Music for Riding a Storm Out?

bout to sit down to 48rs in the house, located in west houston.

unfortunately i keep thinking of REO Speedwagon "Ridinng the Storm Out", but God they suck.

Maybe some Doors, good mood music. Once it passes, I'll probaby put on some mid 60 beatles. Anything I should consider?

(got ray charles on for now, probably go to something else now that a purty day is starting to get ugly)

are you in texas? although i sincerely hope this doesn't happen to you or anyone else... stevie ray vaughan's "texas flood" and "couldn't stand the weather" come to mind.

best wishes in riding out the storm. my parents and brother are still in houston, too...

I don't know what's worse, that someone would post such a thread or that the moderator would let something this idiotic through.
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Obviously you speak without knowledge. So let me correct you:
1) my wife, PhD and the smartest person I've ever met, has been glued to the very admirable local TV news & the National Hurricane Center (, apprising me every 5 minutes since Wed afternoon re: the risk that west houston faced. all models have always pointed us to be subject to the much-weaker west side of the storm. we've never been a direct target.
2) we are > 60mi inland
3) we are not located in a flood zone. in fact, our area hasn't flooded in 20yrs+.
4) all the windows (the greatest risk in the path we are in is high winds @75-100mph) are boarded. couple that with the fact that our house is 1 story, highly aerodynamic (architects will know what i mean), and complete with a 1 month old roof, means we're personally in great shape.

5) houston, as a city, went nuts. people as far north as the woodlands (!) were evacuating, contributing to the problem(!!!) of fuel shortages & the infamous traffic congestion (3hr trips lasting 15 hrs) from yesterday. these people who unnecessarily evacuated (as a number of them did unnecessarily!), absorbed precious resources that those in real danger roads, gasoline, hotel rooms, diapers, etc etc etc.

(one person posted to a local TV news blog that she was so proud she was able to evacuate from conroe with her family, loaded into FOUR SUVs, complete with everything needed to leave for a month...such as her fine china, her computer, etc etc. my wife ripper her one on the board, along with similar sentiments from other reasonable people).

My guess is if you'd have been in our place, with our knowledge, you'd have done the same & stayed. Difference is the # of batteries we'd have bought (person 2 in front at the hardware store bought 7 pair of batteries, i bought 2 as i thought about exactly how much i would need for a few days, concerned with what my fellow storm-rider might need).

"riders on the storm"-doors
"stormy monday"-lee michaels
"take the highway"-marshall tucker band
"smoke on the water"-deep purple etc. etc.
be well and always respect mother nature!! [she doesn't always watch the weather channel!!!
>Rhyno take it easy :) and Steve Ray is always good. also - new Moby album, with a bonus cd - ambient music, it can put one to sleep :)
take care there
regards form poland
No, you can rest assured that I would not be posting threads about what music to listen to during a hurricane.

While you still have power, you may want to google the term "natural selection" (or have your "PhD [sic] wife" explain it to you).
Rhyno...long time no talk. Bet Crumpers isn't sorry to be watching from afar.

Good luck, anyway.

I agree - not even imminent death or destruction would be enough to make me spin REO Speedwagon.

How 'bout Sam& Dave's "Hold On - I'm Coming"?
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Thoughts are with you ... it looks like the storm will hit NE of you. Kudos to your wife.

As one who lived for three years on a barrier island (Siesta Key) of Sarasota, FL and was evacuated three times, I totally understand. I bookmarked the NOAA site and followed it excruciatingly closely each June through November.

Life goes on ... or not. You make your decisions based upon the best possible information, yet things (especially storms that take a right turn at the last minute) are unpredictable. Yet, it is YOUR life and YOUR decision.

As one who owned a pet (and was told I could not take him to a shelter), my judgement was always clouded by the commitment that I made the day that we adopted him from the Animal Rescue League in Chicago ... he was a inextricable member of our family. If I go, he goes ... if he cannot go, I do not go.

Pick your favorite music ... that which makes you both feel the best ... and enjoy! Best be with you.

You don't get it, do you?

Loss of power is irrelevant. If that's all that happens, and I'm w/o power for a few days, so what? People on the W/NW side of greater H-town & beyond shouldn't have left, as the traffic / fuel problem yesterday was terrible for those WHO NEEDED TO LEAVE, and there's already a mini-furor locally re: the problem those evacuees caused, and where to assign blame (media, local pols). My being inconvenienced to help those truly in need (via not consuming limited resources) is a trade my wife & I will make any day (and so will lots of others on our side of town, sharing the same statistically-insignificant risk). Your irrational-self-preservation-at-all-cost is quite the trait you possess. Are you as stubborn as you are ignorant, or vice versa? Its following the path projected since yesterday 5pm, looks extremely likely to land at the projected Cat-3 (w/ outside chance of Cat4), and won't cause damage to the vast majority of houston beyond a few splintered trees. I know this for fact (as based on latest / best info), as I need to know. Funnny thing is, most of Houston panicked and left their homes (unnecessarily), without boarding up their windows (which is really the only personal property risk for most). Just goes to show that conventional wisdom rarely is, and that the uninformed populace here is living up to the state's rank as one of the least educated states in the least these people got good hearts, with the way they welcomed the Katrina evacuees...

Like a Hurricane by Neil Young sounds about right. How about Who'll stop the rain by CCR.
Be safe Rhyno. I will take care of your old Entec subwoofers up here ... (:->)
Jea48: I was outraged at first, but am now quite amused by this thread. Keep it coming.
>>I don't know what's worse, that someone would post such a thread or that the moderator would let something this idiotic through.<<

Neither. Dumb and stupid comments like this are the worst. How about considering a Dale Carnegie course?
What is your problem Raquel???
My mother used to say, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then shut the hell up!"

Robin Trowers' Whisper Up a Storm from 20th Century Blues.
Good luck Rhyno...
the johnny cash rec is actually "5 feet high & rising". great song too. local college radio played it yesterday, along w/ lots of other flood oriented songs, such as SRV's "weather" (FM is out, as i'm not interested in keeping a lightning rod antenna plugged in at the moment)---but no matter how relevant, college radio still wouldn't bring themselves to play REO Speedwagon...gotta love those college kids.

already listened to GD's "wake of the flood" (optmistic?) CD and live "row jimmmy". think i might have a lil lyle lovett "if i had a boat". derek & dominoes live from fillmore, w/ greatest ever "let it rain" (20min, with great drum solo and with incredible venue ambiance) is up next.

don't worry bout me, worry bout those truly in trouble (coastal folks, esp those poor dumb bastards that didn't leave!). seems likely i'm in for a big nasty rain / wind, but that's pretty common in texas anyways...
How abut Derek and the Dominoes Let it Rain? Allman Bros Stormy Monday? My favorite would be The Grateful Dead's Weather Report Suite from their Wake of the Flood album. "Listen to the thunder shout "I AM"
Another one just popped in my brain-- Weather Report "Heavy Weather. BTW, of course a hurricane is no joke, but keeping your brain occupied during difficult times can get you thru. I should know, I live in Miami.

Just goes to show that conventional wisdom rarely is, and that the uninformed populace here is living up to the state's rank as one of the least educated states in the least these people got good hearts, with the way they welcomed the Katrina evacuees...

Gee Rhyno, does that apply to your friends in Dallas too ?

Just when I was thinking my college degree had some value :^).
Definitely "Riders on the Storm" the Doors. Something about that song is adventurous and ominous at the same time. I'll say an extra prayer for you and your fellow East Texans tonight.
Stevie Ray ,,The Sky is Crying,,,,,,,,,,ive been thru a few bad storms living in S. Fla for 43 yrs,,,,hope you all make it thru the storm safe!!!
How about "It's Alright Now" by Free and "30 Days in the Hole" by Humble Pie.
"In My Room" by the Beach Boys?

Raquel's questionable comments aside, just listen to what you WANT to! Listening to flood-themed songs is a little morbid, but that's just my opinion. Listen to whatever takes your mind off the impending situation. Music is one of the better solutions to stress, and it doesn't have to be situation-themed to be effective.
I am going to try to explain this as best I can: posting a thread about
what songs to listen to while riding out a hurricane expresses a childish,
flippant attitude about a subject that could not be more serious, and is
disrespectful of the people who are trying their best to survive, and to
help others survive, a very dangerous event.

My elderly, ailing parents live a mile from the beach on the east coast of
central Florida, and had to evacuate three times last fall due to powerful
hurricanes. One of my closest friends from high school lives in Tupelo,
and just spent two weeks on the Mississippi coast with a chainsaw,
trying to help friends stand up after Katrina. Another close friend of
mine living in Miami Beach in 1992 went to Kendell, south of Miami,
because Andrew was predicted to hit near Ft. Lauderdale. He spent six
hours in a bathroom at the center of the house, and at the end, only he
and the bathroom remained. There are close to a million people
displaced by Katrina and 1,000+ dead. People have been and will be
killed by Rita.

In short, I find your thread to be an example of yahoo-ism at best, but
mostly, just plain offensive (although your flailing self-justifications do
not lack for comedy).
Raquel writes:
and is disrespectful of the people who are trying their best to survive
I understand some aspects of your post (although I struggle to agree with you) but you go too far with this comment.

Raquel maybe you should get your butt down to your parents' place or your friend's house and dig in instead of bumping your gums here. Your hot air would be quite at home down there.

I'm sorry that you see us that way.

You do however have that right,and we in the hi-fi community still love you for your input .

Stay strong

Raquel,I dont think anyone here is trying to make any less of what can be a bad situation;Ive lived on the east and west coast of Fl most of my life,and understand very well how destructive mother nature can be,,,,and believe me ,sometimes a little humor or a little enjoyable distraction can make a bad situation a lot easier to get thru,Santana"Singing Winds,Crying Beast" Red Hot Chilli Peppers "If You Have to Ask" Jimi Hendrix "In From the Storm" ,,,,,,,,,,,,Make love not war,,Peace
Rhyno, If you are reading these posts, that means you have power, give us a status report....

west side of houston is just fine. i unplugged everything last night as it was rolling in, but we never lost power (!), and i don't think i got even 1" of rain. wind gusts can be heard, but slept like a baby. as did my brother (10mi east) and parents (20mi north). took a look around this AM outside; not even 1 tree branch down on my block.

these houstonians should be ashamed of themselves: first they rush to evacuate unnecessarily, and now the news is showing cars backing up on INBOUND traffic (i.e. returning home), when the mayor is on every local TV / Radio station begging people to stay away a few days so as to give EMT room / resources to work unobstructed (there's still winds up to 75mph in select areas of town, with obvious attendant risk to motorists). but no, houstonians got to rush back now that their own personal asses are not in danger, to hell w/ those poor folks on the LA/TX border who need the real help.

raquel, you really should get a grip. not all people share the same risk in a hurricane. for those with a marginal risk, such as myself, i and my fellow low-risk citizens are a menace to those who are at risk. i'm not making light of a hurricane; i am trying to clarify that there is a stratification of risk that people face with natural disasters, and for most in houston, ESPECIALLY those on the NW / W side, it was marginal. coastal residents anywhere in LA/TX suffer a much greater risk than i, and rightly should evacuate, and not be interrupted or obstructed by pansy-assed sheeple that evacuate unnecessarily. once you grasp that point, you'll understand my position, and why my wife & i had every intention to ride the storm out, and make the best of it (steaks on the grille tonight, windows unboarded tomorrow).

(fwiw, we had planned to evacuate at 3am Fri if the storm turned towards us, but with the day's data under analysis, it became a 3 sigma event)

live led zeppelin (how the west was won) up soon. great live set. once my wife gets up (she barely slept, but that's routine) i may put on Sgt Peppers & see how she takes "lovely rita" & SRV "texas flood"----almost a palpable sense of relief on the block / local TV at this point. the bitch rita finally came in, but really, she sputtered out quite a bit and did everyone in her path a great favor by losing a LOT of steam over the gulf coastal area and turning east (though i have a hard time in taking comfort in her turn, as my benefit is someone else's loss).

this could've been a lot worse; what i fear most now is not for rita fallout, but for rita to deflect attention from those poor people in NO who lost everything, and still have nothing---not even time on the evening news any longer.


totally w/ you on the pet issue. my wife & i have 2 cats, and it was never a consideration---we share the same fate, no matter what. does it color our actions? sure! we lectured a neighbor before she (unnecessarily) evacuated that she better have water available for her dog and she was welcome to some of our bottled H2O if needed for the pup.

any person who'd leave a pet in a disaster is an animal themselves.

Hey Rhyno, glad to see the worst avoided you.

In celebration, how about Peter Gabriel's "Here Comes The Flood"?

My critters are family members. When I took them into my family, I also took on the obligation for their well-being. Period.
thinking about this topic again...

local record store (the vinal edge) sent an email & rec'd 'hunky dory' by david bowie

i'm going for live dead, one from the vault.

anything else? sure hope i keep power, else its onto the guitar by candlelight (sure wish i had an acoustic right now).

(pray for those on the coast who stayed. they're goners)
Hopping and praying all will be ok in the Houston area.
Savoy Brown Hell Bound Train
Stevie Ray Vaughan Texas Flood
Galveston Flood by Tom Rush seems to be the obvious choice. Hopefully these lyrics don't come true. Good luck to all in the path.