Need a power amp for a pair of ATC SCM 11's

I'm new to this forum, but have been lurking a good while and finally I'm in need of some sage advice!
I'm in the process of purchasing a pair of ATC SCM 11's and I can't figure out what the best power amp would be.
The preamp is an RME ADI 2 DAC, which I love and is so customisable, so I'm kinda commited on that front.

I've seen recommendations here before for the Quad 909, there's a few of them on ebay at decent prices.
Another amp I've seen recommended is the  Wyred 4 Sound ST-500 mkII. 

Should I push the boat and spend the extra on the Wyred 4 Sound, or find a nice bargain on the Quad 909?

Any other recommendations or advice is extremely welcome!

Thanks a lot :-)
Presumably, you're looking for something good and reasonably priced.I have not listened to the new Quads but certainly liked their older models.
Alternatively, how about considering one of ATC's own amps? They are quite good and not very expensive. Another contender would be an integrated from Musical FIdelity. The (top of the line) ones I listened to about 1 yr ago were impressively good for their price.

Thanks for the advice.
Yes, I'm looking for something sensibly priced in the context of the cost of the SCM 11's and RME dac.
Unfortunately the ATC power amp, the P1 - Dual Mono costs £2,800, which is too rich for my blood. 
Hence I was looking at the Wyred 4 Sound, which is relatively cheap £1,500.
I can get a Quad 909 for around £800 second hand, so that looks like a great option but I just don't know how suitable it would be.

I'm focused on a power amp as the RME will be the preamp and dac source, so I figured to keep the signal path clean it was better to avoid an integrated amp.

Thanks again

You will need some juice to get those to sound their best.

   A good A/B amp with a min of 200 WPC would be best.

  Stay away from class D with bookehelf speakers, 

 or you can try it out, and go through the return process.

happy hunting
If you can find a Musical Fidelity A308, you'll have a great match with money left over. Mine drives ATC SCM 40 v2s. 150 watts and other good power specs -- more than enough for your speakers. (If I go up to eleven o'clock, my ears hurt.) Similar sound signature. Built like a tank.
Thanks for the tip, I had a look around and there doesn't seem to be one available second hand anywhere, I'll keep my eye out!
Seems like it's going to take a while to resolve this, but best wait and get the best gear.
Thanks again!
Yes, it's a pitfall to get whatever happens to be the best/most appropriate piece of gear that's currently available out of impatience, but you're starting a years-long relationship with your system. It would be like marrying the kinda right person because you felt ready to make a premature move.
There are lots of other great amps in your price range, of course. I'm just promoting the one I happen to know about. Perhaps others will chime in.
As far as class D , the QSC & CROWN amps do a very good job, and do not sound dull or lifeless as most class D does.

Most are fairly inexpensive, but they have a fan, this may not be your choice.

QSC - PLX 1802 is a fine amp. Plenty of power with a AB output circuitry. Plenty of power, and sounds great, but then again, has a fan.
NO rca plugs either :(
Thanks for the advice, not sure if I'm on  board with the idea of a fan, it'll be on a desktop, so might be a bit close to me.

Lots to consider.. 
i would think the wyred unit will do well w the atc's

atc's sound great but need tremendous power and grip to drive them well

w4s unit will do that, and it has a nice tonality to boot

i would take that over an old quad amp, as they are old, may need recap and other service 
ATC is very revealing and inefficient from what I've heard. My current class d sounds absolutely great in 2 out of 3 of my speakers. My current mains which are very revealing and also happen to be the least efficient not as much. AB much better..
Also was running a Lyngdorf TDIA 2170 last year which I hold in high esteem as far as class d amps go. Sounded phenominal with efficient speakers. 4 ohm low efficiency not so much.  Ymmv.
 Had a Wyred dac one time but never one of their amps. 
FWIW, I'm currently using the same Wyred ST 500MKII which I found used. Love it a as great all around amp, flexible and easy to transport. I also have the STP-SE so it prob helps that I've kept things in the family and can run fully differential.

I've used it with a few pairs of speakers (incl bookshelfs) and it always sounded good. I used to right next to SYVANE 50 watt monoblocks and to my ear it was not outclassed. The bass seemed better than the tube gear, maybe a bit more definition with the Wyred but the tube amps seemed to have a slightly larger soundstage. The Wyred was not blown out of the water which was really what I wanted to check out. 

I was running a Forte Model 3 before this and the Wyred seems better all around for my use. Enjoy. 

The Quad 909 is a nice neutral amp slightly on the warm sound . It would be a nice match with the ATC . 
Another option used would be a Mccormack if you can find some on the market as they dont show up very often .
What ever you get remember the ATC need amps so go with a amplifier capable to give a lot of current . Dynamics will suffer if not .
Thanks so much everybody for the feedback, this is so helpful and informative. What a great community this is. 

Seems like both the Wyred and Quad options a solid, so it's just a question of whether I spring the extra for a brand new bit of kit.

I think I'll go with the Wyred ST 500MKII, just need to 'massage' the price down a little when presenting to the missus:)
Unpopular idea but I suggest you wait, save up to where you can spend
$2,200-$2,500 and buy a used ATC amp. Why? Equipment synergy is a very real thing. Those ATC speakers are ruthless when it comes to GIGO.
Just a thought. Patience is rewarded especially in this endeavor.