that they sound extremely thin and bright. Now, the most important thing about Morrow. I know that i was harsh on my review about this interconnect. But you must understand that i had to be. If there wasn't all that hype, all those testimonials claiming that this budget interconnect by Morrow beats others cables from TOP brands, well respected brands, costing two or three times more, my review would be very modest. But you have very high expectations when you read all that.......and you get a big disappoinment!! That's why the "harsh" review.
Mr. Morrow, could you please inform me what was the official retail price of the MA1 interconnect cable,1Meter, one or two years ago? Wasn't it close to $70? I think that it was $68 when i bought it. Could you please confirm that? Thank you.
I do not get the anger from the OP? He purchased an entry level cable, doesn't like it. So just sell the damn thing. There is no need to thrash Morrow cable, just so that you can express your dissatisfaction that the cable failed to meet your standard. What you experienced is not transferable to other people.

If you been around this hobby for a while....its hard to miss all the hype and wonder of cables claims. How the cables perform in your system, to your standards, is a matter of trial and error.

I think that most people do the same think here and in other forumes/blogs. They praise a cable when they are impressed with it, and they trash it when it sounds terrible. It is very usual. 
Hi Noisebilly

Morrow Audio has their own forum. Take your beef with them there. Or you can message them directly via Audiogon. Find one of their listings and message them privately. I had Morrow Audio 1.1s and their Morrow Audio MA2 ICs and had no sonic issues with it in my systems. If they didn't work for you then so be it.
Wow morrowaudio, I've had many customers replace there Morrow Audio IC's with my JW Audio IC's. Not your less expensive cables either. Funny how thing work.
We'll, they did mention his cables specifically.. just defending business perceptions.
After all this, Noisebilly never even stated what other gear he was using?! And he’s too lazy to look up what Morrow cables cost on their website? And he can’t keep his story straight on how many hours he burned the cables in? And he’s still complaining after he has already received a full refund? Could this person possibly have *any* credibility whatsoever?

Clearly Noisebilly chose an appropriate moniker. I’m turning on the noise filter. Ah, that’s much better! :o)

I’m looking forward to auditioning a couple of Morrow cables in about a week. Mike Morrow is a gentleman and it’s been a true pleasure dealing with him. If I don’t like the way his cables sound, I will send them back for a full refund under Morrow Audio’s generous 60-day free in-home trial satisfaction guarantee. How could it be more fair than that? I certainly won’t slam the company if their products don’t happen to be my cup of tea, unless of course a quality control problem on their part damages my expensive gear.

System synergy isn’t merely an anomaly - it’s the core pursuit of this hobby. I’ve spent more than ten years horse trading (mostly used) components to put together two systems with excellent synergy. Shifting components back and forth can seriously degrade the performance of both systems. Of course nearly everyone here knows that from experience. If I put my energy into slamming every piece of equipment that didn’t sound great in my system(s) I would probably not have achieved my goal of two wonderful hifi systems. There are one or two companies I don’t particularly respect, but this is a tough business and I figure they will succeed or fail on their merits.

"If you get confused, listen to the music play." Hunter/Garcia
I am not complaining about anything here! Also, you should read my review before you post anything! I clearly say that i fully burned -in the cables for more than 600 hours...!!!! Very bad sound. The burn-in did not help much.....!!!! I am not  gonna say anything about my system because you are going to blame it for these terrible sounding interconnects! Also i don't believe that you know every brand out there, right? There are so many, so it's a little pointless...
hahaha OP you are funny...

REGA RP1 > REGA ELYS2 > LOUNGE AUDIO phono pre > DAYENS AMPINO solid state integrated > ANTICABLES > LSA -1 monitors

I replaced Lounge Audio interconnects that I liked with MA-1 and immediately ordered another pair for CD player. Maybe I've got top of the line for $35 hahahahhha
Morrow interconnects are all silver coated copper. silver can seem very bright and thin to some people. all copper interconnects will have a warmer sound, with better bass. but all copper is not as smooth in mid range and upper ranges. i use silver sonic interconnects. these are very clear and smooth. maybe better quality all copper interconnects would sound good. like audioquest. they make all copper interconnects of better quality. all copper is warmer sounding, and better bass. but for my ears I prefer the smoothness, and clarity of the silver coated copper cables. I am sure my silver sonic interconnects are better than the MA-1 cables because these cost a lot more. Maybe try audioquest interconnects. I might do that myself. Sometimes I like to switch between the silver sonic cables, and AR all copper cables. But I believe the Audioquest copper cables would be a good deal better than the AR copper cables. Better sound? Maybe. Only one way to find out. But for silver coated copper I think I will just stick with the silver sonic cables. Hard to say which I like best. The cables sound different, but which sounds best to me? Be nice to find something inbetween.
WTF, ive owned every cable on the market and nothing beats my biwired metal coat hangers!